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June 8th, 2000

Whatever Happened To ZUG?

Once upon a time, when I was relatively new to the web, I happened upon a site called ZUG. Billing itself as "The Web’s Only Comedy Site", I tore through its material: lots of good quality funny stuff. Prank emails, which spawned not only a few children, but books along those lines as well. ZUG really seemed to have it all: frequent updates, good content, fair design…

…and then it all kind of slowed down. Updates became infrequent; the Outgoing Mail section became quiet. Very little was updated. Then, the addition of a bulletin board starved off death somewhat. Afterwards, I really lost track of ZUG.

I visited the site again a week ago, to see what was up. The front page claims that there are ISP problems, and the copyright date does go to 2000, but it’s dangerously close to being a Ghost Site. The only inkling of life pops out when you jump over to Computer Stew… which is apparently the Son of ZUG. But it’s all video, and I don’t have the patience (or bandwidth!) to watch; in any event, ZUG worked in many instances because of the written word, not in spite of it.

It’s good to know that John Hargrave and his cronies are still up to no good, but it’s sad to see all of the old, extremely funny material just fall by the wayside. -pm

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