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Women make wilk, big whop!

May 21st, 2000

I assume by now that most of you all have seen this. Apparently Jesus (actually, just a guy that looks like the stereotypical image of Jesus) lives in Falls Church (where I used to live) and is looking for 1. a girlfriend or 2. someone to shower with him.

Very odd, to say the least. My question is this: how offensive is this to people? It doesn’t bother me, especially after seeing his site and reading the FAQ — it’s just another example as to how strange some people are — but I can see how it might offend some people. I’m curious to see how this particular site plays out. Since it was first pointed out to me (thanks, Scott!), I’ve seen it mentioned a number of places — I wouldn’t be surprised if we see “Jesus from Falls Church” popping up on Larry King Live (or at least Queen Latifah) soon. -ram

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