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May 13th, 2000

Police Report Paranoia

When I was young, my dad was head of the local Neighborhood Watch. Each month a policeman would come to our door to deliver the crime report for the previous month. I got a strange enjoyment out of reading about the various crimes in our town, probably because there were never any in my development to worry about.

The town I live in now publishes their police report daily on their web site. I’ve made it a part of my lunchtime reading, more to inform myself abut what’s going on than anything else. But I’ve found that reading these police reports is making me somewhat paranoid. Because of the layout of our town, there are usually a number of things that happen within a mile or two of our house (though frequently they’re verbal disputes, car accidents, and such — not much in the way of residential burglery). Is this one of those cases where you can have too much information?

One thing that actually helped my paranoia was when my car was egged a few weeks back. I went online and saw that about 20 other cars had been egged that night and nights previous. -ram

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