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May 20th, 2000

Classic Gaming

I think I’ve found something close to heaven for former arcade and videogame machine junkies like myself… Classic Gaming. Here are my favorites – the ones that actually made me say, "Aw, yeah, I remember that game!!!" out loud:

Burgertime – Sure, it didn’t promote sanitary food preparation, but let’s see you avoid walking on a burger bun when a giant egg is chasing you!

Oregon Trail – That damn cholera.

Tapper – Not to be confused with Root Beer Tapper, the kiddie version. There’s no way this game would be possible today.

Q*Bert – One of my favorites, for sure. [A great history of Q*Bert, from the guys who made it!]

Arkanoid – This game was really bad on my C64, but I played it anyway, during my "I really like clones of Breakout" phase.

They just don’t make games like this anymore. -pm

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