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May 20th, 2000

Classic Gaming

I think I’ve found something close to heaven for former arcade and videogame machine junkies like myself… Classic Gaming. Here are my favorites – the ones that actually made me say, "Aw, yeah, I remember that game!!!" out loud:

Burgertime – Sure, it didn’t promote sanitary food preparation, but let’s see you avoid walking on a burger bun when a giant egg is chasing you!

Oregon Trail – That damn cholera.

Tapper – Not to be confused with Root Beer Tapper, the kiddie version. There’s no way this game would be possible today.

Q*Bert – One of my favorites, for sure. [A great history of Q*Bert, from the guys who made it!]

Arkanoid – This game was really bad on my C64, but I played it anyway, during my "I really like clones of Breakout" phase.

They just don’t make games like this anymore. -pm

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FROM: Robert
DATE: Saturday May 20, 2000 -- 12:42:36AM
I can't wait until Playstation and N64 come out with 3D versions of all of these.

My favorite games have and always will be Rolling Thunder and Elevator Action. I always fantasized about being a spy.

FROM: Franko
DATE: Saturday May 20, 2000 -- 12:51:18AM
Aw yee-ah, I got goosebumps when I saw
Galaga in there. I tended to be a video game voyeur (yeah, I liked to watch) and Galaga was one of my favorite to watch the good players play. This might have been the one game I spent the most quarters playing - why I must've played it 10 times, which was a crapload for me.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Monday May 22, 2000 -- 1:29:11PM
I play Galaga whenever I get the chance. Last week when I was in Florida and there were arcades aplenty I roked that game for hours. I usually get the highest score on the machines too. My friend James told me a trick to play it and never die. You dodge the final ship on the first stage, do not shoot it. You have to doge it for like 20 minutes or so. At some point it will make a sound and from then on none of the bad guys will shoot a you. I tried it for about 10 minutes but this kid with horrible B.O. got on my nerves so I decided just to play.
As far as classic games: there is a version of Tetris that was originally released for nintendo on by the company that released RBI baseball. For some reason I am drawig a blank with the name. Anyway this version is mad rare because it was a violation of Nintendo who owned the rights to the game idea. I remember hearing about 7 years ago that it was fetching $300 with collectors.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Monday May 22, 2000 -- 2:56:56PM
Matt, that was Tengen Tetris - and there is a whole section devoted to Tengen on :) I remember that the Tengen version was far superior to Ninnytendo's, too.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Thursday May 25, 2000 -- 12:44:55AM
Please, what's the addy of the Tenger article? I always thought those guys were up to no good...

FROM: Paul
DATE: Thursday May 25, 2000 -- 7:20:08AM
I could have sworn there was something more than this page on the NES... I'll have to keep looking.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Thursday May 25, 2000 -- 12:45:56AM
Thanks, Paul! That was a great story. I remember Tengen's Indiana Jones game--it was rad. Still, even at a young age I thought it was odd that they didn't have the Nintendo seal.

A few years ago I saw some of those Color Dreams games in a Funcoland. They also had Gameboy games which were a different shape from the legit ones. I figured that they must have thought making Jesus games somehow absolved them of legal responsibilities.

DATE: Saturday January 1, 2005 -- 2:24:34 pm

FROM: mrm
DATE: Monday March 7, 2005 -- 2:03:32 pm
the NES rocks. i think that if they came out with the old systems again with the cartriges and everythin they would make a bundle. Not just these 10 in one paddles we are sein all over the place. i mean the exact duplicates of the oldies. that would rock. i'd buy em.

FROM: aharris
DATE: Tuesday November 29, 2005 -- 6:00:07 pm
The things you learn from the ping! I thought I was the only one who loved burgertime. It is just perfectly cheesy enough to be cool (pun intended!)

Do you remember a game that was for the Apple IIe called: How the West was 1 + 2 * 4 (or something)? It was a western type-thing game that was used in my school to help us learn math? Also in the same league was Number Munchers which was used for learning prime numbers (21 is a tricky one!) :)

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