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May 19th, 2000


Here’s a simple question… why does the new US Postal Service web site have a forwarding page as the first page of their site? If you go to, it reads:

Our home page has moved. Please select the link you need from the options below.

Graphics site at

Text-only version of

We suggest you bookmark these links for future use.

Once you connect to the page, it almost immediately forwards you to another page — whether the page it forwards you to is based on your browser or not, I don’t know. If it is, they should have just done a simple Server Side Includes that displays code X for a graphical browser and code Y for a text browser (like on a cell phone). It seems to me that it’s poor design to flash a page in front of someone and then automatically forward them to another page — and it’s a shame because the rest of their site isn’t all that bad. -ram

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