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May 18th, 2000


When I was a kid, I used to have a Magna-Doodle. I’d lay down in front of our woodgrain-cabinet Magnavox TV and pretend that the shows on TV were on my network – PTV. Of course, PTV looked a lot like a hodgepodge of old sitcoms, new sitcoms, and sitcom-like shows, but it was my network.

I’d like to bring back the PTV idea and focus it in on music. Since we don’t have a nationally-televised, widespread all music channel anymore, here is how I’d do it.

5am-10am: "Wake Up, Let’s Rock": rock videos – classic rock, modern rock – to get the day going. National news bits at the top of every hour for the heck of it.
11am-2pm: "Time Warp": focuses in on one year, from 1980 to 1999, and plays real music from that year. Not necessarily the popular stuff; lots of rare things.
3pm-4pm: "The New Show": new, challenging music from all around the world.
4pm-5pm: videos with no theme
5pm-5:30pm: "The Daily Ping": your daily source for news and info from the music world
5:30pm-6pm: videos with no theme
6pm-8pm: "Specialty Rack": focuses on one genre of music each day, plays only that genre’s videos
8pm-8:30pm: "Artist Spotlight": half-hour show focusing on one artist from the Specialty Rack
9pm-12am: videos with no theme
12am-3am: rerun of "Time Warp" from previous day
3am-5am: rerun of "Specialty Rack" from previous day

Whatchoo think? -pm

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