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May 22nd, 2000

Paul Looks at Men’s Magazines

Within the past year, there’s been a curious resurgence of all things guy. Examine the evidence: The Man Show on Comedy Central. The X Show on FX. Maxim magazine, FHM magazine, Stuff magazine. The downside is that the two television shows have been battered for being a little light on, uhm, substance. Lots of eye candy, and some occasional "Hey, that’s neat!"s, but they’re lacking.

That’s where the mags are supposed to come in, right? I first picked up Maxim last year when, I think, Shannen Doherty was featured on the cover. (I swear, that’s not why I picked up the issue. Really. ahem.) The whole thing was a worthwhile read. Lots of good information, lots of neat stuff I can’t afford, good jokes, scantily-clad women (ha) – in other words, a very guy magazine. Since then, I’ve read quite a few issues of Maxim. The only true downside to the mag, for me, is that they sometimes have questionable cover girls (Melissa Joan Hart? please.)

FHM, like Maxim, comes from the UK and has been there for at least 5 years that I know of: I was paging through an issue of Q from 95 and an FHM ad was featured. Recently, FHM branched out with a full-fledged US edition. I got the May/June issue, with Shania Twain on the cover. Yes, that’s why I bought it and yes, I wasn’t disappointed by the Shania article. But the rest of the issue was awful. It was a clear and blatant copy of Maxim, minus the quality. For instance, Maxim usually features witty captions on most of its pictures. Good witty captions. FHM offers captions on all of its pictures… but really tries too hard, and fails. Plus, most of the columns are straight out of Maxim, minus the style and sophistication.

Both mags have sites, of course. Maxim‘s is future-cool and has a decent amount of online-only material (yay!) FHM goes for a very basic look, and even feels British to me. Not that that’s bad, but somehow, FHM feels isolated from what’s going on and seems to go for the "stereotypical American" stuff… which isn’t my cup of tea.

Both cost almost the same for subscriptions, with Maxim offering 12 issues for $12 and FHM offering 10 issues (1 year) for the same money. I’d say that if you find $12 in your Yearly Subscription Budget, and can have just one men’s magazine, Maxim is it. -pm

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FROM: Old Fezziwig
DATE: Monday May 22, 2000 -- 9:00:06AM
I've been an avid Maxim reader for about a year now and I agree that Maxim is totally worth the subscription price - very funny and informative stuff! I know several women who also enjoy Maxim - go figure that one out!
I also agree that The Man Show on Comedy Central is not the finest piece of programming out there but most times the simplicity and moronic behavior they display is just enough for me to say "Damn, I'm glad I'm a guy". I watch this show all the time and even attended a taping of the season premeire.
-Old Fezz

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Monday May 22, 2000 -- 9:32:24AM
OF -- speaking of which, has that episode aired yet? I was going to watch for it to see if I could spot you and A-Dawg on there...

FROM: Old Fezziwig
DATE: Monday May 22, 2000 -- 1:03:18PM
Ryan - - The Man Show season premiere is supposed to air in June so I'm assuming either June 7th or June 14th. We are also in the second episode, extras in a Rosie O'Donell skit.
Aaron has on a bright orange T-shirt and I have a navy blue polo shirt with white horizontal stripes.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Monday May 22, 2000 -- 1:08:12PM
My favorite skit that I've seen on the man show was when Adam took out the Day Laborers for a day on the town. I'll definately be watching for you guys

FROM: Robert
DATE: Monday May 22, 2000 -- 7:52:34PM
When I think of men's mags I think "naked".

FROM: Sheriff Buford T. Justice
DATE: Friday May 26, 2000 -- 1:39:10PM
If you don't like Melissa Joan Hart you must be a communist.

I agree though, Maxim rules.

FROM: pistol jack
DATE: Monday May 29, 2000 -- 1:53:49AM
yeah, the mellisa joan hart thing was rather amazing, i was never able to watch sabrina the same way again.

FROM: Old Fezziwig
DATE: Monday June 5, 2000 -- 4:58:07PM
For those of you interested....
The Man Show premiere is Sunday, June 18th at 10pm ET, Comedy Central.
The show was always on Wednesday nights but they've been moved.
-Old Fezz

FROM: ermmm 1
DATE: Sunday September 23, 2001 -- 6:39:43PM
yeh mellisa joan hart is babe

....and communism isnt a bad thing

DATE: Saturday January 1, 2005 -- 2:25:07 pm

FROM: mrm
DATE: Monday March 7, 2005 -- 1:58:51 pm

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Monday March 7, 2005 -- 2:39:58 pm
When is Raven Simone going to be in Maxim?

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