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June 9th, 2000

Senior Pranks

Over at the Obscure Store, they’ve been featuring a number of stories from around the country about “Senior Pranks” at high schools. At one, a group of girls flashed a group of guys. Elsewhere, a female showered with males as a prank (this one’s gotten a lot of press). And at another, students welded a Volkswagon around a tree (wow!). The funny thing is, I don’t ever remember there being so-called “Senior Pranks” at my high school. Did I just go to a really lame high school or are these yearly pranks somewhat isolated? -ram

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FROM: Dave
DATE: Friday June 9, 2000 -- 7:31:28AM
They were talking about this on the DC101 morning show last week... Apparently there is a tunnel going under Woodbridge (VA) High and some seniors back in the 70s walled it up with concrete (reinforced with rebar!).

There is a legend that at my high school a group of seniors gave the librarian a nervous breakdown by filling the library with thousands of Dixie cups of water, placed strategially so that they would easily be knocked down.

Me, I like the old fashioned type...Chickens in the hallways.

FROM: Old Fezziwig
DATE: Friday June 9, 2000 -- 8:51:23AM
What I want to know is, how is a girl showering with a bunch of guys a school prank? It sounds like a party to me!

FROM: Robert
DATE: Friday June 9, 2000 -- 11:39:06AM
Ryan--I also went to a lame high school...a criminally lame high school.

DATE: Friday June 9, 2000 -- 1:48:27PM
Yeah, I don't see how a girl showering with a bunch of guys is a prank, either. Unless they were all blind guys and it was a big enough shower that she could elude them. Or maybe she was hideous. Otherwise, though, it sounds much more like high school heaven to me. :)

I think we had a senior prank at my school, but I honestly don't remember what it was. My high school was as lame as Ryan. I mean... as lame as Ryan's high school... ;)

FROM: Robert
DATE: Friday June 9, 2000 -- 7:38:09PM
I saw that chick on the news a bunch. In all honesty, if she came into the shower while I was there I would probably accidently scrub my skin off out of frustration. Not too bad, sirs.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Friday June 9, 2000 -- 7:59:20PM
This brings up another topic -- how many people actually used their high school showers to shower? I never did once, and rarely did anyone else. Strange, I guess.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Friday June 9, 2000 -- 8:18:08PM
Only once - it was quite awful.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Sunday June 11, 2000 -- 11:28:43PM
I used the showers after football and wrestling practices and games. But no one used them that wasn't on sports teams.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Monday June 12, 2000 -- 12:40:27AM
During PE class the showers were almost always locked. I think they gave up the illusion that the average student would ever want to go in there.

FROM: Old Fezziwig
DATE: Monday June 12, 2000 -- 9:00:30AM
I used the showers in high school. For two years, my first class of the day was Phys. Ed. so if I didn't shower then, I'd have to sit thru the entire school day smelling rancid. Only a few other guys showered after class...the rest declined.
I even showered in junior high after Phys. Ed. This was more of a strange experience. No one wanted to do it but our dictator-like gym teacher forced us to hit the showers. Our grade was at stake. He would stand there will a clipboard and make sure we all showered....checking our names off as we got in. How f****d up is that? Is it too late to report this to the authorities? On days when he was distracted, some guys would rush over to the sinks and get their hair wet under the faucet, pretending they had already got in the shower. That trick rarely worked.
-Old Fezz

FROM: Erica
DATE: Friday January 26, 2001 -- 10:31:55AM
Some of the senios for my freshmen year all waited outside in pick up trucks for school to get out and as everyone left they threw water balloons filled with pee and shot water guns with food dye. That was shocking in itself but they also let all the air out of the teachers and juniors tires. Needless to say it's never been forgotten.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Friday January 26, 2001 -- 10:38:51AM
Erica -- Yikes? Urine filled balloons? Isn't there some sort of health hazard with that? Too much preparation for me, in any event. :)

DATE: Friday January 26, 2001 -- 10:54:37AM
It would've been slightly more sporting if they'd thrown water balloons filled with food dye and shot water guns filled with pee. And besides, then they'd have had more accuracy with the pee. My God, I can't even imagine how long it must've taken for them to fill up even more than one balloon with pee...

FROM: Matt
DATE: Friday January 26, 2001 -- 12:43:13PM
And then they all went back to their clubhouse and had a circle-jerk and shot some steroids in their arses.

FROM: Maria
DATE: Friday January 26, 2001 -- 3:27:29PM
When I was a freshman in high school, a senior streaked through the school on the last day. He got caught and wasn't allowed to participate in graduation. When I was a senior, the newspaper staff trashed the yearbook room and the yearbook staff reciprocated by trashing the newspaper room.
Other than that senior pranks have seemed pretty mythical to me--only regularly occurring on TV shows. I remember on Full House, when DJ was a senior, Jesse told her that he had wanted to put the principal's car on the roof of the school as a senior prank, but wasn't able to pull it off. Of course DJ did find a way to do it. Only on TV... What real life construction company would agree to use their crane to put a car on top of a school? Isn't that illegal?

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Friday January 26, 2001 -- 6:01:30PM
Maria -- The scary thing is: I remember that episode and I saw it only a few months ago. Full House is one of those shows (like Boy Meets World and Clarissa Explains it All) that you don't WANT to watch, but somehow you always get stuck on it.

In any event, we did have a streaker at our high school graduation... I guess that's kind of close...

FROM: Matt
DATE: Friday January 26, 2001 -- 9:10:43PM
There were 3 streakers on campus today, but luckily I didn't witness it.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Friday January 26, 2001 -- 9:39:10PM
Matt--WTF?!!!! Why didn't you call me?

FROM: Danny
DATE: Thursday February 1, 2001 -- 11:21:06PM
My plan for a senior prank was to put chickens in my school last year. I think this is a really good prank but a piece of advice; when its the day before the prank and you have enough money for a)18 chickens or b)16 chickens and a cage to keep them in, definitely choose the latter. I unfourtunately opted for more chickens thinking using a free, big box would be sufficient for overnight. Well, the ckickens pecked their way out and my brother's yard looked like a farmyard for weeks.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Friday February 2, 2001 -- 12:18:24AM
During my sophomore year of HS a senior rode a horse through the hallways of my school as a senior-prank.

FROM: elaine
DATE: Monday February 5, 2001 -- 4:41:42PM
i'm doin this news article on senior pranks.. if anyone can answer anything in this outline, that'll be very appreciated:

a. who started it
b. where
c. when
a. who does(n't) participate
i. why
ii. why not
a. what does one gain from this
b. who or what is targeted
a. what kinds (extremly lame to extremely ..great?)
b. pranks of the past
V. 2001
a. what's schemed (millenium style) by this years's class of seniors?

the end. thank ye.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Monday February 5, 2001 -- 6:05:34PM
Definition... purpuse -- a purple porpoise.


FROM: Robert
DATE: Monday February 5, 2001 -- 6:09:11PM
Elaine--I remember a book from a few years back about college pranks. That might help. I think it was called something like If at All Possible, Involve a Cow.

FROM: Chuff
DATE: Wednesday February 7, 2001 -- 1:05:05PM
i was wondering if anyone out there could give me some ideas for cracking pranks. i've thought of some but not alot, two main good ones running through the school with laies under clothes on and a blalaclava (how ever u spell it) or getting a coach and mooning out of it (with lots of people ov.) and crusing through the school.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Wednesday February 7, 2001 -- 2:24:39PM
That second sentence may be the most confusing one I've ever read...

FROM: Robert
DATE: Wednesday February 7, 2001 -- 2:38:36PM
Ryan--And from a Brit, no less...

FROM: chuff
DATE: Thursday February 8, 2001 -- 10:59:27AM
just because i don't know how to string a sentence together dosn't mean u can be racist.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Thursday February 8, 2001 -- 11:39:40AM
Chuff -- I doubt that Robert was being racist...

In any event, what was it that you were asking? I seriously couldn't figure out the second sentence...

FROM: Robert
DATE: Thursday February 8, 2001 -- 12:27:03PM
just because i don't know how to string a sentence together dosn't mean u can be racist.

That fact that I made no statement about race means that I CANNOT be labeled a racist. Thanks for your time.

Back to your question...I think you should pull off the mooning. I hear it gets pretty cold in England, and that would make it much funnier.

DATE: Thursday February 8, 2001 -- 4:02:12PM
Mooning. How passe. ;-) Just a few ideas from the mind of a twisted woman:

--What about stealing police tape (if they have that there) and cordoning off the front doors as a crime scene?

--Or, you could do almost the same thing with construction pylons.

--There are a number of interesting scenarios involving trunks of cars, mannequins, and ketchup.

--Douse your body in water-soluble paint and roll down a hallway or two. This of course would be more fun if many, many people were involved. Also, you'll probably end up doing the cleaning. A definite minus.

--Resetting all the clocks is always fun. So is turning around as many teachers' desks as you can. But that depends upon: 1) sneaking into the school at night; 2) unlocked offices. If those two are possible, then your options are limitless.

Be memorable. :)

FROM: chuff
DATE: Friday February 9, 2001 -- 11:27:25AM
i am sorry about calling robert a racist, but reading his reply he did make a statement about race so :P
i am also sorry about the garbbled message that i left, but i was very drunk sozzie.

but i thought of a good enuf prank any how with about 100 manual (wind up) alarm clocks going off at 2 min intervals hidden in different places.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Friday February 9, 2001 -- 12:07:01PM
i am sorry about calling robert a racist, but reading his reply he did make a statement about race so :P

As far as I know, the English as white as I am. But I'm willing to stop beating a dead horse.

And one word of advice--don't drink and Ping.

FROM: chuff
DATE: Friday February 9, 2001 -- 4:13:23PM
race isn't colour of skin it's nationality ditto about the horse.

and thanks for the advice.

FROM: Ashley
DATE: Friday February 9, 2001 -- 5:34:21PM
My high school is placed between farms, one of which has a huge hill that can be seen very clearly from the school, well, the class of 1999 thought it would be great to spray paint a giant penis on the hill with 99 on both sides. It could be seen all over my town and it stayed for about 3 weeks.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Friday February 9, 2001 -- 7:46:18PM
Ashley -- Wow. Now that's impressive. Did any local papers take pictures of it?

FROM: Nathan
DATE: Thursday February 15, 2001 -- 1:58:31AM
Stop the whole raciest thing, he probably wasn't meaning to say anything. I personally like the idea about letting the air out of the tires of the teachers cars, and greasing up little pigs and letting people try and pick them up.

FROM: Carrie
DATE: Thursday February 22, 2001 -- 11:17:43AM
The best one at our school was when the seniors took a Ronald McDonald from McDonalds and buried his feet in the school lawn, it was during the whole Clinton/Lewinski thing, so they put a cigar in his mouth.

DATE: Thursday February 22, 2001 -- 11:25:59AM
Carrie - I would've thought that you would've done the ultimate senior prank by, like, using your psychic powers 'n' stuff. :)

FROM: George
DATE: Friday February 23, 2001 -- 7:25:36PM
I've heard of a prank where students take keys, cover them in superglue, stick them in all the locks on all the outside doors, and break off the ends of the keys. The idea is to do it on a schoolnight, so school will have to be canceled the next day, since all the doors are messed up. I've never heard that it's actually been pulled off, though. I'm not even sure if it would work. (like how difficult it would be to fix the locks)
Maybe someone out there knows................

FROM: Golden Dragon
DATE: Saturday February 24, 2001 -- 1:51:41PM
We have a couple of ideas, one of them is to take donuts, place them on teachers desks on napkins, after the teachers eat the donuts and throw away the napkins, they see a picture of that donut on somebody's dick with a sign that says yum yum. Also we would place an add for free shoolyard phone sex and place the schools number in the ad so they would get obscene calls for phone sex. Also we would take out personals in kinky magazines for teachers and put their home phone numbers on them. Finally we want to put boots that you can buy in police catalogs on the teachers cars.

FROM: Golden Dragon
DATE: Saturday February 24, 2001 -- 2:02:04PM
hey guys, me again, could any of you email me with other prank suggestions, we really want some more.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Saturday February 24, 2001 -- 2:39:00PM
Golden Dragon--All of the pranks you mention require spending money, so they're effectively out of reach for most high school students. I like the donut one, though. Remind me never to eat donuts at your house, though.

FROM: Old Fezziwig
DATE: Saturday February 24, 2001 -- 10:50:56PM
My college fraternity use to do that donut trick, except the donuts would be sent to a sorority house and then the photo would be sent a few days later.
We called it "Delt Donuts"!

FROM: Robert
DATE: Sunday February 25, 2001 -- 12:13:30AM
Fezz--What happened to the old fashioned panty raid?

FROM: shelley dena and tania
DATE: Wednesday February 28, 2001 -- 4:07:53PM
Do you have any other pranks for us? We go to DMCI high schooland we are surrounded by houses, one busy street next to the school. IF you have any ideas put them on here or email us @ the above

DATE: Thursday March 1, 2001 -- 7:54:02PM
I am in serious need of major prank ideas. I have lots of small ideas but nothing spectacular. My HS has such lame pranks. When a senior class a few years back tried to make-up for this they ended up trashing the HS, costing themselves over $10,000 in damages. Since then, no one has wanted to attempt a senior prank in fear that they won't graduate. I really need help here.

FROM: Roy Boy
DATE: Monday March 5, 2001 -- 4:05:29PM
Buy old school alarm clicks with the big bells on them, and tiny hammer thingise that strike the bell when the alarm goes off. Put Glass stink bombs between bell and hammer, and set the alarms for the same time strategically around school

DATE: Friday March 9, 2001 -- 5:29:57PM
Thanks for the suggestion( rest asured it will go to good use), but I was looking for something that would target the underclassmen to use as the senior prank. Any thoughts??

FROM: camel
DATE: Saturday March 17, 2001 -- 12:31:22AM
my uncle told me that him and 4 friends carried the outer body of an older model volkswagon beetle and put it on top of the stadium announcers box. and all over the car was painted Troy Athens Red Hawks Class of '82.

FROM: Sarah
DATE: Saturday March 17, 2001 -- 1:08:22PM
Hey! I go to a private highschool in Georgia... I'm looking for some truely awesome Senior pranks. I have access to the schools master keys... keep that in mind! Email me suggestions or post them here! Thanks!

FROM: Sarah
DATE: Saturday March 17, 2001 -- 1:09:27PM
Oh, this is my e-mail! Thanks!

FROM: Sarah
DATE: Saturday March 17, 2001 -- 1:10:19PM
Oh, this is my e-mail! Thanks!

FROM: jeff
DATE: Tuesday March 20, 2001 -- 11:07:09AM
go to

FROM: Nick
DATE: Tuesday March 27, 2001 -- 10:00:03AM
I just visited this site looking for a good senior prank, there were some pretty good ones, Im a senior and my friends were thinking of some, like drawing chalk outlines of cows and pigs and hanging jerkey from the arch over the doorway, and a person on the top of the school with a grill, maybe draw a big poster with a menu, my friend wanted a sign saying "cow-and-swine massacre" but I dont know. a few years ago, it was a fake school massacre with police tape and fake blood but DEFINATELY not after colombine! our last years senior prank was sad, a couch on the roof (someone should have sat in it) they spraypainted the windows which was just sad, no imagination, so they made up for it the next day by blocking the teachers parking lot with their cars and a fake kegger party right in the middle of the lot! all I'm saying, is that whatever you do, park cars on the left, then right then left side of the roads, so that when the buses pass by your handiwork, the students have a good long time to stare!

FROM: Caleb
DATE: Tuesday March 27, 2001 -- 3:03:18PM
Or you can do what my friends did and take a couple wheel barrows full of cow shit, smear it all over the office windows and leave a huge pile of it in front of the school with a little sign on it saying, "Thanks for all the years of shit."

FROM: Nick
DATE: Wednesday March 28, 2001 -- 9:45:43AM
nice one! as long as cows or shit is involved, its interesting, but combining the two? genius!!

FROM: Robert
DATE: Wednesday March 28, 2001 -- 10:36:55AM
If you use cow shit in a senior prank . . .

. . . you might be a redneck.

FROM: schubs
DATE: Sunday April 1, 2001 -- 11:15:04PM
Alright, try this out onthe last day or so put battery alarm clocks set to go off at passing time so they will just go and go. By the time someone get there to cut off a ton of locks to would be a long time. Also steal the concret things at parking lots that you have in front of your car to let you know when you are close, you know what I am talking about. Well we are going to steal a bunch of these things and block off the teachers and staff paking lot and the both ways in the student paking lot. But then to make sure no one will get in, this guy is getting some high temputer grease to put all over the cement. This way when people try to drive over them, which they well not be able to because it will be like 6" tall by the time we are done, their tires will just spin. What do you guys think?

FROM: Josh
DATE: Tuesday April 10, 2001 -- 4:59:38PM
This is a really good senior prank. Get 4 pigs and number them with paint from 1 to 5.....but leaving out the number 4. That way, when they find all four of them.....they'll still think there's a 5th one in the school.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Tuesday April 10, 2001 -- 5:21:01PM
That one's pretty clever... probably the best I've heard here so far!

DATE: Friday April 13, 2001 -- 10:43:37AM
I think that there are a lot of pranks out there that are fine, its just those few that go too far and then have people punish even those who barely did anything. My prank is so no one will be able to get into the parking lot. The sad thing is that there is barbed wire all around most of our school except where students come into the parking lot. My plan is to take yards and yards of chains and several locks and just completely block the road where students come in, then there is the usual tp'ing, and then were taking full size posters of umpa lumpas and putting them in the trees. I think the parking lot idea and umpa lumpas are very original and overall it is a prank that isnt going too far(Email me about what you think)

DATE: Monday April 16, 2001 -- 10:14:30PM
Our school used the manure idea as well, huge pile out on the main sidewalk! Or take oreo cookies and scrape out the cream, then refill with toothpaste and refill package. Then you can take them around to teachers and staff or underclassmen at lunch. Free oreo cookies for everyone, from the seniors.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Tuesday April 17, 2001 -- 5:48:53PM
Dang, that pig idea was mine first I swear! Now I have to think of something else...can I get some help over here?

FROM: chuck
DATE: Sunday April 22, 2001 -- 10:47:49PM
the tecknology today ha helped ruin the old senior pranks ..... at least at my school we have video cameras, electric combo locks and motion detectors so that if you try and do anything in school at night the alarm goes off and the police are there in 3 minuits. and so technology has rid this generation of classic pranks like piling the classroom desks in the hallway so no one can move through them.

FROM: kid
DATE: Tuesday April 24, 2001 -- 7:20:40PM
check out for prank ideas and post em there too

FROM: Lena
DATE: Wednesday April 25, 2001 -- 5:53:18PM
The lousy seniors last year assembled about 200 desks in the teacher parking lot...lame as hell!

FROM: Luis
DATE: Wednesday May 2, 2001 -- 7:17:28PM
At my high school me and my friends launched (from the outter fence of the school using mini cannons) gallons of punch with wholes in them so when they landed in the pool it would turn it red, also we launched jello boxes so it also became semi jello-y

FROM: D_Lock
DATE: Thursday May 3, 2001 -- 10:22:18PM
this page is "silly"

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Thursday May 3, 2001 -- 10:51:54PM
And your comment was "pointless"

FROM: Jordan
DATE: Friday May 4, 2001 -- 3:52:31PM
ya'll won't believe what happened today at my school for prank day. They did the usual toilet paper everywhere (plus it rained this morning), they put bacon in the shape of penises on the windows, threw eggs and coke on a brand new $250,000 bus and on the headmasters golfcart, threw eggs and sillystring on the buildings, and when they spraypainted "Senior Class 2001" on the football field, they spelled it SENOR! how dumb! all-in-all, they did a whopping $50,000 in damage

FROM: Milkdud
DATE: Friday May 4, 2001 -- 6:49:56PM
well, i'm the mastermind of our class and have some up with a few things. we're going to make a batch of cookies and fruit punch for the faculty that's laced with e-lax. we're going to release a few hundred crickets into the building finals week. chirp chirp. we going to grease up a couple of pigs with our principle and vice principle's names on them into the lunchroom. we're going to get a bunch of broken down jeeps and horse trailers and pile them in the faculty parking. we plan to fill the entrance way with horse crap. we plan to paint class of 2001 rules ont he front lawn. we also have keys to the school so we are going to put some broken down vehicles in the middle of the commons area amoung other things. to top it off, all seniors will be camping on the football field our last night. any other suggestions?

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Saturday May 5, 2001 -- 12:21:53AM
Sounds like you have plenty of ideas to work with, Milkdud... the question is: will you go through with any of them?

Camping on the football field with your entire class would actually be pretty cool -- not in a prank-way, but just a cool way to spend your last night as seniors with your classmates.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Saturday May 5, 2001 -- 3:01:49AM
I think the camping idea is a good way to get an orgy started.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Saturday May 5, 2001 -- 11:01:20AM
Yeah... gotta start somewhere, eh, Robert?

FROM: Stephanie
DATE: Saturday May 5, 2001 -- 10:53:31PM
I NEED some great senior prank ideas. We all graduate in 1 month. Please help.

FROM: Melanie
DATE: Tuesday May 8, 2001 -- 4:48:13PM
I think the "Thanks for all the Shit" one was the best. This is a great page for pranks! We can't do anything to our school because a nosy neighbor to the school is always calling the cops.
Any suggestions on how to get around this email me!

DATE: Tuesday May 8, 2001 -- 5:28:43PM
The camping idea is a good way to start a bad horror flick, too.

FROM: alex
DATE: Tuesday May 8, 2001 -- 8:54:40PM
i go to a high school in a residential area and the teachers lot is usually the site of at least one prank each year. this year we plan to park from corner to corner, bumper touching bumper, of the block where the teachers lot entrance is. if the first and last cars are legally parked, our cops can't touch them and with the rest bumper to bumper, they could never get in to tow the others. we would effectively keep any and all teachers from parking in their lot, which is significantly closer than the student lot. if anyone has other ideas let me know, its not very practical for us to get hold of farm animals however.

FROM: schubs
DATE: Wednesday May 9, 2001 -- 10:45:01PM
Umm..see we have come across of set of keys to the vending mechines at school and are going to fill the soda one with beer. And other odds and in inthe rest of them.

FROM: Brandon
DATE: Thursday May 10, 2001 -- 9:45:20PM
I like the beer one!

FROM: bob
DATE: Friday May 11, 2001 -- 12:11:37AM
A couple of years ago at my school when we had morning anouncements on the TV the seniors switched it with a hard core porn tape. That is going to be hard to top. We are thinking about greasing up some midgets and letting them run loose in the halls. Any other ideas?

FROM: Kelli
DATE: Saturday May 12, 2001 -- 6:01:41PM
Dude...this page is sweet! For our senior prank we were thinking of draining our pond...but its too nasty and we can't find anyone who'll jump in...soo we think we might just put bubbles in b/c there is a fountain-y thing. anymore ideas would be great though!

FROM: lunchbox
DATE: Sunday May 13, 2001 -- 2:16:45PM
here our my ideas for senior pranks thus far... 1. get a package of meat (fish will work too) and put it in the ceiling via the ceiling tiles. this time of year, it gets hot here, and they won't know where the smell is coming from. 2. cover the flagpole with tires, but this may not happen, cause its tough to do. we might just fly a flag that says seniors '01. 3. farm animal in the hall is a definite possibility. crickets is another good idea. who knows what else we'll do

FROM: Chris the Anarchist
DATE: Sunday May 13, 2001 -- 3:54:01PM
in about 12 hours time, 15 seniors and I will descend upon our hapless high school. here's the plan: at least ten minutes before any pranking starts, two spotters come onto campus and and get on the roof armed with binoculars, two-way radios, and cell phones. these guys will watch for the cops and nosy neighbors. while up there, sour milk will be poured down any vents they see, and the master kill switches on the a/c system will be shifted to the off position. two people will be in charge of spraying "2001" on the soccer field with concentrated bleach. Depending on time and supplies, we might spray "All your base..." on the grass too. Superglue gel will be put into the locks on all the buildings. millions of styrofoam packing peanuts will be thrown everywhere. and for the coup de gras: concrete blocks stacked several feet high blocking the 5 entrances to the school. bonded to the driveways with quick-drying cement, of course.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Sunday May 13, 2001 -- 6:28:31PM
Chris -- Should you pull this off, we'll want to see pictures...

DATE: Sunday May 13, 2001 -- 11:49:26PM
Some Seniors at Chaska HS disassembled a small car peice by peice hoisted the parts onto roof and into courtyard where it was they did it in one night i dont know.

DATE: Monday May 14, 2001 -- 7:59:35PM
Here's a good one that the whole school would notice: put fish in the air conditioning system...imagine the smell after a few hours

FROM: Betsy
DATE: Monday May 14, 2001 -- 9:46:11PM
This isn't about a senior prank but....on the senior's last day, we always have a junior/senior war...I need some good ideas of things I can fill balloons up with...some nasty sticky stuff!! Please help! We're trying to stay away from bleach and nair and bodily fluids tho...Last year some guy got bleach in his eye and is now permanetly damaged....HELP! thanks!

FROM: Kelli
DATE: Tuesday May 15, 2001 -- 6:08:13PM
Jell-o, pudding, kool-aid, lemonaid (really sticky!)

DATE: Tuesday May 15, 2001 -- 8:43:42PM
My freshmen year the seniors climbed the water tower and put a joint in our Cardinals mouth. The town had to clean it off and when they got it clean they went up again and put *UCK CHUCK in giant letters(spray paint). Chuck was our principal and he seen it everytime he looked out his office window. I thought it was a little extreme but very creative. Keep the ideas coming in! It is hard to top something like that.

FROM: Austin
DATE: Wednesday May 16, 2001 -- 4:35:26AM
This site is pretty cool. I'm not a senior yet, I'm only a sophmore, but you can never plan too far ahead. I'm gonna do the cricket thing for sure, probably the shit one, I'll try for the car in the courtyard, and pigs loose. Last year I went into the courtyard to try to get into the school, but all the windows were locked. I've got a great one, but it wouldn't work till later, so you could do it in advanced. Throw a whole bunch of pot seeds in the courtyard, and around the school yard randomly and watch it grow. On the seniors last day, put dry ice and a little bit of waterin two(or three if you can find them) pop bottles, and hide them in random places, but be sure to as much air out of them as you can, but not too much, you should probably test it before, then during class you'd hear what sounds like m-80's going off.

FROM: Laura
DATE: Wednesday May 16, 2001 -- 9:54:52PM
Pranks at my school used to be pretty extreme but the past couple of years they have sucked. Now I'm a senior and my friends an I are trying to beat these... One year the seniors took four pigs covered in vasoline and numbered them one, two, and four. The year after that was even funnier. Our school is two stories and the seniors took a cow and had it go up the stairs. You see, cows can only go upstairs and will never go back down. I need help beating these please post more.

FROM: emmie_64
DATE: Thursday May 17, 2001 -- 10:54:19AM
We only have about four days left of school, and we are looking for quick, cheap, and not destructive senior pranks any ideas?

FROM: Jon Dunn
DATE: Monday May 21, 2001 -- 10:22:24AM
I am a graduating senior this year and we graduate tomorow, tonight we are coming to the school grounds at about 1 in the morning to set up a campground in front of the school for 256 people. Everyone will be asleep when the rest of the students show up for school the next day. We are also taping up cellofane to block off the doorways to the school

FROM: James
DATE: Monday May 21, 2001 -- 3:49:29PM
I am a senior and the President of my class. I have to present the senior class gift to the school at graduation. A fellow senior came up with the idea of also presenting the school with one of those big checks. The funny part is that when they go to cash it and get there two thousand dollars, it won't work. A digital imaging company has agreed to make the fake check. Do you think this is a good idea or should we dosomething different such as setting the sprinklers to go off during graduation or putting underwear on the weathervane.

DATE: Monday May 21, 2001 -- 4:55:53PM
These are all so good - I think I may do the alarm clocks when I get to be a senior (just a soph right now). But this year at my school a couple guys poured tons of babyoil on our floors while they walked from class to class. A few of them also had sand. The mix made a slippery, grainy, squeaky mess for about a week (the janitors couldn't get it to come off the linolium). It was great to slide down the halls.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Monday May 21, 2001 -- 6:12:56PM
I hope this girl wasn't a Ping visitor.

FROM: James
DATE: Tuesday May 22, 2001 -- 6:37:29PM
I think is is pretty stupid to do any sort of prank that either leaves a mess or damages school property. The money has to come from somewhere to replace whatever is damaged and someone has to do the cleaning, usually the janitors or the pranksters themselves. So I think there is a line students must draw. Basically the good pranks are ones that come and go and have no physical aftermath. That is why i like our prank. We are now going to give the fake check to the administrators at the last assembly instead of graduation; alittle less risky. All the seniors are going to sign the back of the check.

FROM: Richie
DATE: Tuesday May 22, 2001 -- 9:18:03PM
Me and a couple of buddies filled a weed sprayer w/ diesel gas and sprayed 2000 across the entire football field in huge letters, by the next morning the grass was dead everywhere we had sprayed. Graduation was held on the field so the amdministration tried to cover it up w/ green spray paint (which only made it more noticable). This was a lot of fun and I highly reccomend it.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Tuesday May 22, 2001 -- 11:00:31PM
As long as no one involved is a smoker...

FROM: redbrother
DATE: Wednesday May 23, 2001 -- 6:03:36PM
our class is thinking of floating a urinal out onto the lake. we wanted to do something with foam all over it, but cant think of anything and there is no fountain so we couldnt turn the water. we also for some odd reason have a windmill... anyway, we might unbolt it and move it to the middle of the parking lot or unasseble it and reassemble it in the commons (it wont fit through the doors) but there is a security system so that might not work. anyway, we'll have to wait until after the senior trip because they said they would fine us $500 if we did anything, and that money goes towards the senior trip. so after the trip it wont matter if they fine us b/c there first of all wont be any money and second of all wouldlnt help us or anything anyway.

FROM: redbrother
DATE: Wednesday May 23, 2001 -- 6:10:52PM
also, what if you painted out the parking lines, and went back in when they were dry and painted them back on only make all the parking spots parallel parking. or spray painting handycap signs in every parking spot.

FROM: taylor
DATE: Thursday May 24, 2001 -- 4:23:09PM
our senior prank was simple, we piled old tires up arround the flag pole, much easier to put on then to take off. The teachers couldn't figuer out how the heck we did it. Another one was that the class from last year zip-tied all the lockers in the school.

FROM: Matt Wills
DATE: Thursday May 24, 2001 -- 6:45:24PM
This year I think we topped them all. About 3 in the morning about 29 of us seniors went around the area and stole all of the administrators cars from there homes. We put them on the football field. It was probably the funniest thing ive ever seen.

FROM: Richie
DATE: Friday May 25, 2001 -- 2:02:27AM
Also, at my high school, it is a yearly tradition that the night before the ceremony, the seniors knock down the one thousand or so chairs that are set up for graduation. If you dont get caught, the teachers and administration are the ones who have to carefully set them all up. However, if you do get caught, you are going to be setting up chairs untill the wee hours of the morning.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Friday May 25, 2001 -- 10:36:15AM
I really went to a lameass high school, because the only "prank" the seniors ever pulled as long as I was there was throwing all kinds of old papers on the floor. It was a mess and the only ones to suffer were janitors. What assholes.

FROM: Prez Of Woodbridge High
DATE: Sunday May 27, 2001 -- 11:09:52PM
Im only a junior but i have been elected senior class prez of Woodbridge High. The thing about the seniors cementing the bus tunnel is a little known legend around here but i dont think it really happened. It would take all night. Im planning ours already, it should be like a scene from Mission Impossible....ill keep you posted on our progress...

FROM: Camdyn
DATE: Tuesday May 29, 2001 -- 3:37:03PM
Here are a few pranks that have been done at my school in the past :

1) The tires around the flagpole
2) Try and sell the school by collecting all the "for sale" signs from lawns in the city and putting them in the front lawn
3) Fill up offices with packing peanuts
4) Move all the desks, etc. from the classrooms out into the hallway, bathrooms
5) Assemble a VW Bug in the commons

FROM: nick
DATE: Wednesday May 30, 2001 -- 8:53:27PM
the best senior prank i have ever witnessed was someone had put a timer on a bunch of tanks of nitrous oxide and released them into the school air vents making the whole school crack up laughing

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Thursday May 31, 2001 -- 4:01:22PM
An interesting prank. (via Elocutionary dot blog)

FROM: Old Fezziwig
DATE: Friday June 1, 2001 -- 10:19:01AM
I imagine most high school seniors have already graduated but here is an article I found anyway.

FROM: Erin
DATE: Sunday June 3, 2001 -- 5:02:44PM
Any senior prank involving damage to the school is both stupid (the police will NOT just let it slide) and inconsiderate. I like the one about releasing pigs numbered 1-5, with number 4 missing. You could use inanimate objects, too, if your school is composed of many separate buildings. Anything involving feces or insulting school officials is lame. Volkswagens have been placed in every place imaginable. At our school the juniors have already planned, for next year, to switch classes for the day with the then-seniors from our rival high school.

FROM: Lindsay Liz
DATE: Monday June 4, 2001 -- 6:04:53PM
our senior prank at our school was 8 senior girls rubbed vasoline all over their body and ran naked down the hall way letting every senior guy touch there was really cool...Penn High

FROM: Melissa Ingleright...Rat On
DATE: Monday June 4, 2001 -- 6:09:48PM
One time for a senior prank I decided to do something alone. So I went to school with EVERY piece of clothing I owned on...Scarves, mittens, pants shorts, you name I had it was really cool. And then after that triend to give the kingsmen a blowjob...hahahaha

FROM: Puluchi
DATE: Monday June 4, 2001 -- 6:15:16PM
There are some reqally crazy senior pranks that I have heard of, but this one takes the cake. One time I hid in a locker in the baseball team's lockerroom and watched the entire team take long hot showers. It was hilarius!!!

FROM: Brian
DATE: Monday June 4, 2001 -- 8:10:14PM
Let's hope that puluchi is a chick... otherwise the pranks just turned a little less humorous.

FROM: chuck
DATE: Monday June 4, 2001 -- 11:07:22PM
that nitrus oxide one is great .

FROM: Alfty
DATE: Tuesday June 5, 2001 -- 3:11:23AM
Last year when my brother was a senior a few of his friends and him broke into the lirary and stole about 25 educational videos. They took them back to our house and taped a 2 minute section of hardcore porn somwhere in the video. The next year it was great in class. The really funny thing is that my mom is a teacher, so far they hae stayed clean. I was planning on putting tires around the flag pole or/and painting handicap signs in each parking spot. I also thought that it would be funny to cut out the bar code on the library books and put them on little mice. Then let the mice go in the library and when the mice run out the alarms will go off that usualy go off when sombody steals a book.

FROM: Kristy
DATE: Wednesday June 6, 2001 -- 11:39:51AM
At my school the seniors sprayed acid around the school that smelt like bile (throw up) we all had to evacuate the building and we got let our early from school. we couldnt even go in and get our keys or our belongings. In the english department they put fish up in the ceiling.. the smell was gross but we all laughed it off..

DATE: Wednesday June 13, 2001 -- 2:22:14PM
I go to a small all-girls Catholic High School. Two years ago, the seniors collected hundreds of bras, hooked them all together, and hung them in the trees with a huge sign that said "We're busting out!" The year before that, they cemented a toilet on the sidewalk in front of the student entrance and wrote "Holy Shit" in front of it.

FROM: frank
DATE: Thursday June 21, 2001 -- 2:06:33PM
i am a fresh man but i found out the school's PA system codes for my school and the elementary school. being the tech no wiz i a i am hocking up a tape recorder on a timer to play the code for the phone then play alice coopers schools out , and pink floyds we don't need no education. the prank is harmless but it will be funny.

FROM: Doreen
DATE: Wednesday June 27, 2001 -- 9:46:25PM
hey...well this year the senior prank was that these 3 guys and two girls went out and bought gold fish.......they threw them down the staircase and by the time school started it smelled like shit... and the other prank was this guy bought a snake and lt it loose with white mice in the luchroom..but for my senior prank ( ina but two years) i will go out to the meat store ( the one where they sell every part of an animal...and buy the head of a pig and leave it in one hall....leave the feet in the other hall, and the tail somwhere else..... all you guys have really good ideas....good luck

FROM: spud
DATE: Sunday July 15, 2001 -- 4:35:08PM
my favorite prank is to grease up 3 pigs numbered 1,2,4 and let them loose in the halls. shure its easy to catch 3 pigs, but its funny as hell to watch them look for pig number 3.

FROM: Mike
DATE: Wednesday July 25, 2001 -- 10:50:57PM
A friend told me about his senior prank where they took a car and put it up on the roof(i'm still tryin to figure out how they did that), and the usual Tp'ing and egging ...they got caught tho, but luckily he wasn't. Now, i am looking for any good ideas for my senior prank, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

FROM: Mike
DATE: Wednesday July 25, 2001 -- 10:52:26PM
E-mail: thanks

FROM: mike
DATE: Wednesday July 25, 2001 -- 10:53:23PM
Grr...i mean hotmail not hotamil

FROM: Chelsea
DATE: Tuesday August 14, 2001 -- 8:11:23PM
well for a senior prank at an old school that i went to the seniors dicided to put lots and lots if red jello in the pool, also they let a pig go running crazy all around the school with crisco on him so that know one could catch him crazy yah

DATE: Friday August 17, 2001 -- 11:16:13PM
This page is awesome! I've always wanted to do some traditional senior pranks but my school is new so it has an alarm system, cameras all over the building and in the parking lot, and metal detectors at the doors. Are there any pranks I could pull in this kind of environment? Please help! e-mail me at

FROM: lyszi
DATE: Sunday August 26, 2001 -- 9:02:36PM
Liz- dye the toilet water purple, use a kind that would take a while to fade off the toilet bowl. no permanent damage, easy, relatively cheap...and very low risk...not a major prank, but fun...

FROM: Nuked
DATE: Monday August 27, 2001 -- 2:10:55AM
great page, lmao
i think tha greatest prank to be done in my school was when about 5 or so senior guys got up on stage during tha morning announcments (somethin we call forum, which is held in our theatre) and danced to some 80's song. they stripped down to little thongs... admittingly humorous to tha rest of tha onlooking student body.

FROM: The Lord Of Destruction
DATE: Tuesday September 11, 2001 -- 3:46:54AM
Ah, Well apart from a few, most of these pranks have been pathetic. Now I'm in my senior year and past students have done things as lame as free dress on the last day... Well anyway if anyone doesn't live in Brisbane, Australia your welcome to these...
1. Light the toilet block on Fire.
2. Draw massive penis on oval and front lawn.
3. Hang a Nazi Flag from the flagpole.
4. Burn Senior Tree down.
5. Smash window in the lab, and throw a petrol bomb in so the gas system blows up and half the school burns down.
6. Cut down all the small trees on the front lawn.
7. Drive car into pool.
8. Cement in toilets.

These pranks will all take place, on my behalf, i intend to get photo's. These are serious pranks, for security reasons i choose not to reveal my email.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Tuesday September 11, 2001 -- 9:35:22AM
What's funny about number 3?

And after number 5, it's probably a good thing you didn't leave your e-mail address. I'd probably advise against it, as someone who has trouble spelling "your" might have trouble covering their tracks.

FROM: chadb
DATE: Tuesday September 11, 2001 -- 6:57:10PM
have the homless camp out on the front lawn of the school. Just give them sandwiches and they will do whatever you want.

FROM: chadb
DATE: Tuesday September 11, 2001 -- 6:58:56PM
put rocks in peoples hubcaps. Do you here that sound?

FROM: dude
DATE: Sunday September 16, 2001 -- 2:16:22AM
About the showers... I think thats some schools maybe still take showers, It depends on where you live I guess. But very seldom do people take showers at my school, I think one girl took a shower because she passed out, but that is about it. I think they do in football and baseball.

FROM: IceCubeTheGangster
DATE: Monday September 24, 2001 -- 4:22:36PM
We put a huge tree on the 50 yuard lind on our football field. Everyone drove there car into the school, though the double doors in the gym. Cocked all the doors shut. No one can beat that senior year.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Thursday September 27, 2001 -- 9:38:51PM
The seniors last year at my high school took all of the much benches and stacked and cemented them to each other about 100 feet high, they also had 4 streakers 3 girls and 1 guy and then they out glue and feathers on the Principals BMW. I'm a junior this year any other good sugestions that you might have that would be original?

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Thursday September 27, 2001 -- 11:23:26PM
100 feet high. Yeah. I bet.

FROM: christine
DATE: Saturday September 29, 2001 -- 4:33:57PM
get an enormous amount of sand (you can purchase it) and fill the commons or some other area with a "beach". put lawn chairs out too, beach balls, and any other beach-type-stuff. make sure everyone particpating wears hawaiian shirts and sunglasses to school the next day.

FROM: dark
DATE: Wednesday October 3, 2001 -- 6:39:32AM
hey great page man. one of the prank me friends going to do this year is order 20 large pizza with everthing on them and have it take it the vp becuase ever in the school hate her. each pizza will cost 42 dollor.

FROM: pornman
DATE: Wednesday October 17, 2001 -- 6:52:09PM
My high school has a morning show that we watch every morning during homeroom and last years senior class traded the regular morning show tape with a porn movie. It was great.

FROM: erick
DATE: Friday October 26, 2001 -- 11:11:40PM
Man, really badazz. This page is addicting, i just read all the replies.So i get some ideas n took some notes. Im thinking of baking a cake for our senior teachers. But instead of frosting using some mayonaise n that new purple/green colored ketchup as topping. Its Sweet Nasty prank.

FROM: brittany
DATE: Thursday November 1, 2001 -- 8:18:17PM
O-k, here is a funny prank I dont know if someone mentioned it but you paint a picture of your priciple naked on the side of the school in perminit paint then in washable paint you paint cloths over it. so.... when they wash it off it reveals your principle naked

FROM: brittany
DATE: Thursday November 1, 2001 -- 8:20:41PM
ok its me again i have 1 more u get 3 animals (ex- goats) ok so u get 3 goats paint the #'s 1,2, and 4 on the side of them and release them in the school....... so there for all day long everyone is looking for goat #3

FROM: sam fresh
DATE: Sunday November 4, 2001 -- 10:54:45PM
this prank thing stil up? and if so i think all these things are funny but most folks dont go through with um but my freshman year they had every student with an big open can of vegtables or soup pour it out in the hall it was funy and then we slided down the hall in it i got pics

FROM: poo head
DATE: Tuesday November 6, 2001 -- 10:40:58PM
you smell

FROM: cool man
DATE: Tuesday November 6, 2001 -- 11:40:12PM
when i was at school my friends and i decided to light the school on fire. the school burnt to the ground and even worse we killed the janitor who was working that night. we were caught and charged with manslaughter. ive just finished spending 15 years in jail. not as funny as we thought it was going to be.

FROM: senior 2002
DATE: Wednesday November 7, 2001 -- 2:19:58PM
the baddest prank ever
*put a huge for sale sign in front of the school
*put koo-aid fishes in the swimming pool
*put cement on the from doors
*let chickens loose on the hallways
special shout out to all the seniors of 2002
sam houston high school class of 2002
never be forgotten

FROM: Maria
DATE: Wednesday November 7, 2001 -- 3:27:45PM
Reading through these, I came across the dry ice one about halfway up the page and thought of this: Put dry ice in all the toilets in all the restrooms. (Even faculty restrooms would be good if you can get in there.) Maybe fill up the sinks and put the dry ice in there too. It wouldn't last all that long, but it's fairly cheap and harmless and I doubt you'd get in too much trouble. To bad I'm well beyond being a senior.

FROM: Jake
DATE: Sunday November 11, 2001 -- 11:12:52PM
At like 3 in the morning, either brake off paper clips in the locks, superglue pennies over the locks, or bike chain the doors, all locks are different. Also in the center of the football field, spray paint a large penis...u can think of some more stuff with that one!!

FROM: Rebecca
DATE: Monday November 12, 2001 -- 8:24:38PM
I'm a senior and looking for some good pranks, and this page is great!
But be careful though - all the things about letting loose pigs in the halls and numbering them 1,2,and 4 are funny, but a local high school did that one a few years ago and some kids got charged with animal cruelty.
Also my cousin spread some manuer (sp?) on a rival high school's front step, and wasn't allowed to graduate.
Senior pranks are awesome, but be careful!

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Tuesday November 13, 2001 -- 12:07:42AM
a local high school did that one a few years ago and some kids got charged with animal cruelty

I should hope so!

Senior pranks are awesome, but be careful!

The voice of reason. :)

FROM: who cares
DATE: Saturday November 17, 2001 -- 12:56:39AM
well are principal is a stupid annoying jew so it would be funny to do that one with the Nazi flag on the pole. I also thought of building a pond in the middle of the quad with some fish and all

FROM: Adam
DATE: Monday November 19, 2001 -- 1:53:31AM
Me and my pal Dan are thinking of putting seran wrap on the student and faculty toilets. Also, in the faculty bathroom, lock one of the stalls, then hop over the wall or crawl under (yuck) and put in there an old tape player of recorded fart noises.

FROM: Mike Hawkerts
DATE: Wednesday November 21, 2001 -- 2:16:53PM
Go possum beatin. I hear it is fun. You drive at night till ya find a possum and pull over as fast as you can. Then chase it down. (a little cruel, but supposedly realy fun)

FROM: Mike Huntswet
DATE: Wednesday November 21, 2001 -- 2:20:10PM
.......sum of these are really lame pranks. i like the old fashion flaming bag of dog poo. put it on someones porch and knock on the door. They open the door and find it on fire and stomp it out. Then poo is all over the bottom of the shoe.

FROM: Chronic
DATE: Thursday November 22, 2001 -- 9:34:58PM
Hey yo
I graduate in about 6 months and am tryin to plan this all out ahead of time..thinking about cementing a toilet under the flag pole and covering it in shit, spray painting the words "thanks for all the years of shit" what do you think? any other *fairly* harmless ideas? drop me a line. Nice page by the way.

FROM: Casey
DATE: Wednesday November 28, 2001 -- 9:31:22PM
My and my friends are going to put dry ice in all the toliets at school, we tested it at my house and it bubbles and steams for a long time. I just hope the school doesn't get evacuated

FROM: Casey
DATE: Wednesday November 28, 2001 -- 9:31:22PM
My and my friends are going to put dry ice in all the toliets at school, we tested it at my house and it bubbles and steams for a long time. I just hope the school doesn't get evacuated

FROM: Ghoti the mute
DATE: Thursday November 29, 2001 -- 12:15:40AM
Ok, here's a prank:

1. Get 2 medium sized pigs.
2. On pig #1's back, paint a big number "1".
3. On pig #2's back, paint a big number "3".
4. Grease up the pigs.
5. Release the pigs into the school.
6. The school authorities catch pig #1, and pig #3. They search the whole day for (the non-existent)pig #2.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Thursday November 29, 2001 -- 12:52:48AM
That's got to be the third or fourth time someone has mentioned that prank.

Read before you post, folks.

FROM: Mousie
DATE: Friday November 30, 2001 -- 4:00:57PM
ok....every year the seniors take over the school on the night before Grad. THere have been some pretty good trashings! One year they put duct tape across all the lockers and duct taped all the lockson the lockers! They toilet papered the whole place and had balloons and paper crap all over! When we walked into the school the next morning they were sleeping all over the school! They were sleeping on couches and in the gym and halls! We have a small school and an Agricultural we have alot of farm animals! My class was thinking of taking the AG donkey and painting it hot pink and putting it in the Pricipals office! Also...because the teachers expect it every make every thing look normal when they walk in....but fills the lockers with when they opened them there would be rice everywhere! We also have sheep, pigs, and if anyone has any good suggestions of what we could do with those it would be great!

FROM: Aaron
DATE: Sunday December 2, 2001 -- 10:52:51PM
last year the sinior class hijacked the janiters car and hung it in three tall pin trees that were in the lunch area. it was at least 5 feet up and the only way they could get it down was to cut the chains totaling the little toyota truck. but after that we has security gards (rent-a-cops) roming around the school. any ideas. i love the pig idea but i dont know where to get them here in california. e-mail me

FROM: Aaron again
DATE: Sunday December 2, 2001 -- 11:06:42PM
im trying to figure a way to turn the pool to jello

FROM: mike
DATE: Tuesday December 4, 2001 -- 11:22:51PM
our computer skills teacher is a bitch and shes really ugly so we put her picture on and bookmarked her picture as her homepage and showed her the bad results she got

FROM: Mystery MAN
DATE: Friday December 7, 2001 -- 12:12:22AM
I have a *GREAT* IDEA. We are going to coover the entire flag pole with Tires. Thats right!!! Car tires. It has been done before, so if anyone has any ideas, please respond to this site.

FROM: Comander Federally
DATE: Saturday December 8, 2001 -- 4:28:32PM
as juniors we planted a 15 foot oak tree in the lawn in front of our library. It was totally harmless and very amusing. hopefully itll survive for a while afterwards.

FROM: Vince
DATE: Saturday December 8, 2001 -- 11:12:59PM
I think Roberts gay and takes this whole thing ENTIRELY to seriously

FROM: andymetzger
DATE: Saturday December 8, 2001 -- 11:20:27PM
Ryan, i just want to say that you are the man. You are hilarious. I love reading your sarcastic and amusing remarks. Keep it up.

FROM: Andy Metzger
DATE: Saturday December 8, 2001 -- 11:26:23PM
I have a great idea for a senior prank. I thought of it all by myself. What you should do is take 4 pigs, or any animal, and number them 1-5 leaving out a number. It will be great when the authorities are looking for that one animal. And another thing that is always real cool, that i thought of myself, out of nowhere, take as many old tires as you can, and stack them over the flag pole. It's really easy to do, and takes forever for the principals to take them off. Pretty cool, huh? I'm the man. Gosh some of you guys are lame. Like Ryan said, "Read before you post."

FROM: rach
DATE: Thursday December 13, 2001 -- 5:43:12PM
Yeah... nobody ever really does any senior pranks at my school. However, the class of 1998 did go to our local golf course and steal all of the golf carts and play bumper cars with them. Some were set on fire, others crashed into ponds.... the damage totaled thousands of dollars. They spent 3 days in jail, and still have it on their records..... it was crazy. But, I would love some possibly non-destructive ideas....something that is actually possible for the average senior to accomplish, unlike constructing a VW in the school (who actually does that!)...only problem is our school is right smack in the middle of town. e-mail me with suggestions..

FROM: CuteGirl
DATE: Saturday December 29, 2001 -- 7:38:07PM
What is a good senior prank....something cheap but good?

FROM: frat guy
DATE: Tuesday January 8, 2002 -- 2:35:49 pm
uuuuz guyz is reeeeely cool n stuff like yeah naked chicks and booze wrock!

FROM: quatrexx
DATE: Friday January 11, 2002 -- 5:34:17 pm
This wasn't quite a senior prank, but a prank it was. This guy, who lived quite close to the school, drove his 4-wheeler to the bus garage and smashed the windows of several buses. School was cancelled the next day, and all that the cops had to do was follow the short, muddy trail right back to this guys front yard. Needless to say, he spent the rest of his highschool years in JD.

FROM: jess
DATE: Saturday January 12, 2002 -- 7:55:33 pm
thats just not a prank, the only prank ive done at my school just so happen to be in the locker room i over flowed the toilet in there it wouldnt stop i got it real good. sorry janitors

FROM: andy
DATE: Saturday January 12, 2002 -- 7:59:51 pm
that would be a kick a$$ thing to see that chick naked.well no gross she was probably ugly. i did a senior prank this year of letting skunks out in my school, my P.E. TEACHER STUNK REAL BAD.

DATE: Saturday January 12, 2002 -- 8:07:36 pm
i think the best senior prank for us 2002 seniors is we should secretly take bin ladin, drop him off at a hospital give him a sex change and put him under as a women of the taliban

FROM: Courtney
DATE: Sunday January 13, 2002 -- 10:01:26 pm
Well, the best senior prank I've ever heard of was where, they filled up the commons area with water, because it has a part that is lower than the rest of it to where the water can't be drained out, and they also put goldfish in it. It's not like anyone could do that nowadays, but its nice to dream. If anybody has any really great ideas, THAT YOU WON'T GET ARRESTED FOR, then email me.

DATE: Tuesday January 15, 2002 -- 12:15:18 am
please email me for senior pranks!!

FROM: anonymous
DATE: Tuesday January 22, 2002 -- 9:41:23 pm
Well our senior prank we did just last night cause it was a holiday and there is no janitors in the school or nothing. Well we had like 15 trashbags full of empty beer cans and an empty keg, we climbed on the roof and with a rope pulled all the cans up there. In my school there is this little courtyard probably about 10 feet by 10 feet and we threw all the cans in there and the keg and we cocked the door shut so no one could get in there to cleen it up. Today in school everyone was talking about it. The police were there and stuff. I think it was the best prank ever pulled in our school. And its not even the end of the year yet. We got lots more shit up our sleaves, let me know what you thought, email me back.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Tuesday January 22, 2002 -- 10:11:43 pm
let me know what you thought, email me back.

Pretty hard to do when you're anonymous.

FROM: Kerry
DATE: Friday January 25, 2002 -- 11:25:58 pm
ok i got a couple of pretty good ones-
cows can be lead upstairs, but never down. lead a cow (or 2 or 3) up to the top floor of your school. fun to have a cow roaming the halls! (keep in mind, this can be fixed waay to easily if your school has an elevator). also, if you have a lot of time and easy access to an administrators car, there are endless possibilities.
1) tear big marshmallows in half, and stick them all over the car.
2) saran wrap. all around the car. (this takes a lot of time and saran wrap, but it well worth it!)
3) put something yucky (syrup, ketchup, dog sh*t, etc) on the windsheild wipers. leave a dot on the windsheild so they have to use the wipers to get it of. kinda minor but still amusing.
4)if you can access keys, drive it right on into the school.
apart from the car thing, stealing doors is always fun, especially in the winter. also, tie string to every corner of a room (principal's office is good) and wind it all over the room- string maze!!! ok thats all i have for now, some of those are better than others, most don't cause much me if you think they sound good!

FROM: none of your business
DATE: Saturday January 26, 2002 -- 3:21:13 pm
A couple of years ago at my school, the seniors climbed to the top of our theatre (which can be seen from every location of our school, and many locations around the town) and then proceeded to attach a keg to the attanea at the top of it. It was great, they never got caught and no one knows how the heck they did it. Of course our school being as lame as it is, called the cops because they automatically assumed that it was a bomb or something. Pathetic!

FROM: The master
DATE: Thursday January 31, 2002 -- 3:20:17 pm
I have a number of ideas that we tried in high school, and they are as follows:
1) KY Jelly- use it anywhere and everywhere
2) teacher photos and Adobe Photoshop( the things you can do to peoples' pictures with that program are amazing.
3)drop a few worms in the school salad bar. Nice surprise.
4) leave flyers with cazy pictures and ads EVRYWHERE
5) soak tampons in red ink and drop them everwhere in the halls between classes
6) flourescent field spray paint anything that you wish on the school lawn.

DATE: Sunday February 3, 2002 -- 12:18:25 am
make a cow walk up the stairs to the top story of the school hallway, cows will only walk up stairs, but not down, so it will have to be taken out of the building by way of a crane

DATE: Monday February 4, 2002 -- 5:02:26 pm
What about a good old fashioned mass-urinal shit?

DATE: Monday February 4, 2002 -- 5:02:32 pm
What about a good old fashioned mass-urinal shitting?

FROM: Randy
DATE: Tuesday February 5, 2002 -- 11:03:45 pm
I thought of this sophomore year (its now my senior). Get a key for the snapple machines, and one night randomly place a 30-pack of beer in there. See how long it takes faculty to catch on. Good idea, but other people are talking about it now, saying it as if it were their idea, but i know they dont have the balls to pull it off, so im not mad. But if anyone knows how to pick those round key locks on snapple machines, let me know, i can pick a regular lock, just not the round ones.

FROM: Randy
DATE: Tuesday February 5, 2002 -- 11:09:53 pm
As i read farther, i noticed the beer one by somenone else. Sorry if it looks like i copied your idea, i just didnt read everything yet.

FROM: Siege
DATE: Friday February 8, 2002 -- 12:12:38 am
2 things... first i really like the tires on the flagpole prank but short of useing a cherry picker i can't think of how you get them up there.... anyone know how?... and second i plan on droping a tarp from a 3 story tall part of the building so everyone can see it... any creative sugestions on what to write on it are welcome

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Friday February 8, 2002 -- 9:08:29 am
I vote ""

FROM: paul
DATE: Tuesday February 12, 2002 -- 10:31:03 pm
at my school the seniors took apart a car in autoshop adn assembled it back together in the teachers office. So there was a car inside the office.

FROM: Sara
DATE: Friday February 15, 2002 -- 4:12:50 pm
a couple years ago, some seniors at my school made a massive trashbag full of green jello. They must have put extra green dye in it because when they dropped it from the three story roof, the ground was green dyed for weeks, and the kids that were hit did not come to school the next day.

FROM: Mike from Blue Springs
DATE: Tuesday February 19, 2002 -- 7:15:05 pm
Here's a great one, after the seniors graduate and the rest of the school is still attending, have a group of people go into the parking lot full of underclassmens cars. Take off both liscence plates on as many cars as possible. then leave a pile of liscence plates and a pile of screws. = total chaos, (do you know your liscence plate numbers/letters??)

FROM: Tyler
DATE: Wednesday February 20, 2002 -- 10:58:47 pm
Hey guys, could you all give me the greatest senior prank that is cheap and would be memorable? Or you could just give me some ideas.

DATE: Sunday February 24, 2002 -- 2:01:50 pm
My friends and i had a couple of ideas. the first was to buy hundreds of those pink flamingo lawn things and place them all over the front yard of our school. another was to glue all of the hinges in our school so doors couldnt by open or shut. another was to tap into the PA system and play funny music at different times during the day. our last idea is the best, in my opinion. our administrators all have cell phones that they use to comunicate with eachother all over the building. we want to get their numbers and keep calling them with weird messages ... using an online wakeup service we found.

DATE: Tuesday February 26, 2002 -- 3:53:38 pm
there was a senior prank in my school were we had sex with evreyones mums. it was a giant orgy come to think of it ur mums were there 2

FROM: PunkerPenguin
DATE: Friday March 1, 2002 -- 5:20:54 pm
Pick a teacher or a administrator and you go and get a bunch of bolonee and cut letters and numbers (02) and place it on the car of the teacher or admistrator so that it spells something. If its hot out side and the bolonee stays on the car long enoght, the end results is the paint will come off with the baked bolonee when the bolonee is removed. A creative way of tagging a car.

FROM: Megan, Carly
DATE: Sunday March 3, 2002 -- 5:24:46 pm
this is 4 the 1 prank that i read that said that they numbered 3 pigs 1,2,&4 and let them lose in thier school, and that it would be funny to watch the school look 4 pig number 3, when really their wasn't a number 3

FROM: El Senior
DATE: Sunday March 3, 2002 -- 11:06:11 pm
My highschool class has about 200 kids it. We are a really tight group of friends, and as we are graduating this year, we have come up with some nice ideas for you all to use at your highschools. First of all, we being the close group of friends that we are have decided to put each of our hand prints in red and white paint (our school colors) on the breezeway of our school. This will requirer our intire class coming out in shifts to the underpass one night. Every morning, everyone who comes to the school will have to pass under it and see our handprints... memorable, also if we do it well enough the administration might just leave it there. We will use laytex gloves to mask the paint on our hands the next day. For our more sinister trick, we have happened to obtain several unoccupied lockers by chance. These are the kind of lockers that have built in locks. We are planning to smuggle in huge bags of trout or salmon of whatever and let them unfreeze. Finally, as there was a huge problem between the students and the administration this year about buying parking permits, we are planning to cement metal poles in front of each space.

DATE: Saturday March 9, 2002 -- 12:36:45 am
my freshmen year the seniors took fertalizer and spelled out our school name and 2000 on our rival school's football field. it grew bright green all spring. then the next week the rival school took tar and spelled out their school name and 2000 in the entrance of our front parking lot. It's still their. Also, this is a tradition at our school: During half time at the homecoming game a senior guy in a mask runs across the field with a giant 7 ft. blow-up penis. we all prepare and get it on film and take pics. pictures are still floating around today. my idea is to leave the penis on the field so a principal has to go down and carry it off.

FROM: Paoti
DATE: Sunday March 10, 2002 -- 10:17:17 pm
Why do you people keep asking for ideas, try reading the page maybe? Geez. And stop posting about pigs and tires on flagpoles unless you're going to elaborate.

Anyway, I had a pretty good thought, tow as many broken down cars as you can to the parking lot one night and block the entrances and faculty parking lot, then take the tires off the cars so they can't tow them very easily. Possibly cement or lock the cars together with chains.

FROM: nick
DATE: Monday March 11, 2002 -- 5:44:45 pm
i need a prank that will work good. my school is really surrounded by cameras inside and outside. im a senior and i want to make it the best prank ever. have any ideas?

FROM: tammy
DATE: Monday March 18, 2002 -- 8:49:23 pm
my school is going to set loose a bunch of chickens....its funny...and i gatta see the school administration chasing chicken..then later on at lunch time we will have a barbecue chicken sale! :O)

FROM: George
DATE: Tuesday March 19, 2002 -- 12:57:50 am
I'm only a freshman and seeing that I have read this entire page this hasn't already been written. My idea is to have the every member of the senior class buy ten goldfish and set them loose in the pool. I'm not sure if the chlorine will kill them or not, but that's around 5000 goldfish swimming/floating in the pool. Hilarious.

FROM: kook
DATE: Wednesday March 20, 2002 -- 12:50:12 am
ok so these are about what i have decided to 'borrow' ..i will go through them and use what me n my friends decide on:

--What about stealing police tape (if they have that there) and cordoning off the front doors as a crime scene?

I've heard of a prank where students take keys, cover them in superglue, stick them in all the locks on all the outside doors, and break off the ends of the keys. The idea is to do it on a schoolnight, so school will have to be canceled the next day, since all the doors are messed up. I've never heard that it's actually been pulled off, though. I'm not even sure if it would work. (like how difficult it would be to fix the locks)

we would place an add for free shoolyard phone sex and place the schools number in the ad so they would get obscene calls for phone sex. Also we would take out personals in kinky magazines for teachers and put their home phone numbers on them.

Or you can do what my friends did and take a couple wheel barrows full of cow shit, smear it all over the office windows and leave a huge pile of it in front of the school with a little sign on it saying, "Thanks for all the years of shit."

Alright, try this out onthe last day or so put battery alarm clocks set to go off at passing time so they will just go and go. By the time someone get there to cut off a ton of locks to would be a long time. Also steal the concret things at parking lots that you have in front of your car to let you know when you are close, you know what I am talking about. Well we are going to steal a bunch of these things and block off the teachers and staff paking lot and the both ways in the student paking lot. But then to make sure no one will get in, this guy is getting some high temputer grease to put all over the cement. This way when people try to drive over them, which they well not be able to because it will be like 6" tall by the time we are done, their tires will just spin.

This is a really good senior prank. Get 4 pigs and number them with paint from 1 to 5.....but leaving out the number 4. That way, when they find all four of them.....they'll still think there's a 5th one in the school.

take yards and yards of chains and several locks and just completely block the road where students come in

release a few hundred crickets into the building finals week.

On the seniors last day, put dry ice and a little bit of waterin two(or three if you can find them) pop bottles, and hide them in random places, but be sure to as much air out of them as you can, but not too much, you should probably test it before, then during class you'd hear what sounds like m-80's going off.

also, what if you painted out the parking lines, and went back in when they were dry and painted them back on only make all the parking spots parallel parking. or spray painting handycap signs in every parking spot.

Try and sell the school by collecting all the "for sale" signs from lawns in the city and putting them in the front lawn

Hang a Nazi Flag from the flagpole.

after the seniors graduate and the rest of the school is still attending, have a group of people go into the parking lot full of underclassmens cars. Take off both liscence plates on as many cars as possible. then leave a pile of liscence plates and a pile of screws. = total chaos, (do you know your liscence plate numbers/letters??)

Now all you noobies can look here instead of asking everyone to email you!

FROM: penis
DATE: Monday March 25, 2002 -- 11:50:02 am
we let 20 birds loose throughout the school during passing. Everybody was screaming and the security guards looked hilarious trying to catch them. Also, we stole various "caution speed bump" signs and a "14 1/2 mph speed limit" sign from our town and put them in our school parking lot, the cops were pissed when they had to dig them out. My bro stole our security cart and the fat guard had to chase him down. he got caught but it was definately worth it!

FROM: swettie
DATE: Monday March 25, 2002 -- 2:17:34 pm
uh.. ok I guess anyways whats up with the girl missing you were talking about rob? Where do you live?

DATE: Monday March 25, 2002 -- 10:50:22 pm
So do you guys know of a really good senior prank that doesn't involve animals or eggs and bleach flying everywhere (thats the tradition at my school)? I want something that isn't too illegal (like the stupid kids who got caught switching lisences plates on cars...a felony), but nothing lame! I need a unique idea, one I can plan for with 2 months or less....... IDEAS??? DESPRITE!!! Thanks:0)

DATE: Tuesday March 26, 2002 -- 12:00:42 am
ok... I read everything on the page and I was thinking about something involving pickled pigs feet (easy to get) maybe on every teacher's door? or is that just corny? I like most of the non-destructive ideas but there is no way in hell to get in my school at night or in the morning before the first of the staff gets there. It's only our 2nd yr that the schools been open but the pranks have already been foil repeatedly. they all end up lame! They had ahuge pile of dirt in front of the main door last yr but they had it cleaned up before anyone got there! (NO POINT!!!) We have security cameras and very touchy officals who say if we do any pranks, short of borrowing the stuffed animals in the principals office for half a day (after asking him) there is nothing I can think to do!!!
I need help, extend your ideas to my situation if you can spare the time!
Thanks guys! Awesome page, the first I have found with some relistic, creative and useful ideas in every range!

FROM: FutureTeacher
DATE: Thursday March 28, 2002 -- 11:27:03 pm
In my school, we put tooth picks in every lock in school on one of the Finals Day. We missed 2 1/2 hours of class time. Then the next day, we used liquid solder in the locks. All locks had to be replaced, and school was cancelled. If I was still in school, I would put liquid hand soap in condoms and stick them on every door handle in the school.

FROM: Devin
DATE: Friday March 29, 2002 -- 7:52:13 pm
Kook, DUDE thanx for all those cool pranks, i'm going to get with my buddies and we're gonna decides which one is going to cause the most chaos. But if you (anyone) has anymore then send them to me via email

Thanx again.

FROM: D GU [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday April 2, 2002 -- 2:19:44 am
I like the switching of the plates but I think they should all go into a plastic bag and set it in the middle of the (ummm. somewhere, anywhere) and then thats it... haha maybe you crazy animal people should put the pigs with numbers on them into the trunks! ha wouldnt that be funny! maybe after that you should kill the principle and hang him on that flagpole with tire tires tires! then you all have sex with the mums and then maybe you can feed the homeless lots of popcorn and make them have a slumber party in the football feild. but dont forget the roaches and put them in little dixi cups and then have magical time bomb and at 1:30 the hammer will HIT THE STINK BOMB and make everyone laugh real hard! then go to the cemetery and dig up a body and sit him in the principles car with a really nice pair of cloths, and maybe just maybe the principle will call 911 and report that someone has borken into his car, but later he will realize that the person was REALLY DEAD!!!dead dead dead. then hire a hitman to find that pig with the number 3. and shove an pistol up the ass and blow his fuckin brains out!! yea SENIOR 2002 BABY!! just try not to get caught!! oh wait. dont forget about the sharks in the pool. and also maybe it would a good idea to put paranas in the toilet so that they can bite dicks and pussys off.. but also get some pee ballons and shot them with a cannon ball and aim for the "fresh MAN!" haha "WE WERE ONLY FRESHMEN" then run around naked with toilet paper stickin in their butt! get some midgets and greas them up and CHASE EM! yea !! that is sooo cool! dont you think ryan! all these good ideas. dont forget about the car on the roof! and stack them 100 ft !! and try to touch the sun! maybe you wont burn! dont forget porno

FROM: Shannon Novak
DATE: Wednesday April 3, 2002 -- 4:00:29 pm
Being a senior this year, and a chick I seem to be the only one with the balls to set something up. If one of ya'll have good ideas that don't involve too much destruction please E-mail, I would love to hear some great ideas!! Thanks :)

DATE: Thursday April 4, 2002 -- 4:58:22 pm
Take a picture of your principal and cut n paste his/her head on a naked picture. Make lots of copys, and post all over your school. Here’s the tricky part use glue to hang them (for difficulty in removal). –Jim-

DATE: Thursday April 4, 2002 -- 6:31:25 pm
Last year some seniors got a picture of our principal and put him up for SALE ON EBAY, starting the bidding at like $5000. They wrote a clever message too - something like "for sale - one principal.... likes golf.... eats ....."and ended it with "just kidding - we love you - class of 2001". It was harmless, and everybody got a good laught out of it. Next year, we're planning on changing out school sign - change "friends" to "freinds".


FROM: j.f.
DATE: Monday April 8, 2002 -- 8:59:43 am
just another prank for ya. last year the seniors put dog shiet in the microwaves in the caf for a half hour, wana guess what it smelled like?

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Monday April 8, 2002 -- 6:10:19 pm
*Raises hand*

Microwaved dog crap?

FROM: Chris
DATE: Tuesday April 9, 2002 -- 10:00:23 pm
here's an idea that's pretty harmless and would be fun. Companies rent out those giant inflatable Castle Walk things you see at carnivals. It would be fun to just inflate one in the middle of a courtyard or something and bounce and wrestle in it all day. They also sell radio-controlled blimps, with logos like Budweiser or Coors Light, which can be flown around during an assembly, or at speech. The administration wouldn't be able to get it down, unless they find whoever has the remote, which is 1 person in the whole grade

FROM: Horizon
DATE: Tuesday April 9, 2002 -- 11:07:00 pm
I was thinking of painting the black-outlined mascot in our school, but do you think we would be in serious trouble if we got caught or otherwise? If it's good and artistic enough, I was thinking they might leave it?

FROM: Lorenzo Ramirez
DATE: Thursday April 11, 2002 -- 12:03:51 pm
here's an idea take banana's and put them on all the teachers tail pipe and let them start there car

DATE: Saturday April 13, 2002 -- 2:39:42 pm
For a senior class prank one year at my school they brought a horse up to the second floor but as we all know horses are afraid to walk down the stairs so they had a hell of a time getting it down. Also, another year a kid's father let him use a crane from his construction company and put a volkswagon in this fenced in area at our school.

FROM: god
DATE: Sunday April 14, 2002 -- 10:03:28 pm
first, how do you get the tires on the flag pole?

i go to a small wealthy private school, so these will not work for all schools, so here are my ideas and some others

-there is rumor of all the seniors at my school switchign with seniors from our rival school for a day.

-have seniors order delivery to arrive at a certain time

-we have an open rotunda, put some tarps around the openings and fill it with water.

-our library is really big and open, let some birds fly around

-deflate one tire of every car in the lot

-let loose DESCENTED skunks while locking the doors

-the best one at my school that i remember happened two years ago. the lockers at my school dont lock unless you lock em, so they took all the stuff out of the unlocked lockers and piled it up in the hall

-all the rest have been pretty destructive

FROM: Shit Disturber
DATE: Wednesday April 17, 2002 -- 11:52:06 am
throw a bunch of smoke bombs on top of the school right before it was supposed to open, and the fire department will come and you might get out of school

FROM: ateacher
DATE: Friday April 19, 2002 -- 7:25:26 pm
Very simple graduation prank: A friend of mine at a high school across town released about 5 white mice on the floor of the auditorium during graduation....

FROM: so cool
DATE: Monday April 22, 2002 -- 10:16:02 pm
im a stallion

FROM: amelia
DATE: Wednesday April 24, 2002 -- 10:29:16 pm
We are getting trampolines and putting them in teachers' rooms. (its tonight) tehe!

FROM: da master
DATE: Thursday April 25, 2002 -- 1:12:27 am
im takin a bag of glitter and dropping it during the verry busy class exchange in the commons. it will get all over everyone and then they will all go to class and it will get in there. it will be in every room of the school within an hour. also wanna take some weedkiller and draw a big penis on the front lawn.

FROM: Espo
DATE: Thursday April 25, 2002 -- 9:53:19 pm
I heard of a good trick once, I don't remember where. These people got big bags of dry mashed potatoes, the kind you have 2 add water too when you cook. On a night before it was supposed to rain they covered the entire fiel with it. Then it rained overnight and in the morning, their field was filled with mashed potatoes. It looked like it had snowed.

FROM: Hope
DATE: Friday April 26, 2002 -- 10:22:06 pm
Well, I am about to go to my 10 yr high school reunion and had to add my comments to this. We had so many different things go on that I'll try to remember them. I have read a few of your ideas, and they are great!! Makes me wish I could do the prank thing again!!
Lets see....Ok, keep in mind, I lived in Arizona at this time and the day it all happened, it was about 125*F that day at about 12 noon with the a/c disconnected completely!! We also took about 8 video cameras and put them in different places to get all the reactions we could, (they were all hidden!!)

~We put baby oil and flour on all the hall floors.
~We put the principals car on the roof of the gym, which is 2 stories high!! (I have an uncle with his own crane and a devious mind!!)
~9 greased and numbered pigs, numbered 1,2,3,4,6,8,10,12,14 & 16. Took the staff 2 days to realize there were no missing pigs!!
~about 1,000 crickets in the teachers lounge.
~replaced the water in the fountian with purple kool-aid and purple jello. (one of our school colors)
~took our mascot to the mall and put it in a dress in one of the windows of the store and left a note with a scavenger hunt. (our mascot was a knight in all armor, just a statue)
~put bags of cow manure and horse manure on the teachers front doors (at thier homes)with typed notes saying thanks for all the shit!!
~small beeping watches with alarms all set for the same time in the lockers outside the doors of the classrooms. (all the lockers were cleaned out at this point)
~switching the good eggs for bad ones in the cafeteria. We hid the good ones in a fridge in the storeroom.
~pouring coca cola and syrup all over the staff parking lot
~stacking desks on the flagpole, yes, you can do this with the kind of desks we had.
~and last but not least...filling every staff desk drawers with hershy kisses. (keep in mind, thier desks were empty by this day and the a/c was off.

My friend and I are the only 2 with the knowledge of the video tapes and plan to play them at the reunion. This will be fun and the Arizona statute of limitations for any legal stuff will be up, hahaha!!!

****Also keep in mind that none of what we did caused any serious damage or got anyone in trouble. It was all taken in good fun and got all the laughs we wanted, and are still getting to this day!!

FROM: Hope
DATE: Friday April 26, 2002 -- 11:02:01 pm
I just spoke to my friend and she reminded me of a few more that i forgot about...

~on senior ditch day we took about 20 puonds of chicken and put in the air ducts and cut the a/c lines off. (We didn't have to be there for this one!!)

~someone also put dried pinto beans under the carpet of the library about 2 weeks before school opened up for summer school and the dumped water in there for a week or so. They had to literally harvest the plants and then replace a lot of carpet and other things. This I have to admit ws not one of us, thank goodness.

~Then the last one she reminded me of was.....
We used to tape our class announcements on video and play it the next morning on the t.v.'s in every room of the school. So what we did was add our own little message to it, sound only of course, saying this, " And as for our dear principal XXXXXX we hope you have a great last day of school, and a wonderful career" followed that with about 6 girls acting like they were having orgasms, it was great!!! We got a video of his reaction and he looked like he was about to, well, you know, in his pants!!!

******Just keep in mind, either don't get caught or at least keep it legal!!!************

FROM: Andy
DATE: Monday April 29, 2002 -- 2:39:04 pm
hey, can anyone please e-mail me with some senior pranks...i need some for my school.....anything.....e-mail them to me with the subject "Senior Pranks" thanx a lot

FROM: Auroura
DATE: Thursday May 2, 2002 -- 4:13:54 pm
At my brother's highschool, one senior drove his truck out onto the prize foot ball field and drove donuts and figure eights into the filed tering up the grass. To this day about 6 years latter there are sill marks in the grass.
At my school it is a tradition for the seniors the night before the school year starts to chalk the shcool. The entire class waits until the last security gaurd has left for the night and then we spred out each with our own mission. We write things in chalk all over the school. we cover the freshmen lockers with dipers, and pasafires, (sorry can't spell very well), and any thing along those lines. We also take all the trash cans and line them up along the fresh men lockers, leaving a message by them, "wondering about the trash can? Ask a senior" By the teachers rooms, we got the cow shit from the barn and left a pile of it infront of each or their rooms. WE took the Tables and chairs that were out side and put them upsidedown on the roof of the cafeteria. And for the office we put cans of Ensure and adult dippers, and canes and other things allong those lines.
On graduation day each senior was given a marbles by the senior class president, and as we got up to shake the principles hand, we gave him our marble. there were about 350 of us, and he only had two pokets to put the marbles in!
My class was pretty uneventful along the lines of creativity and pranks, but we had fun. Hope every up and comeing senior finds some kind of prank to remember their senior year by.

FROM: Rebes
DATE: Thursday May 2, 2002 -- 10:07:34 pm
The best senior prank at our school was done a few years ago. I go to an all girl's private school, and the seniors did a "feminism" thing... in the morning, they put on string bikinis and were banging on all the doors at the place where parent's drop off students saying "we'll marry for money" i hear it was great, although i don't remember what else they did...

FROM: Rebes
DATE: Thursday May 2, 2002 -- 10:18:54 pm
Oh, and another interesting prank (although now we're not allowed to use live animals" was that all the seniors put goldfish in the toilettes, and plugged up the sinks and put them in there, and stole all the toilete paper and hand towels


FROM: Young
DATE: Saturday May 4, 2002 -- 5:08:56 pm
i have a couple of prank ideas, but need more...releasing crickets in the school, using weed killer to write "JUNIORS RULE!! CLASS OF 2003!!" (so they figure that it's the juniors, not us~).
since i go to an international school overseas with 170 students in the high school, the HS issues locks for the lockers, so find out the combos for the lockers and switch them around! also, my school is K-12, so either switch classrooms in the highschool around by moving the furniture, teacher's desks, file cabinets, posters to other classrooms, or switch them with 1st, 2nd, 3rd grade stuff (tiny desks, etc).
i need more ideas, so please email me...preferably non-damaging pranks.

FROM: iknowiknow
DATE: Saturday May 4, 2002 -- 11:49:07 pm
you cna put allot of tiers! on ttjhe flagpole!!

FROM: iknowiknow
DATE: Saturday May 4, 2002 -- 11:50:41 pm
and pigs!!!!!!! put 3 pigs wtih the numbrs 1 2 and 4, and they will look all day foor pig numbre 3!!!!!!!!

FROM: cameron
DATE: Sunday May 5, 2002 -- 3:05:52 pm
Our school has been plagued with a crappy news show dubbed "channel one" that the majority of our school has come to abhor. the plan tonight is to tilt the dish so it can't get feed from the satellite. anyone know how much tiltage is required. also, in all these farm animals pranks... where do you go to get farm animals in the city? Rent-a-Cow? seriously, where could i get a cheap animal?

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Sunday May 5, 2002 -- 9:24:50 pm
Cameron -- Ditch the farm animal idea (why bring animals into it?). As far as the satellite, it would probably only need a little bit of tiltage.

Of course, I'm not recommending you do it. Oh, no... of course not.

FROM: Katy
DATE: Monday May 6, 2002 -- 8:49:16 pm
At our school, we not only have security cameras, but we also have "Parking Nazis" that patrol the parking lots and hallways. Does anyone have any ideas of how to get back at the Nazis without getting in trouble? We already thought of putting parking violation stickers all over their trucks. Thanks.

FROM: Walker
DATE: Monday May 6, 2002 -- 11:04:12 pm
We disassembeled the entire bathroom stall system, in both the girls and the guys bathrooms, leaving only the toilets......we then spelled out Senoirs on the football field with the disassembled stall doors and walls!

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Tuesday May 7, 2002 -- 9:13:14 am
Boy I hope you spelled it "Senoirs" ... that would say a lot about the education you received there.

FROM: Shane
DATE: Tuesday May 7, 2002 -- 10:13:33 am

FROM: Ross
DATE: Tuesday May 7, 2002 -- 11:32:21 am
we are going to put naked women in the yard and spray them with honey.

FROM: Nikki
DATE: Tuesday May 7, 2002 -- 6:10:34 pm
You can hang a giant penis made out of garbage bags from the flagpole or another high place around your school where people would see it. Fill the two bags meant to be the ball sack with lots of blown up water balloons so when a teacher pops it to get it down, all little "sperm" come flying out of it. Our seniors did it last year and it was hilarious! Funny and no one gets in too much trouble

FROM: Adam S.
DATE: Tuesday May 7, 2002 -- 6:21:12 pm
Me and my friends are going to pull a senior prank next week on our last day. The prank you ask? We plan on releasing crickets into the boys and girls restrooms.

FROM: Justin
DATE: Thursday May 9, 2002 -- 12:12:48 am
Planning on replacing the 11 1/2 MPH sign at school and replacing it with a 45 MPH sign

FROM: Mike
DATE: Monday May 13, 2002 -- 12:49:54 am
Incredible Page,our most memorible prank was,when a few guys filled their back packs with bouncy ball,during a class change they unzipped their bags releasing thousands of boucy balls,hilarity insued,and we had balls to play with as well.

FROM: eleanor
DATE: Monday May 13, 2002 -- 4:16:55 pm
you won't believe this. I'm a junior, and just happened upon this site. today, and I mean today, we came to school only to find that the seniors had glued the locks shut, and let crates and crates full of BEES in the halls and classrooms! by the time we got to first period, only about 300 students were left. we ended up watching movies in all of or class, because what could the teachers do?

DATE: Monday May 13, 2002 -- 8:26:05 pm
for my senior prank i'm going to tie tolit paper to a sprinkler in the celing and set it on fire, the longer the paper the more time you have to get away. then when it set's them off, the entire school network of computers will be ruined.

FROM: Harriet
DATE: Tuesday May 14, 2002 -- 2:56:30 pm
respect.. this page rocks !!! with my last day within site (2 days 2 go!) I am searchin for 1 major prank. So many suggestions so little time.
(oh the possiblites !)
THis messsage comes 2 u all the way from england.
p.s) no regrets + keep it real ! !

FROM: Snyd
DATE: Wednesday May 15, 2002 -- 11:32:31 pm
My friends and I are searching for a good far we thought of putting blow-up dolls in with the balloons they drop on graduation. We're tryin to stick to graduation, but with the pranks i see here, i think we might change our minds.

FROM: Lauren
DATE: Wednesday May 15, 2002 -- 11:43:15 pm
The most famous prank at our school involved them taking a VW bug and hanging it over the pool! Also a couple of years ago, they put a for sale sign in front and the school actually got calls! But by the way, for all those wanting to jello the pool, baad idea, how will they ever get it out? it could ruin the pool system and ruin the pool! Also, dont do bees, some people are very allergic and can die.

FROM: Killa Grheen
DATE: Thursday May 16, 2002 -- 1:05:45 am
My Senior prank is atually about 4 days away, im thinking of moving every computer(just the Main Cpu Part) in the whole school into the main Lobby. it would cost a lot of time to find out whos computer is whos, etc etc. and the whole absent tardy systems is based on the computers, so im sure it would lag the school from starting or maybe even shut it down for the day (i doubt). but other then that, anyone know any other good ideas , or have any suggestions on mine, gimme some feedback.

FROM: senior2002
DATE: Friday May 17, 2002 -- 1:42:14 pm
Hey, This page is awesome! Some people in my senior class are going to do some pranks this night, and this weekend. We plan to fork the yard with thousands of plastic forks. Keep this page going, its great.

FROM: reader
DATE: Friday May 17, 2002 -- 8:51:54 pm
this year, the seniors took water balloons filled with animal urine (or at least the scented stuff for hunting), vomit, and sour milk and threw them at the students during lunch. while the teachers were distracted with that, a hacker got onto the comp. system and changed the video announcements to porn videos with the teacher's faces pasted on, and at the end of the video, it had our principal's face pasted on Hitler's body with a Nazi sign in the background. I have also heard that plan on doing pidgeons in the commons and something to the lawn next week. but some people have already been arrested, and they were watching all of the doors, so they couldn't do anything today. last year they did the animal number thing with pigs and chickens, but the teachers caught the things and soon figured out the scheme.

FROM: beaver
DATE: Saturday May 18, 2002 -- 1:36:46 am
no one has yet responded to how the hell you get tires over a flag pole.....leads me to believe the people that claim they did this are liars.....prove me wrong and tell me how its done.....Thanx

FROM: goose
DATE: Saturday May 18, 2002 -- 9:48:47 pm
Geek Prank:
1. Take 50 -100 class mates.
2. Get referee costumes for all of them.
3. Get birdseed and feed the birds every day over the summer in the referee costumes on the football field.
4. Attend first game of season. Watch as the referees walk out onto the field.
5. Birds go whoosh. and it takes a while to clear them

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Saturday May 18, 2002 -- 10:44:46 pm
Funny thought: imagine a teacher or principal passing this page along to all their teacher/administrator pals. Knowing is half the battle...

FROM: magnoilafan#1
DATE: Monday May 20, 2002 -- 1:34:14 am
fuck them up their stupid asses.
they are like fuckin clown shoes if they were real i'd beat the shit out of them

FROM: magnoilafan#1
DATE: Monday May 20, 2002 -- 1:37:36 am
this is fuckin stupid all of yall are goin to hell ahahahah.... so please end this shit before jesus comes back i mean really is this where you want to be makin fun of teachers when jesus comes back? that what i thought bitches suck my mother fuckin dick you stupid fuckin whore

FROM: Jesus
DATE: Monday May 20, 2002 -- 11:47:24 am
hehe.. get bricks.. get powder for cement, water and start building.. just build a simple brick wall infront of every entrance so that noone can can get in.. that'll maybe cancle the day..

FROM: jahzo
DATE: Monday May 20, 2002 -- 1:23:24 pm
hey i got some good ones i go to robinson in VA and for our homecomming prank, we put baby oil all over the floors and since its translucent and it spreads easily by shoe it was all over the school in no time. The funnier thing was that when the janitors tried to clean it up with this black powdery stuff they accidently inhaled some of it and made them go nuts!!! o yea also another good prank is to take those capsules of medicine ah...screw it too much to write email me at to ask me i'll tell u then...gimme some good sugestions for cheap and effective pranks

DATE: Monday May 20, 2002 -- 10:25:15 pm
someone over here is a jay and silent bob fan....also my birfdays coming tomorrow..sweet 16!!!

FROM: Donavan
DATE: Monday May 20, 2002 -- 11:10:24 pm
I'm a junior and I plan on using a variation of the pig idea next year when I'm a senior. I'm going to number them 1,2,3,5 but then run down the hallway with 5 pounds of bacon running into classrooms yelling "who wants some bacon" or "where are the rest of my pigs?!"

Another good variation of this is get a fata$$ freshman, give them a white shirt with the number 4 on it and make them run the hallways with someone chasing that person with a fake rubber fork and fake rubber butcher's knife.

Tell me what you think.

FROM: Aaron
DATE: Tuesday May 21, 2002 -- 1:07:12 pm
I am a Senior and i am starting to plan our senior prank. So far we think we have a pretty good idea. We will be doing this all after we have graduated, which is in a couple of days. But what we will do is a whole bunch of people will chip in and we will go to a whole bunch of pet stores and buy birds, rats, mice, and a whole bunch of other animals. Somebody also said we could go to the animal shelter. Then when have all the animals or when the money runs out we will have people by all the entrances and then let the animals go at the same time once everbody is done we will saran wrap the doors so the animals will not be able to be shoved out real fast!!! But if you could reply on this I would love to hear what people say. Also this is the best site i have found on senior pranks, nice job!!

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Tuesday May 21, 2002 -- 2:39:39 pm
Wow, cruel and uncreative!


DATE: Tuesday May 21, 2002 -- 6:42:47 pm
hello.I am a lowly softmore but i just wanted to let you into some stupid shit/pranks ive done as a freshmen...At our schoo we have what is called a student store.well i brought an old pair of boxers of mine...bought a chocolate bar and mountain dew...and use your imagination...heh I then took it into gym class first period and tried to inconspiciously hide it....making sure everyone saw that i had these...then i revolted people all day by sniffing the brown streak or even licking it...i even threw it in the back of a bus and someone threw it on the floor and the bus driver had to pick it up and give it to me.the next day i left it on the gym floor. (reinforced with a mr goodbar for added peanuty texture...and we saw the gym coach taking them out with gigantic ass tongs! i have more...let me know if you want to hear more of my antics

FROM: class of 03
DATE: Tuesday May 21, 2002 -- 9:09:16 pm
me and some of my junior friends are planning to take the principals office and set it up outside. ( we have access to school at night...and our school is broke and doesnt have cameras etc and is set away from everything on a no one comes up there so we wont get caught) and after reading the thing about mashed potatoes...if that is possible id like to pour those out and spell seniors class of 2002 , cuz no one will suspect my junior class of 03

FROM: Aaron
DATE: Tuesday May 21, 2002 -- 9:33:11 pm
Well our school is not very big either and nothing like this has ever happened, well plus I left a part out we plan to do this when the under classman are in school!! tell me what you think everybody!!! Thanks.

FROM: Aaron
DATE: Tuesday May 21, 2002 -- 9:38:38 pm
Class of 2003 one flaw the seniors will tell they did not do it. So if the faculty believe them they are going to be searching and the Junior class will be the next target more than likely, but all in all sounds like a good plan and I think you can get away with it.

FROM: Jason
DATE: Wednesday May 22, 2002 -- 1:32:10 am
The Seniors at our school spraypainted the parking lot, building, and the neighbor's fences across the street, but instead of writing "Seniors '99" they wrote "Senoirs '99"

FROM: model_princess02
DATE: Wednesday May 22, 2002 -- 8:33:04 pm
ok this year my friends and i are doing the senior prank thing. We are going to go the night before the graduation and out about 300 chickens in the football field where we will be doing the ceremony. We are going to block them in and leave them for about 7 hours out there. The next morning the teachers will find them and freak. The field will be covered in crap and will smell bad, but it will be awesome!!

FROM: Vanessa
DATE: Friday May 24, 2002 -- 11:21:56 pm
This page is the shit.... OUr senior class here hasnt done any prank .... I GOD DAMN IT..... IM GUNNA DO IT>... we have 10 days of school left and this site has helped alot........ WOOOO HOOO..... massive destruction here i come................


FROM: Strader
DATE: Tuesday May 28, 2002 -- 4:15:12 pm
Hey, Im graduating in a few weeks. I got some ideas for senior pranks. The first one probably has already been done.
1. - Get like 20 white boxershorts, "starch the fuck out of them" (Thank you Juilian, for that phrase) and hoist them up the flag pole.
My 2nd idea is: cover the parking lot in sand and have a beach party.

These need work. If anyone has any other good ideas, feel free to e-mail me or post. I really need some good ideas.

DATE: Wednesday May 29, 2002 -- 10:46:30 am
Heres something I pulled off last year.

Our principal wrote a speech on this "scroll" thing. I snuck into his office when he was out. Found the "scroll" I unrolled it and placed a picture of some people having lesbian sex, and then rolled it up again.

I can still remember graduation day. He unrolled it, saw it and was like "uhh.." for a good 3 seconds before he recovered and took it off.

FROM: Fresh
DATE: Wednesday May 29, 2002 -- 12:33:23 pm
I am debating on a Senior class Prank but i am wondering if i can get some feedback on my ideas.
My first idea was take as many frozen dead fish into my school library and place them all around the library in the books on the shelves so that they eventually stink up the place without the librarians knowing where to find them.
My second idea was to color our school pool with dye, or food coloring, or maybe kool-aid mix, but i am not sure what to use or what maight be the most effective. If anyone has got some feedback i really need help i got two weeks befor graduation.

FROM: devin
DATE: Wednesday May 29, 2002 -- 3:22:36 pm
This is a prank that i pulled a couple of days ago. sadly, i had to use a friend of mine who is not graduating. We took a back pack and filled it with 250 bouncie balls and as he was at the top of the stairs in the school i ripped open the back pack and let them fly. It was wonderful. The best part is, none of the administrators had a clue who did it.

FROM: Chuck
DATE: Wednesday May 29, 2002 -- 6:30:04 pm
I want to Take one the tire of the teachers cars and put them in a big pile with the lug nuts anbd all and wach wut happens but that might be hard with daylight nd all we would need some crative thinking o well i have time im only a freshman

FROM: El Senior
DATE: Thursday May 30, 2002 -- 12:48:56 am
Hey you guys, I posted a few months ago about the hand prints and cement poles. We came up with another one. Us seniors stop going to classes a few days before the rest of the school lets out. Well, you know how you can turn a glass full of water upside-down on a table and non of the water will spill out? We are planning to do that with an aquarium- stocked with fish right on the tile floor. My guess is that they woln't realize that it doesn't have a bottom until they try to move it. This idea has a lot of possibilities, you should experiment.

DATE: Thursday May 30, 2002 -- 6:01:41 pm
Today, some seniors put up a 6 foot inflatable penis on the flagpole

DATE: Thursday May 30, 2002 -- 8:41:34 pm
At our school we have an "Academic Pep Rally" and at this event its the biggest "war agaist the classes" Week of the year. I had a few ideas of doing the following..

-as a yearly tradition we have "Hawaiian day" where every body dresses up hawaiian.In our "quad"and senior court there is one part that is recessed into the ground, get some sand bags and construct a makeshift pond complete with fish and turtles (we have a pond near our school) next get a WHOLE BUNCH OF SAND and put it around what im getting at is constructing a "Mini Beach" complete with chairs and towels
- Next during that week we have Pajama day , I am hoping to get at least 120- 200 of our 537 seniors to camp out on the foot ball field the night before.
-We have a "powerpuff" foot ball game its the junior girls against the senior girls , the girl wear the guys foot ball jersey and the boys dress up as cheerleaders. me and a few friends are going to the school in the middle of the night and we are going to plant California poppys in the shape of "03 Rocks" on the 50 yard line, the catch is that n our state (California) it is illegal to unplant or harm the state flower....
Finally on Friday the day of the assembly , we are gcoming in the middle of the night and chalking up the school with 03, in the gym the whole school gathers in for the assembly we are going to then release some skunks (they come naturally in our area) in the lower levels while the seniors sit safely on the upper level. i may or may not include mice and crickets . hope fully this is going to be one of my major prank sprees i plan on going on, if anyone has any better variation email me and let me know k =)

DATE: Thursday May 30, 2002 -- 8:45:01 pm
HAHAHAHA they caught 2 kids having sex in the library today(i was absent) .... it must be great to be a senior, My friend said that they had it over the PA system during lunch (its only audio)

DATE: Thursday May 30, 2002 -- 9:38:15 pm
heres the one to beat all of you,just to show you Canadians can hold there own. we already have a fool proof way of getting in the school(tested numerous times) we are going to sod the front hallway and deck it out with lawn chairs and gnomes. . . port-a-pottie on the landing of the steps in the main hallway. we allready have mass amounts of red kool-aid purchased for the swimming pool, me and 4 of my friends already have a picture of us inside our football coaches classroom, naked except for his personal belongings covering our penis' (personaly i have his lunch box covering me, he'll never eat bananas again) so we are going to post that up in the office (also we already got that snuck into our yearbook taking up 2 full pages in the middle...should be good) and last but not least -pickle jars 3/4 filled with milk raw chicken and other meats,and anyhting else-screw cap on, place in vents- eventual expanding causing lid to pop off, and a nice welcoming smell to greet the kids in the fall back to school)

. . .hold for applause. . .

DATE: Thursday May 30, 2002 -- 9:51:56 pm
me again sorry for sounding a little
arrogant last message simply excited, however i did forget another crucial part (not best, but important) in our city the latest thing is these HUGE inflatable balloon things you can rent for birthdays or for advertising, well on top of a store downt the road from my school is a gigantic purple gorilla, and yes youve guessed it stealing it and placing it on top of the school (more so just for some effect) we are also exploring the options of greased up pigs or somethin

FROM: James
DATE: Thursday May 30, 2002 -- 10:14:01 pm
i just read some more messages on here
and i must say this is ridiculous
atleast give my schools prank a challenge or somethin ive read some dumb shit somethin about everybody sleeping on the football field... thats not even a prank my school does that every year for tradition last year we had my gym teacher chillin with us around the fire all drunk singing bohemiam rhapsody around the fire, and theres some other stuff on here of which my grade school pranks put to shame

come on everybody. . .

FROM: Matt
DATE: Friday May 31, 2002 -- 2:07:06 am
My school has this one entranceway that is kind of like a really wide alley. So my plan is to get about 75 of my classmates and build a 5 foot tall maze out of cement blocks in the entranceway, which is probably about 100 feet long and 40 feet wide. however, the maze is going to lead to no where, so it's gonna be quite the mess when everyones running around in the maze trying to get out. not bad, eh?

DATE: Friday May 31, 2002 -- 2:20:52 am
Its going to take ALOT of manpower and time to pull that off, i would suggest you have a few spotters unless your sure hter are no janitors, cameras etc , but then again theres more to it.

FROM: Artiqua
DATE: Saturday June 1, 2002 -- 11:08:08 pm
We had the best prank my senior year; we snuck into our library after school and on the last day (for us seniors) of school, we taped pictures of porn from magazines all over the ceiling! This involved planning, hard work, lots of magazines and ladders, but we pulled it off! We also made a big sign that we hung outside the building that said "Goodbye, Mr. Penguin" because our assistant principal kind of looked like a penguin.

FROM: nate hansen
DATE: Sunday June 2, 2002 -- 9:09:32 pm
This is my last year.. and what my friend and i did for our senior prank was ... took a combination lock apart... and took a blank key and chisled it to fit the combination lock.. this took about 3 days to finally get it to work.. but then we stole one of the teachers master keys off of their key ring when they left class to get a dribnk of water...

we broke in school on saturday because janitors arent there on saturdays.... took all of the juniors.. sophomores.. and freshman locks, threw them all over in the lobby... and had a big sign saying "GOOD LOCK! FROM THE CLASS OF 02!"

(like good "luck") lol

it was aweseom because none of the teachers/ students knew who's lock was who's... so next year they all have to buy new ones!!

this was very well planned though!!

FROM: Mary
DATE: Monday June 3, 2002 -- 4:39:32 pm
Here's a really inexpensive but funny prank for you:
Find a teacher in your school with a huge butt and somehow get them to sit on a "Vehicle makes wide right turns sticker" (you know, form the back of a bus or truck) and have them walk around like that until they notice or someone tells tham it's there.

DATE: Wednesday June 5, 2002 -- 6:40:23 pm
I'm a senior and our senior prank involves many many hoses and pumps. We plan on pumping all the water out of our school pool and relocating this water into a our amphitheater which can hold tons and tons of water. After that we plan on buying many goldfish and throw them in. Also, water fishes we catch from going fish will go in there too. If you guys have ne other ideas to make this even juicier, feel free to respond.

FROM: Grant
DATE: Thursday June 6, 2002 -- 11:59:43 am
in 98 we had the best senior prank! first they went around and put concretemix in all the toilets, then they let 3 ostriches loose throughout the school(I don't know how in the hell they got them), then they went outside and rearanged all the graduation chairs so they were a big middle finger, and then they put super glue in all of the locks of all the doors in the school! their one fault is that they missed one door that was on the outside and the janitors were able to get inside and change all the locks! It took them 5 hours to catch all the ostriches, the whole summer to fix the toilets, and the seats were put back before anyone could notice them!

FROM: misty
DATE: Thursday June 6, 2002 -- 2:02:34 pm
my last day of school is next week and our senior class is thinking of pranks...someone said when you freeze bottles of shaving cream and break them open they supossedly get really large and the cream expands all over the place...does any one know if this it true? If in fact it works we might fill the long path(road) that leads to our school with shaving cream...but of course we've got to do more than just that lol

FROM: Harvey
DATE: Thursday June 6, 2002 -- 3:31:24 pm
Today, at my school, they tried to superglue pennies over the locks, the morons who did this neglected to get every single lock on the school, so it was worthless. Not to mention the cops came and took fingerprints.

FROM: zee
DATE: Saturday June 8, 2002 -- 3:37:12 am
you can alos glue pennys to the locks on the doors super glue is a bitch to get off

FROM: Alyssa [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday June 11, 2002 -- 12:05:03 pm
Yeah, so I stole the put your principal on ebay prank. He wouldn't let us do a senior prank inside the school, and he found out that we were going to and soon the place was crawling with cops. So we put up a banner with the police's permission ;) and I decided to put him up for auction. Kind of a last tribute :)

FROM: Alyssa [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday June 11, 2002 -- 12:09:27 pm
My name was the link to the eBay page, btw.

FROM: Suzett
DATE: Wednesday June 12, 2002 -- 3:51:07 pm
my friends and i have a few good ideas... first we were going to spay pain the speed bumps with school colors and shit... next we were going to take twine and rope a web over the student parking lot, from tree to fence to tree etc. so that no one can park.... next we were going to take a bunch of stencils that say class of 02, and about ten people, and run through the school the night before graduation, and brand the school over a hundred times with them... this is my favorite also because it will take the least amount of time... but we are still not happy with any of these, what do you think, we need help

FROM: Artistchic
DATE: Thursday June 13, 2002 -- 12:22:49 pm
This prank is funny and entertaining, but it doesn't kill any animals, itz inexpensive, and causes no damage. (some of this stuff is pretty destructive, I'd be careful cuz the point is not 2 get arrested, itz 2 get away w/ sumthing funny, thought provoking, and mayb a little scandalous) . . .
I'm a senior, personally doin a twist on the Panty Raid, and here's a little follow up I thought of:
During our skool assembly, me and my friend are gonna get on stage 4 an act. I am going 2 say very seriously, "A message from your OAC graduating class". She is gonna pretend 2 play guitar, and I will dance and sing "I see London, I see France, I see Teacher's Underpants!"
and I am goin 2 b wearing my kilt w/ a pair of underwear tucked in2 my shorts underneath, but when I take them out, they will look like my underwear, and I'm gonna throw them in2 the audience, and we will run off stage. We already auditioned 4 the assembly and the student president is letting us do it.
Itz funny and entertaining, but it doesn't kill any animals, itz inexpensive, and causes no damage. The only thing u 2 b careful of, is making sure the underwear isn't 2 crude, cuz people will obviously know I organized it, or @ least had a big part in it.
Thanx 4 all your suggestions!

FROM: Artistchic
DATE: Thursday June 13, 2002 -- 12:25:23 pm
btw, I wanted 2 know how 2 do the flagpole tire stack 2! The only hint I read wuz a cherry ppicker, but who has one of those sitting around?!?!

FROM: Anonymous
DATE: Thursday June 13, 2002 -- 10:00:28 pm
my school has a junior/senior war that takes place in the last weeks of May. We drive around in a the junky cars and trucks on the main streets throwing eggs, oranges, lemons, and fish in the opposing cars, we do all this during rush hour too. The cops got really anal this year, so we moved it the next town over and onto the freeways. Hell of a lot of fun. We did this because the school put every senior on a contract with threat of not graduating, wait and see what happens on the first day of school

FROM: james
DATE: Monday June 17, 2002 -- 6:11:21 pm
cement: purchased
cinder blocks: found/ waiting to be stolen

entrance to school parking lot: wont know what hit it

FROM: Tech Kid
DATE: Monday June 17, 2002 -- 11:31:18 pm
I happen to know how to set the bells and access the school's PA. Have a bell ring, then formally announce school over halfway through the day or the whole porno movie idea sounds fun.

DATE: Tuesday June 18, 2002 -- 1:44:34 pm
Good prank, simple, but you need access to bugs. Take about ten or twenty people who arrive at school early anyway because of the early bus or whatever. Have them each bring a jar with a lid. Go to the woods nearby (sorry, urban kids) when the grasshoppers are abundant and collect as many as you can and keep in the jars. Go to school and release them in the building. Don't let anyone know that the bugs were imported into the building. School will be closed while they call the exterminator. Another fun daily type prank because of the reaction it causes in people: everybody knows a stink bomb when they smell one in the stairwell or in the class room, and so it's really not that fun of a prank. But if you put a drop of Morning Breeze in the bathroom toilet and don't flush everybody goes crazy because they react to what they think is the most horrible bathroom fallout they've ever whiffed. It never occurs to them that it was a stink bomb. The fat kid always gets blamed.

FROM: Midge
DATE: Tuesday June 18, 2002 -- 5:35:09 pm
the senior classes at my school have had some of the weirdest pranks ever but they seem to work really well.
2002- put glue in all the locks around school so it took 5 hours to unlock just one building. total of about 5 buildings with all doors locked.
2001-put rotten fish inside empty lockers and put on old locks with all different combos on them
2000-flooded the school common area with 3 feet of water and then put in fish and ducks and craw dads.
1999- dismantled the shop teachers car and rebuilt it on the roof.
1998- broke an office window and filled the office with about 6000 crickets.
1997-dyed the pool blue but left it with enough natural color that when the freshmen pe classes jumped in the got turned a kinda aqua blue color.
our newspaper at school actually writes these in the final edition so we know whats been done and our school has a sepecial fund for senior pranks so only during the year with the glue which was this year did anyone get arrested.

FROM: Amber
DATE: Wednesday June 19, 2002 -- 11:07:55 pm
I was wondering if anyone could give me a real good idea for a senior prank. We've already done cows in the football field, broke keys in the locks, let crickets, rats, and ducks lose. I need something that not many people would think of that could be remembered for a long time. I was also wondering if you could get in trouble with the cops for letting air out of people's tires?

FROM: Amber
DATE: Wednesday June 19, 2002 -- 11:09:39 pm
I forgot to say: if you have anything please e-mail me. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.

FROM: Joe RigeTo0rie
DATE: Sunday June 23, 2002 -- 11:08:29 pm
lol. i fear for my highschool next year when im a senior cuz im definitely going to tear shit down and do alot of shit off teh h4x0rific mad note

think im gonna take down the field goals. bring signs from local businesses like the giant icecream cone from teh icecream place and some other shit.
definitely going to print out about 500 copies, no more. of posters showing possibly faculty members hav0ring teh sex.
streaking is a definite. not senior prank but on a day i feel up to it lol
and it will all be done without a doubt cuz i definitely have already done stuff real close to it. like dance on the lunch tables to haddaway what is love

FROM: Finch
DATE: Monday June 24, 2002 -- 4:59:41 pm
Pranks are immature. They give school kids a bad name and people get hurt every year by pranks. Any one who promotes a prank that involves fire should be arrested as a domestic terrorist. You are no better than Bin Laden. I'm a senior and pranks ruined my whole last year. I hate my school now, and the loser dorks with D's and F's who should spend their time studying spelling in 12th grade rather than setting up pranks. You'll all be in jail soon anyway.

FROM: Misty
DATE: Sunday June 30, 2002 -- 3:46:07 am
grades have nothing to do with pranks. Obviously you lost any spunk or any chance at having a true friend in your school years. That is truly unfourtunate for you. I manage a 3.7 Gpa as a senior, and i have no problems going to partys and hanging out with out friends planning such pranks. I think god must have made a mistake when he put such tight asses on the earth like yourself. WORD OF ADVICE - losen up maybe you'll start to enjoy life instead of taking everything so seriously.

DATE: Sunday June 30, 2002 -- 4:26:54 pm
I understand your point that doing really destructive shit is stupid but really its the people like that who give us a bad name. Dont assume that we are all like that because that is ignorant. Correction most of us are not .001 GPA stoners who don't know how to spell, most of us are in fact people who can appreciate good fun and have a sense of humor if anything you should'nt have even visited this message board so to speak if this offends you so much.Good day =)

FROM: misty
DATE: Sunday June 30, 2002 -- 6:55:08 pm
MO- i agreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

FROM: King Random
DATE: Sunday June 30, 2002 -- 10:01:47 pm
Same here. If you are going to do a senior prank that does not hurt anyone, causes no long lasting harm, and isn't really expensive to clean up, then cool, have fun. But a lot of these sujested pranks will do a lot of damage. If you are not caught, then the school has to pay for that. Thats your tax dollars. And if you do get caught, then you will likely pay for it. Some of these "harmless pranks" can cost thousands of dollars to fix. Also, they can leave lasting effects on the school that cannot be repaired. And being arrested right before you graduate is not fun. So stick to the funny, mostly harmless stuff.

FROM: Finch
DATE: Monday July 1, 2002 -- 11:24:06 am
Misty & Mo:

Psyche! A little prank on a prank site for you. Sorry you're so dumb. SUCKERS!!!

BTW, I believe that King Random's pertinent remarks are, uh, pertinent. And furthermore, they are right on the money.

FROM: Gecko
DATE: Tuesday July 2, 2002 -- 8:53:21 pm
School assembly. The sound system. Slipknot. Enough said.

FROM: Finch
DATE: Wednesday July 3, 2002 -- 4:46:24 pm

"Unfourtunate," "partys," "losen?" With that brand of spelling, maybe you have a 3.7 as a senior at Rank, I mean Prank High School--and I won't even mention the abundant grammatical errors in your message (lack of apostrophes, lower case first-person pronoun, etc.). Oops.



Correction: .002 GPA stoner maybe?


Upon further reflection, there may have been a hint of my true feelings towards pranksters. On the whole, I still agree with King Random, though. Harmless is fine. Many of the pranks listed here are not of the "harmless" variety but are acts of blatant vandalism clothed as pranks. Fortunately, I believe most of these ideas will never materialize and exist strictly in the imaginations of youngsters who know better than to actually attempt such acts. There are always those who will take stupid risks with the lives and property of others rather than learning something useful. We have a place for you: jail and the enduring prison of the minimum wage!!


DATE: Thursday July 4, 2002 -- 10:42:27 pm
At My School Last Year A Bunch Of Seniors Stole Bee Hives That Had Like 500 Bees And They Put Them All Over Campus And To Top It Off They Super Glued 90 doors shut. For Some It Was A Nightmare For Me FREE DAY FROM SCHOOL!

DATE: Thursday July 4, 2002 -- 11:15:15 pm
A Cherry Picker Wont Reach The Top Of A Flagpole!!!!!!!

FROM: jake
DATE: Friday July 5, 2002 -- 3:21:39 pm
Whats With All The Fucking Capitalization?

FROM: RCHS CougarSurfer Dude 03
DATE: Saturday July 6, 2002 -- 10:31:12 pm
I am presently a Senior at Rancho Cucamonga High School, whereby it is based on a contemporary Spanish-Federal Pennitentiary conceptualization, with four security guards conducting periodical runs throughout the institution. The following ideas for Senior Pranks were formulated a several hours after my junior year-are as follows:
If you are requesting any Senior Pranks, these are virtually harmless and are comical at the same time. You must however, consider that when using these it must vary.
1)Since our classrooms are on a three story configuration, I thought that me and several of my friends advance all the classroom clocks by at least a minimum of 10 minutes.
2)Submit e-mails to every administrator regarding substantial changes in the bell schedule for Mondays through Thursdays as well as the Friday collaboration; late start day. Classes will be delayed by two hours.
3)Enlist the assistance of 50 people to turn over furniture in each classroom, so when the educator walks in they will unscrupoulsy think that everything is perfectly normal. When the asses the situation at hand, everything will return to its normal condition.
4)Fill classrooms with baloons.
5)Replace showerheads in each respective lockerooom with Coke and or any other sticky concotion.
6)During Second Period television bulletin on Thursdays, replace conventonal announcements with The Andy Dick Show
7)With the assistance of photo-manipulation software, place a picture of Dr. Maass(our school Library-Media Technician(Librarian) and add a background from a controversial and or adult magazine.
8)Have all Seniors park in every student allocated parking space, so in turn it can aggravate underclassmen.
9) During a Varsity Football game, play the opposing school's Alma Mater.

FROM: King Random
DATE: Sunday July 7, 2002 -- 9:46:14 pm
Thank you Finch.

DATE: Monday July 15, 2002 -- 8:54:36 pm
Ok If You wanna fuck up some school get a decent amount of Baby pigs( about 7 would do it) Grease them up in oil and in washable paint write numbers on them 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 What happened to 7 you ask there is no seven but them teachers will be looking for them for a long time.
Legend at my school that i am to recreat this year

FROM: liz
DATE: Wednesday July 17, 2002 -- 3:56:24 am
another idea is to hang a tarp in the cafeteria or wherever it is high up.... on top of the tarp put water balloons filled with paint... if its high up enough, no one will be able to tell whats above it so when they cut it down, there's paint or dye or whatever you choose to use all over the place
instead of using little bouncy balls and balloons to fill classrooms and hallways, use those plastic balls from like mcdonalds and chuck e cheses (im sure you kno wut i mean)
put a slip n slide in the hallway
i dont know about your school but ours has tons of display cases which can be easily open.... just use your imagination.
move portapotties onto the football field
superglue dildos and other random items easily found in your local spencers onto lockers, doors, windows, etc.
and to all of you people who took the time to read this whole entire page only to sit and make fun of us supposed druggies with a F average, you should worry about how you waste your time and not how we spend ours.... you have the rest of your life to be a serious grown up buisness person living your life in an office.... you will never forget your high school memories so why not give yourself one NO ONE will forget?????

FROM: jake
DATE: Thursday July 18, 2002 -- 12:14:15 pm
look, i don't know how many times people have suggested that dumb numbered pig prank, but it's been posted at least 12 times. look over the existing pranks before you post something! geez, people.

FROM: Finch
DATE: Friday July 19, 2002 -- 2:45:46 pm
Hey kids!

Here's a prank that'll keep your teachers guessing for hours in disbelief. Look at the bottom of your locker and dig around under the cans and bottles and old empty weed bags. Right there next to the old gym socks you'll find a textbook. Take the book, go outside in front of the school and find a comfortable spot. Open the book, turn to page one, and start reading!!

Your teachers will be baffled at your mysterioius behavior for weeks on end. It's such an amazing prank you'll wish you thought of it.

FROM: HannahPSnape
DATE: Thursday July 25, 2002 -- 1:51:42 pm
Not only am I going to pull as many senior pranks possible, I am going to spend all my 4 years building up a reputation as a marauder!!! WOO! Okay, heres some I got:

Get the keys to the drink machine (get a lock smith down there if neccisary) and replace all the cokes with beer!

If your principal has their picture up in the school somewhere (ours is female) get a pic of your principal, scan it onto the computer, go to one of those sites that lets you warp the faces of you ever you put on there, screw their face up (but to where you can STILL tell is suppsoed to be them) and print it off. Replace your principals pic with that one on the wall.

Get a milk from the cafeteria and go to an usuaed locker, open the milk, set it in and lock the door. It will STINK so bad that noone will want to be in that HALL and none of the janitors will find out where its coming from.

Get a copy of the video your supposed to watch in class. In the middle of it record porn and replace the videos. The next day ''Rainclouds are made from- OH! YES! YES!'' That way your teacher will be caught off gaurd when it comes on, thinking thats the real video. It will play longer as shes fumbling with the remot as apposed to putting on a video with ONLY porn, shell immediatly press stop. (It's esspecially fun when you have a remote control watch)

On those pull down maps in Science, tape a porn poster there, ''This is where the southern hemisphere is''
It be even FUNNIER if it was one of those maps thats tricky to make it go back up!! LOL!

Does anyone have really funny *clever* ones like these as apposed to just wipion gmanuer over things? I would REALLY love to hear them!!! PLEASE e-mail me.

FROM: a girl
DATE: Monday August 5, 2002 -- 3:07:33 pm
Okay we usually have alot of shit going on in my HS but the yearly always thing is fucking with the sophomore girls (im a senior and only sophomores and juniors and seniors go to the hs) the senior girls go to the skankmores houses the like at 3 in the morning the day of school and fuck their houses up you know the usual and we make signs about all there dirty little hoe secrets wich are no secrets and make a big signs that says "think your read?" and we are going to the sophomore guys houses and write with glass chalk on their cars "senior girls rule class of 2003" we do alot of shit periodically thru out the school year but thats the first one of the year.

FROM: Nycky
DATE: Saturday August 10, 2002 -- 1:30:47 am
On my graduation day when all of the ceremonies were done one of my fellow students and I walked up to the platform and called our much loathed princapal to the podeum and handed her a John Holmes likeness made of cyber skin. We told her that she seemed really uptight and we were wondering if it would help loosen her up a little.

FROM: joey
DATE: Saturday August 10, 2002 -- 11:27:39 pm
A new school opened down the road from my school. They are planning thier first homecoming so we are planning to paint thier goalposts our school colors the night before. This will hopefully start a rivalry that will continue for years.

DATE: Tuesday August 13, 2002 -- 3:14:20 am

I don't know if you will read this, but for someone who thinks of this page childish, you sure love to comment on it. Furthermore, for a person who just loves to use the word "suckas" in referring to others including myself,I would not ridicule others spelling and grammar. Like they say the "pot should not call the kettle black" (oh my I used a cliche). Personally I think you are an anal-rententive, hypocritical bastard. Like I said before if you disapprove of this message board don't come here. Personally I think you probably have a very low self-esteem and that is why you feel you should insult the fun of others.

FROM: Christie
DATE: Tuesday August 13, 2002 -- 10:52:14 am
What Is The Purpose Of This Site? It's Rather Confusing! Are People Just Using It As A Message Board?

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Tuesday August 13, 2002 -- 1:01:05 pm
I don't know, Christie, but let me know when you find out, OK?

FROM: Ashley
DATE: Friday August 16, 2002 -- 12:45:46 am
Last years seniors were arrested for their senior prank. So to avoid that this year we thought of some harmless things to do.
1. Put an alarm clock or egg timer in your locker and set all of them like 5 minutes apart. Then they'll go off all day and just be annoying.
2. Get as many seniors as possible to go to library and check out the limited amount of books. Especially during a time when underclassmen are writing papers. Then everyone turn them in at the same time Guarenteed to piss the librarian off, 500 books coming in at the same time.
3. Set a time, let's say 10:15 and tell everyone to drop their book on the floor. One big boom!

FROM: Gene \"Java Man\"
DATE: Wednesday September 4, 2002 -- 12:31:58 am
Get into school late @ night, and get into the Dean of Student's office. (Or principal, VP, or headmaster- whomever you don't like), and move their entire office onto the front lawn. Now- here's the tricky part- make everything opperable- the lights, computer, etc. Lots of fun- and harmless. You'll have to be in cahoots with a janitor or someone w/ keys.

FROM: Gene \"Java Man\"
DATE: Wednesday September 4, 2002 -- 12:37:36 am
I need ideas! anything at all- but note- i have access to heavy equipment. dozers, loaders, dump trucks, all that. nothing destructive!

FROM: ryan
DATE: Wednesday September 4, 2002 -- 1:58:35 am
This is a great senior prank that seniors did when I was a sophomore. They took 6 kegs and painted them to look like beer cans and made a six pack, which they proceeded to put on the roof where all the teachers and students coming in the main entrance could see. Another good senior prank was the plagues of god. Each day for a week, a different plague happened: rats, mice, crickets, locusts and bees. It was funny as crap

FROM: prankmonkey
DATE: Saturday September 7, 2002 -- 9:54:26 pm
A great prank is to sneak into the school one night and strategically place 2,000 eggs (or as many as you can get) all over the school(bushes, trashcans, around lockers, in bathrooms, etc.). The next day when everyone arrives hopefully they will just start throwing them like crazy.
Also if you can get the supplies run across the school on fire. Or set someone else on fire. whatever.
Parachute a bunch of baby dolls into the middle of the schoolyard, some on fire, some filled with fake blood, some where the parachutes don't open. this can be adapted with live pigs (the whole numbered thing, and throw an extra parachute for the missing pig)naked ladies, midgets, anything you can think of.
Locusts. Thousands of Locusts will be extremely exciting.
Chickens with razors tied to their feet, in a box fighting (cockfighting). or without the box, if you dare.
Camp out at the school, have an orgy at night. or even better, weeks ahead of time pass out flyers around town (if you live in a big city) saying there is going to be a huge party at the school and have a DJ and everything.
Eat your admnistrators. alive.
Helicopter over your school and drop ping pong balls on those bastards.
Sculpt a huge ice penis and put it in the middle of your school. Or do it out of a tree log if you are not in a cold town.
build a very realistic looking doll and beat it up in the middle of school and leave it face down in blood.

On the last day shoot everyone that has made fun of you. (seriously)

Oh yeah and for a brand new one get some pigs...

FROM: backdoor_bandit
DATE: Tuesday September 17, 2002 -- 12:15:24 am
the problem with all these suggestions is that my school is really clean and al year long there most be a hundred cleaners that clean the grounds very early in th morning so there is no possibility of doing any thing sticky or placing eggs around the campus.
i go to hkis in hong kong and last year the seniors handed out senior hit lists and took HKIS2002 off all the computers. i had projects do it was so freakin annoying and then they took chickens and let them loose in the caf and bathrooms

FROM: backdoor bandit
DATE: Tuesday September 17, 2002 -- 12:22:08 am
im serious our school is sad when it comes to pranks they do do pranks but they are either stupid and give every body short thrills or they annoy every body!! but last year when they did this keyboard prank the teachers got pissed at all the seniors and the last two weeks was hell to them. they had to replace all the keys and our school has like 250 computers, 4 computer labs and they couldnt have there year books unless they paid an extra 20 dollars or so to pay for the 5 keyboards that were still messed up!!!

FROM: backdoor bandit
DATE: Tuesday September 17, 2002 -- 12:23:36 am
suckers hehehe dam suckers

FROM: shane
DATE: Sunday September 22, 2002 -- 1:24:47 am
For my senior prank we are going all out, first we are going to light our football field on fire with gasoline in the shape of the year we graduate and we are also going to break into the school at night and steal as many library books as possible. Then we are burn them all in the parking lot during the day. We are also going to try to use concrete and block up all of the entrances to the school and put the shit all over the parking lot. If we plan enough we can it away with it. Even if we do go to jail i am willing to except those consequences for a great senior prank.

FROM: MollyCule
DATE: Sunday September 22, 2002 -- 4:42:03 am
Yeah Shane, excellent idea. Deny future students from the education you obviously had no interest in.

FROM: caca
DATE: Wednesday October 2, 2002 -- 10:54:20 pm
hey if you want some bad good pranks...this senior/junior war has gone crazy and.....dangerous..well anywho..heres some things you can use...wel of course you can egg someones house...but then you can paintball it too!! our senior/junior parking lots...ppl cemented down some guys tires to the floor..some ppl put piss in the a/c thing(?) so when ever they put the a/c on it smells like piss...another one for the slutty cheerleaders..:D...some ppl put tons of dildos on car and wrote or put a list of how many guys she had had sex with...another one...put shoe wax all over there car...something for the pool!! put charcoal in the pool..a pool with water you know!! and it would completely damage it!...hope that were good ideas! see ya

FROM: Stefanie
DATE: Thursday October 3, 2002 -- 12:03:50 am
So far at the start of this lovely school year, me and a few other of my cheerleaders went to our rival's school football field at about 2:30 in the morning on a Friday. We all dug a huge hole right in the middle of their football field, planted a tree and filled the remains with cement. It costed around 5,000 to get that portion of the field replaced.

FROM: jesus
DATE: Tuesday October 8, 2002 -- 12:19:14 pm
all the people that write about numbering pigs 1,2 and 4 are fucking retared because there has already been about a hundred people that have already suggested that

FROM: Brian
DATE: Thursday October 10, 2002 -- 5:08:32 pm
I don't know if this one is already up because the site is too long to read it all right now. but I think that removing all the teachers' liscense plates and throwing them in a huge pile in the center of the parking lot is a good prank. most people don't know their plate number by heart. And I just wanted to say that I think anything that pisses off the students is pointless. you want to be popular because of your prank. not hated

FROM: Brian
DATE: Thursday October 10, 2002 -- 5:23:39 pm
This is another good prank that it is impossible to get in trouble for. someone did this at my hs when I was a freshman. Take an old tape player and put it in your locker and press play. leave it playing except without head phones. when the tape reaches the end it will start clicking or ticking like a bomb might. then have someone complain about it to an administrator. They will have the bomb squad in to check it out. when it happened at my high school the entire student body was made to sit out in the bleachers of the football field for 3 hours while the locker was checked out. if anyone questions you about it afterwords just say a book must have fell on the tape player's "play" button and made it go.

FROM: Skay
DATE: Thursday October 10, 2002 -- 8:58:45 pm
What about setting off a self inflating weather balloon right in the conjunction of the 3 main hallways in the school? This is one i want to do if i could find a damn self inflating weather balloon. =\

FROM: Juice [E-Mail]
DATE: Sunday October 13, 2002 -- 3:54:47 pm
Here is somthing simple that no one has said: Steal the mouse balls from all the computers.

DATE: Thursday October 17, 2002 -- 4:53:15 am
Take yarn and cut it into little lenths, each 2-3 inches long. These are worms named "Harvey". Sneak into an office/classroom and tie them on everything they can be tied on. Longer Harveys acceptable too. This is a good prank because it's fun and silly and annoying for them, but nobody gets hurt or in TOO much trouble, since there's no lasting damage.

FROM: Christina
DATE: Tuesday October 22, 2002 -- 1:59:25 am
a few years ago, the seniors filled the halls with thousands of dixie cups filled with either blue or yellow water (our school colors). what a mess!!

it would be funny to get a master locker key and tape a huge picture of someone's penis in every person's locker. that would involve getting the key though, kinda dangerous.

or how about stealing all of the s, e, n, i, o, and r's from the school keyboards? ;)

i think the dixie cup one is my fave. not like that pig thing, my *GOD* can we think of something more original, PLEASE!!??!?!

i live in los angeles, pray tell me how to get pigs.

FROM: I eat Penis for Breakfast
DATE: Wednesday October 23, 2002 -- 6:07:06 pm
Enough said?

FROM: The man
DATE: Thursday October 24, 2002 -- 6:46:46 pm
I went to a Private School. Lutheran High to be exact. And the Seniors got letter head from the principals desk and write 1,000 letters stating that tutition was going up 2,000 dollers within the nexy year. They used school stamps and school envelopes so it was totally free. The parents were so pissed. The school was bombarded by mad parrents for days. A free prank that can be easily pulled off. If you go to a private school

FROM: Amanda
DATE: Sunday November 3, 2002 -- 8:15:43 pm
My school does this thing every year called senior week and its a week set aside in which they actually allow us to pull a bunch of pranks on the under class-men we dress them up and put a bunch of nasty makeup on them, we're going to duct-tape someone to the wall and pour red cool aide in the toilets. we can each have three slaves I'm making one of mine say I want your body everytime someone says his name and another one of mine has to stand up twirl around and sing I'm a pretty lady everytime someone says his name, we are also allowed to get on the PA system and make stupid anouncements and we are also going to play stupid music over it. We are also going to saran wrap and duct-tape some people to the flag poles in the court yard and cover them in honey but we need some more Ideas, something thats funny but won't get us arrested or expelled please help! e-mail me with ideas! thanks!

FROM: paul
DATE: Tuesday November 19, 2002 -- 1:12:12 pm
My fellow seniors decided to throw a teacher appreciation day on our last day of classes before finals. We pooled some money and bought every teacher a card along with some miscellaneous candy, like gumballs and peppermints and stuff like that. Well, instead of real gumballs, we went down to the local paintball supply store and bought a bunch of bright colored paintballs. The teachers were so happy that we recognized them that they put the pseudogumballs in their candy dish, not knowing that they would bite into a mouthful of food dye and fish oil.

FROM: Name
DATE: Wednesday November 20, 2002 -- 1:42:50 am
I graduated 2000... The year prior to me I only noticed one senior prank actually performed.

I was walking to class one day and I noticed one of our school janitors with a chicken under his arm. I did a double take and just shook my head. I guess there was only one chicken.

Some ideas:

Did anyone mention getting a line painter and creating new lines in the sporting fields (i.e. 33 Ό yard line)? I thought that would be a clever idea.

Get everyone to park everywhere BUT in the parking lots.

Parking lots and road spikes are a dangerous mix.

If anyone has a school that has a sign with changable letters.. have a ball.

If your school has a pool. Get a dummy or manaquin (sp?). Dress it in a swim suit and wig. Make it look as real as possible. Put some weight on it and let that sucker sink to the bottom!

FROM: Afton
DATE: Thursday November 21, 2002 -- 10:55:20 am
I'm from a small podunk town and I really need a prank to wake them up, gimme your best ideas

FROM: natalie
DATE: Thursday November 21, 2002 -- 11:09:25 am
how do you get the tires up on the flagpole and the nitrous oxide in the vents if your school has cameras?

FROM: lanafan
DATE: Wednesday December 4, 2002 -- 9:27:22 pm
Senior pranks are a part of every great high school experience. Unfortunatley, last years prank sucked. The seniors stuck 2002 plastic forks in the courtyard and the janitors cleaned it up before school even started.

FROM: smoothpk
DATE: Sunday December 8, 2002 -- 6:34:40 pm
Too bad I'm so late in finding this place, but our school did have some seniors put a spray painted black car put on the roof that had "cant touch this" painted on the side. So the "Full House" prank mentioned in Jan. 2001 is possible......

FROM: smoothpk
DATE: Sunday December 8, 2002 -- 8:24:17 pm
Our school has a creek running through the middle of it, with a quad in the middle (pipes under the quad let the water go through, very easily plugged, some seniors in the 70's plugged it and flooded the cafeteria) with a bridge on either side. What I plan on doing when I'm a senior, since I'm only a soph, is filling the entire middle of the school with foam. Maybe putting a weighted manequin in the creek to have some people freak about a week later when the suds clear. Any body know how to release a butt load of soap over a few hours, so the foam will get all the way down and not just clog? There's a street on the side of the school that hopefully the foam will flow over, and our school's on the outskirts of the city, so it being cleaned wont happen until everyone gets a glance at it. Any ideas to make it better? Think I could dye the soap our school's colors somehow? Email me-

FROM: Joe and Mike
DATE: Sunday December 22, 2002 -- 1:42:29 am
Me and my friend are sophmores and need to pull an awesome senior prank in two years. I have a few questions about some possible pranks I have read:
1. How do u get nitrous oxide and how do u get it in the vents
2. How do u get tires around the flag pole
3. How can u pull off the license plate prank
Post of email replies please. We want to top all pranks ever to be pulled at our ulta-preppy high school.

FROM: Jeanne
DATE: Friday January 3, 2003 -- 8:35:53 pm
My cousin went to an all girls catholic school and for her senior prank they got male stripers to strip on the front lawn during school. The school had a fit!

FROM: Murdoc
DATE: Thursday January 16, 2003 -- 4:11:54 pm
Some of these pranks are really good. I am thinking about putting together a small band and doing a concert on either rooftop or hallway last day of school. So i need some ideas for distraction pranks and ways to bypass video surveillance security at my school, i am only a junior, but i have huge plans and they will be great for my senior year. oh yeah, if you want to exchange brilliant prank ideas, i'll send them from one mastermind of pranks to another

--The Mysterious Murdoc--

FROM: dude
DATE: Tuesday January 21, 2003 -- 10:26:33 pm
Have all seniors check out the max. # of books from the library and return them all on the same day

FROM: Ducky
DATE: Tuesday January 28, 2003 -- 2:57:34 am
We didn't have any senior pranks because our principal was a female reincarnation of Adolf Hitler (really, you should see the "salute" picture in the yearbook...I'll have to scan it in). It was all we could do to get her to let the Seniors go off campus.

However, we COULD dream though...we devised a series of pranks that COULD'VE happened.

1. Parking around the principal's car...blocking her in. Why? Because she parked on the sidewalk right next to the front door all the time. We wanted to point out the obvious fire zone violation...hehe.

2. Our administrators had golf we devised a points system that would correspond with number of times we knocked them over, attempts, etc. Bonus points would be awarded if there was an administrator IN them at the time. LOL!

3. Piano bobsledding-- Just inside our school's entrance is a piano on wheels. There are many long hallways in my school...let the fun begin!

4. Rolly chair abduction--The front offices had an excessive amount of those comfy rolly chairs, so we were thinking at the time of stealing a few and bringing them in the gym to have fun on that slick basketball court surface.

5. Random printing-- We could get around the login system for our network (not hard actually), and we were thinking of printing out something to the administrators' printers anonymously saying "We know where you live"...or "I'm stalking you" or something...but that was pushing the limits a bit...hehehe.

There was a half a dozen other ideas too, but I can't remember the rest.

FROM: Ashley
DATE: Wednesday January 29, 2003 -- 4:25:35 pm
when my dad was in high school, him and a few of his friends lived on farms so they took like 20 cows and brought them into school on the 2nd floor......a cow will NEVER go down a stairway so it took a really long time to get them out of school!!!!!!!!!

FROM: Juliath
DATE: Thursday January 30, 2003 -- 1:07:01 am
Nice ones Ducky ;)

Try wrapping shrink-wrap over the principal's car doors, wrap it over the roof and under the chassis. Slap on several layers and then seal it with header tape. Also try epoxying a parking block behind the principal's car, if he parks next to the curb.

FROM: Rahul [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday January 30, 2003 -- 1:52:56 am
The tires on the flagpole thing was done at my school a few years ago before I even got there. The news even got a picture of the faculty standing there staring wide eyed up at the tire which had "Seniors" spray painted on it. It was hilarious from what my teacher said. I still wonder how they did that....Anyways, I've been trying to come up with some good senior prank ideas. I would prefer to do something completely non-destructive that will just make everyone wonder how the hell they did that (like the tire on the flagpole thing.) Any ideas?

FROM: Rahul
DATE: Thursday January 30, 2003 -- 2:01:04 am
Smoothpk- How did you guys get the car on the roof?
Does anyone know a way of doing that?

FROM: Rahul [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday January 30, 2003 -- 10:40:48 pm
Some pranks me and my friends came up with include....(sorry if these repeat.)
1) taking apart and rebuilding a car on the second floor of the two-story building at our school
2) moving everything out of the Principal's office and onto the outdoor stage, setting it up exactly how it was in the office
3) using sandbags and a hose to create a pond on the outdoor stage/quad area, complete with goldfish
4) the pigs...
5) cow on the second floor/roof
6) tap the PA system (apparently, a group of seniors are already working on this. A few days ago during morning anouncements they played a short little tune while the normal anouncers were trying to do the pledge of allegiance.)
7. Use tons of sand, lawnchairs, beach balls, et cetera to create a beach in the teacher parking lot.

Also, if you plan on doing the cups of water thing, be smart about it. A few years ago some seniors at my school tried doing that in the library but were caught because they started at the door, so they ended up trapped in the library.

FROM: Rahul
DATE: Thursday January 30, 2003 -- 11:06:26 pm
almost forgot...

8) Spell out "SENIORS 03" (or something like that) in the middle of the quad with the lunchtables

FROM: Sean
DATE: Tuesday February 4, 2003 -- 2:53:49 pm
How come nobody's coming up with any new stuff? Like: Filling an entire room with beer cans (empty or full your choice) or create a scene like someone's dying using a training AED (can be rented from the Red Cross for about $50). Let's keep this fricken post alive people and try not to repeat pranks.

DATE: Tuesday February 4, 2003 -- 8:40:57 pm

FROM: rob [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday February 4, 2003 -- 9:48:20 pm
okay a winter prank...on a cold day sneak out into the parking lot and u and couple friends cover a teachers car in snow then get some water and poor it all over the car barried in snow... if its cold enough and u did it right the car will be frozen in a block of snow

FROM: Hopeful Prankster
DATE: Thursday February 6, 2003 -- 8:33:00 pm
I'm homeschooled, however, i go to this place for homschoolers to take some classes .... through this organization i'm going on a senior trip for about one week to Gatlinburg, Tennessee .... This involves 25-ish seniors and some chaperones (including 2 very strict Christian women) staying in an incredible challet (cabin) in the Smokey Mountains .... anyway, i need some ideas for hillarious, non-destructive, just-plain-fun pranks that i won't get in trouble for. . . money is limited


FROM: Sobooo
DATE: Sunday February 9, 2003 -- 9:23:45 pm
Ok...marbles...have each senior bring in a jar of marbles...and let everyone know that after third period (whatever time you decide), to drop their marbles on the floor. Most of the time the seniors are spread out across the building so u'll have thousands of marbles laying on the floors around the building at the same time. If you do this before graduation...have everyone bring a marble to graduation too and hand it to the makes the whole thing better...

FROM: IowaMullet
DATE: Thursday February 13, 2003 -- 10:05:25 pm
Our senior prank is in the works now. We're throwing a huge Kegger! we're making flyers and passing them out at school, and the administration will accidently get a hold of the flyers. Well, living in a small town, they are going to go nuts and try to bust it. So they will come out to it and there will be 200 people there, and they will bring the cops out to bust our Rootbeer Kegger. Also the Dixie Cups one kicks ass!

FROM: Finch
DATE: Friday February 14, 2003 -- 1:10:24 pm
To Mo, who on August 13, 2002 wrote the following addresses personally to me:


I don't know if you will read this, but for someone who thinks of this page childish, you sure love to comment on it. Furthermore, for a person who just loves to use the word "suckas" in referring to others including myself,I would not ridicule others spelling and grammar. Like they say the "pot should not call the kettle black" (oh my I used a cliche). Personally I think you are an anal-rententive, hypocritical bastard. Like I said before if you disapprove of this message board don't come here. Personally I think you probably have a very low self-esteem and that is why you feel you should insult the fun of others."

"Sucka" is not a mispelling of "sucker." It is an intentional onomatopoeic, where the sound of the words suggests the sense. In this case it isn't a true onomatopoeic, like drip, or drop, or clang, as those words imitate the actual sound of the thing described. However, "Sucka" does describe the sneering way it is meant to be said, and such spelling is not without precedent (i.e., "killa" and "playa"). The different spelling captures the attitude with which it is said.

A good example of poor grammar is, "I would not ridicule others spelling and grammar." The other is plural possessive--it refers to the spelling and grammar of others. In fact, if one would like to avoid your rather messy construction, it would be better to say, "I would not ridicule the spelling and grammar of others." On the other hand, to go with your construction, you should write, "I would not ridicule others' spelling and grammar." The apostrophe following the s in others' signifies the plural possessive which (I only assume) you meant to indicate. On the ball readers can discern your meaning by examining the context and concluding that no other meaning makes sense. Nonetheless, it is better to be precise.

I take no umbrage at the following attempt at insult:

"Personally I think you are an anal-rententive, hypocritical bastard."

I am neither hypocritical nor one born out of wedlock (assuming that is even an insult these days).

I wonder at the following statement:

"Personally I think you probably have a very low self-esteem and that is why you feel you should insult the fun of others."

Notwithstanding my level of self-esteem which I assure you is at a healthy level, I don't feel that I am insulting the fun of others when I react negatively to reckless endorsements of serious destructive acts against educational institutions (however worthless they seem to be in the USA) and other person.
By the way, since I last wrote, this post has taken on a more insidious tone, as one contributor has gone beyond harming others recklessly and has endorsed purposeful murder as a prank. On September 7, 2002, prankymonkey wrote, "On the last day shoot everyone that has made fun of you. (seriously)." I take the parentheses to mean that he was not kidding.

Would you say such a statement was made in good fun? Would you endorse such a statement, Mo? Do you think it's fun to think about shooting your fellow students? What about planning to shoot fellow students? Is that fun?

If you were to say I'm not to take such a comment seriously, which statements so you say I should take seriously? And how is one to know exactly which posts are serious and which ones aren't? Is this a statement that you would say represents the sentiments of those "people who can appreciate good fun and have a sense of humor," as you said on June 30, 2002?

If I were the creators of this page, I would think about removing spankymonkey's comment. Just because one has First Amendment rights to free speech does not mean that those rights are inexpensive to litigate.

Furthermore, endorsing murder in school, especially in light of the Colombine tragedy is not something that Mr. Bush (not that I voted for him, or endorse his politics foreign or domestic) would take lightly either. Such an act could be considered "domestic terrorism." Merely allowing spankymonkey's post to remain could be considered incitement of domestic terrorism by the creators of this site. I'm not saying that anyone would lose on that claim, but would you like to spend money on the lawyer to win that claim? Also, the new domestic terrorism laws have not been tried. I would be very careful. Are you willing to risk your freedom on new and untried laws created by a jittery nation in the wake of the destruction of the WTC?

As for my sense of humor, I do think it is quite fun to pick on you--but that issue is separate from my expressing alarm at some of the posts I have read on this site.
By the way, it was you who attacked me first, after I merely posted my feelings on the prank topic. I have a First Amendment right to do so. If you don't like it, maybe you should blog off. In response to your June 30th 2002 excoriations against my June 24th, 2002 post, in which you said, "you should'nt have even visited this message board," [sic] I simply pointed out statements you endorsed or made that I found to be incredible--such as a claim by Misty to have a high GPA when her written work hardly demonstrated a command or even knowledge of the English language. It doesn't mean that you have the GPA that you claim to not have (something more than .001 GPA stoner). But it may mean that even if you have a high GPA, that GPA does not reflect what it once did. Is it better to have a high GPA and not know how to spell (or use apostrophes (i.e., "should'nt")) or to have a low GPA and not know how to spell?

I have as much right to speak my opinion on school pranks as anyone here. I think they are a waste of time. On the other hand, I think that many of the school programs that kids are put through are equally a waste of time. Where do we draw the line? I don't know--but I would not advocate the reckless or intentional harming of others as many of these posts do. That is certainly not in good fun.

I also would not claim to have learned something in school and thereby earned the right to prank when I can neither spell or punctuate correctly.

It's really not your fault, Mo, so don't take my criticism personally. I don't blame you. I blame the schools. Apparently too much time is spent cleaning up after pranks and not enough time on teaching the basics.

Also, my criticism, or warnings, don't concern all the pranks; and my views are echoed by other contributors to this post. We have all agreed, some of the pranks are harmless and in good fun--we've discussed that already. Others are stupid and unrealistic because they would just be too expensive (who's going to buy 2,000 eggs for a prank, or rent a cherry picker to put a tire around a flagpole?). And others are dangerous--we've also talked about that.

In my criticism, I was referring to specific individuals, the loser dorks with D's and F's that performed pranks that caused damage to the school. It is no wonder that faculty and administration are burned out and distrustful of students. Wouldn't you be if you were cleaning up mess after mess when you really wanted to teach?

Anyway, I could go on--but thankfully, even to me, I won't.

Lastly, I would like to say to you Mo, I bet you are a hotty. I like the way you stand up for yourself. You should go to college--even if you can't spell. Sadly, colleges are forced to teach what high schools used to, so you'll get another chance. No worries.

FROM: Sean
DATE: Friday February 14, 2003 -- 5:49:51 pm
Finch, you really need to get a life and stop obsessing over a ping and it's contents.

FROM: Chrissiieman
DATE: Monday February 17, 2003 -- 1:03:34 pm
This is a harmful prank that is funny to watch. Take ketchup, butter, cream cheese, or anything of that type that is available in your cafeteria and spread it along the handrails and door handles in the school. It's fun to watch everyones faces when they touch the handrails.

FROM: Chrissiieman
DATE: Tuesday February 18, 2003 -- 8:32:26 am
oops.. i meant this is a harmless** prank ... sorry

FROM: Juice [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday February 26, 2003 -- 8:14:19 pm
Finch, that was the most retarded thing I have ever heard.

FROM: russ
DATE: Thursday February 27, 2003 -- 11:24:54 pm
best one is when u zip-tie the whole cafe shut, hit the light switchboard, and eversenior brings things from grape juice squirtguns to pudding and silly string, locks out the teachers and have an all out war. lots of fun

FROM: Name
DATE: Friday February 28, 2003 -- 12:37:42 am
somebody got a hold of the master key that unlocked all of the students locker locks (we used removable combination locks for our lockers).

they got into the school over the weekend and took off every lock from every locker, put them in a big box, mixed them up, and then randomly put the locks back on all of the lockers.

when we came into school Monday morning, nobody could get into their lockers. it took most of the day for the custodians to go around unlocking the locks with their master key and another week or so to sort out whose lock was whose by matching them up on corresponding serial number lists.

FROM: Al Gore
DATE: Friday February 28, 2003 -- 12:39:42 am

Ok, I've got a good one that i invented... it involves 5 pigs, some paint...

FROM: Brian
DATE: Friday February 28, 2003 -- 11:02:07 pm
Senior prank last year.....condoms....thousands of condoms everywhere, in every hallaway all over school, and my school is huge with 4000+ students and a freshman class just uner 1200.

FROM: Josh
DATE: Saturday March 1, 2003 -- 11:43:39 pm
Our school has locks and security cameras for sure. I am a freshman right now, but I think next year me and a few friends will build the cinder block wall at the entrance of the school and quick cement it. There are no cameras out there. We only have one entrance. And of course, we'll spray paint SENIORS '04. No one would think of us. We'd probably spray paint the speed bumps pink too.

FROM: Brian
DATE: Tuesday March 4, 2003 -- 6:41:28 pm
Try to get someone's phone number, an important person, like the principal, or dean of students, a big name in the school. Place an add in the local newspaper(s), more the better, and give the person's phone number. A good idea - 2003 Porsche 911, only 120 miles, wife made me decide, her or the car. Must go immediately, on $20,000. I work so call past 9. Thats always funny

DATE: Friday March 7, 2003 -- 5:36:24 pm

FROM: Colin
DATE: Saturday March 8, 2003 -- 2:24:56 pm
Okay Here's a good one.
Get some Polident or Efferdent denture cleaning solution from Target or Walmart or Meijer or something. Usually these come in packs of four. Come up with some reason to come into the school in the middle of the night. Empty four tablets into each toilet in the school. Include faculty toilets if possible. (You may need to get many boxes of this stuff.) Let it sit. Take this time to amscray and hope no janitors are around to flush. If all goes well by the time everyone comes to school the Polident will have dissolved completely and frothed over, and each toilet will be a deep green colour and have (depending on how early you did it) froth floating on top. If you did it early enough the froth will appear much like rotton stuff floating to the top, otherwise it will look like the toilets have rabies. This can also be done during the day, but the potential to get caught is higher. It only takes bout five minutes for the tablets to dissolve, and more then ten leaves the rotten froth appearence. Have fun.

FROM: Kait
DATE: Sunday March 9, 2003 -- 6:13:18 pm
Well I didnt get a chance to read all of the comments above, so I don't know if someone's already mentioned this one. But our senior class is planning an awesome prank. We're pooling our money together to buy 3 massive hogs. We're going to paint the numbers 1, 2, and 4 on their backs and let them go during the last pep assembly of the year. When the administration finally rounds up the three numbered hogs, theyll still be looking for imaginary hog number 3 for hours.

FROM: Charlie
DATE: Tuesday March 11, 2003 -- 9:43:48 pm
One thing that happened at my school was Seniors bought an ad in the newspaper describing the school's lot and offering it for a really cheap price, with the school's main number listed, of course.

FROM: Georhe
DATE: Thursday March 13, 2003 -- 12:40:58 am
Ok, everyone mentions the hog prank, very un-original, my friends and I were going to get dead fish and dead skunks and but them in the vents for our school

FROM: George
DATE: Thursday March 13, 2003 -- 12:47:11 am
Also, the seniors at my school two years ago made copies of the skeleton key that opened all the doors to our school and sent them to every third person, so voer 1,000 kids had keys to every room in the school

FROM: finch (a small defenseless bird, hidden meaning,maybe)
DATE: Sunday March 16, 2003 -- 10:38:19 pm
hey finch why is it when individuals make valid points you quicly preach the first amendment i can say kill everyone or kill you for that matter, because the first amendment allows me to do so, so stop visiting or just quit complaining its because of people like you that we have such a pansy nation quit complaining and leave all the political correctness goodness have you ever enjoyed being a teenager
yes i did leave out all punctuation, spelling etc etc you seem to enjoy so much, so have phun or should is fung whatever i forget

FROM: noname
DATE: Monday March 17, 2003 -- 3:59:27 pm
Someone commented on supergluing all of the doors shut and if this had ever successfully happend. Well it has. Last years senior class at my school pulled this off last year. The principals had to break into the school through the roof the next morning. Also they drove a bus onto the front lawn, busted the tires, and put super glue in the ignition. Amusing prank, but they paid for it- suspension and paying pack the school for thousands in damage.

FROM: lauren
DATE: Tuesday March 18, 2003 -- 9:19:53 pm
At my highschool, in the past decade I believe, we've had a third floor annex flooded, chickens, motor oil in the hallways (dangerous and really gross, don't do it), and my personal favorite....a cow. That's right, a group of seniors somehow found a cow and brought it upstairs to the third floor over the weekend. How this happened, I'm not even sure. My high school is in the middle of Seattle.

FROM: Ashley
DATE: Thursday March 20, 2003 -- 5:01:13 pm
The girl taking a shower in the boys locker room was not a prank. It was stupid, obviously she's a hoe. What girl with enough respect for herself would do that.

DATE: Thursday March 20, 2003 -- 8:31:15 pm

FROM: Mik Jeager
DATE: Friday March 21, 2003 -- 2:58:37 am
why not put all the chair yes all of them on the roof. Then take all of the deask and do so also.

FROM: clo
DATE: Tuesday March 25, 2003 -- 7:58:29 pm
about three years ago some kids in my school put the entire cafeteria on the roof in perfect order . it was so funny because no one ever knew who did it . and everyone ate luch outside

FROM: mike
DATE: Saturday March 29, 2003 -- 1:49:17 am
2 years ago our school was up and SOLD on ebay(now thats definetley the best one ive ever heard)... im only a soph now but when we are seniors we are chaning the lightbulbs to different colored ones, we got tv's in the cafateria for announcements and stuff so were gonnia have some fone with that, were gonnia bring pee filled supersoakers in at night and drench the place in piss. we also are gonnia change the bell schedule but not change the clocks so the clocks look normal but the bell rings a little early...and when students realize there is no 10th period and school dont let out for another hour theres gonnia be mass hysteria were gonnia do other cool shit too got any suggestions email me

FROM: Another Dumbass Renegade
DATE: Saturday March 29, 2003 -- 4:15:45 am
I started thinking about that tire and flag pole thing and it made me wonder how i could pull it off. So I came to the conclusion that you get one of the 110 pound geeks to help you out. You attach him to the pulley system so convienetly placed on the side of the flagepole, hand him a tire and have another friend help pull him up.
After reading this site i have come to the conclusion most people are retards. If you cant read through one website and realize something has already been said 15 fucking times how are you seriously going to pull of a simple senior prank(if you decide to attack me that means you are offended and place your self with the retards.
The only person that shows and wit whatsoever is ryan

FROM: matt jay
DATE: Monday March 31, 2003 -- 10:45:06 pm
next year we are going to cement 4 kegs onto the roof with 2004 painted on them

FROM: cina
DATE: Tuesday April 1, 2003 -- 5:21:44 pm
looking for a crazy prank that can be pulled on the outside of a school building. we dont have a football stadium, so the only thing we could really do is block up the parkinglot but the teachers also share a parking lot with the students.... How exactly is putting old tires over a flag poll achieved?

FROM: Nicole
DATE: Wednesday April 2, 2003 -- 10:10:09 pm
Ive been inspired for my senior year: It involves 3 pigs.. You get 3 pigs.. were going to steal them.. they happen to cost a lot.. and you write the numbers 1... 2.. and 4 on them. You grease them up real good.. and then let them loose in the school... When theyre finally caught *cause as we know.. the greasing will make this real fuckin hard cause pigs are hard to get anyway* theyre going to say okay weve got numbers one and two.. and four. Wheres the third.. soh theyll keep on lookin.. and there is noh 3rd... soh.. youve got em still guessin about it..

FROM: Sean
DATE: Thursday April 3, 2003 -- 3:27:34 pm
Hey Nicole, that was stupid.

DATE: Friday April 4, 2003 -- 9:14:48 am
OT: Hey, we've seen the pig prank about what... 500 million times? Really now. It's getting old.

Anyways, there's always the classic "Ex-Lax in the Coffee Machine" prank, useful for caffiene-addicted teachers, or the less funny, but still interesting "Sneaker Fish Marinating", useful for stinking up the entire school, and the "Gym Lubrication" prank. That's rather self-explainatory.

One more thing. Is it still considered streaking if all the streaker's wearing is a binkini speedo?

FROM: nicole
DATE: Saturday April 5, 2003 -- 5:26:14 pm
lol.. hmm.. yes i know.. this is what im thinkin tho.. my comp was fuckin up on me the other night.. i had read all of em after i wrote that.. an my apologies.. that kinda sucked.. cause its there like a million times.. shame on me.. shoulda read the whole thing.. this sites got me wrapped up in it.. but to make up for it heres my lesser and lamer ideas *hopes theres some kinda compensation*:
- all that dumb stuff about the crickets.. put them in the ventilation system.. cause then they echo thru yer school
- at my school - weve got dogs that come in and smell for dugs and what not... put beer in a spray bottle and spray all the lockers.. the dogs will go crazy...
- Spray that Pam cooking spray on the toilet seats.. yep.. for the girls anyhow its a lil hard to sit down...
- this really isnt a good idea.. and I dont advise it.. but.. there was a kid recently that trashed every single school bus.. i mean broken windows, fucked up engines, torn out seats.. but yes he is in jail, and yes school was cancelled.. soh it worked.
my friend tasha and i wrote to this little 15 year old and told him that he was our hero. hoping hed still have good spirits when he gets out of DH....

DATE: Saturday April 5, 2003 -- 7:13:59 pm
Nicole, do you by any chance live near Belpre, Ohio?
Reason being, a similar school bus incident to what you described recently happened there. (
Sure, it's vandalism for the masses, but that kid's going to be hurtin' for a while.

DATE: Wednesday April 9, 2003 -- 8:22:39 pm
George---that is a very funny prank about the breaking of the keys in the locks with superglue. when I was a freshman the seniors at my school did that. the administration was very unhappy if you know what I mean. It was reported to the police. The locks had to be cut out and doors had to be replaced. There was about $14,000 in damages. They never did find out who did that.

FROM: Jaimee
DATE: Thursday April 10, 2003 -- 2:12:31 am
It seemed kinda corny at first but once we got started, we got into it. The ceiling at our school is made up of those sectioned foamy board tiles that you jsut lift to remove. We figured it would be kinda funny to remove them from an entire hallway, making it a ceiling of exposed pipe and electrical wires. Doing this during school, we got half the hallway done in one class period. Proud of ourselves, we were eager to finish the next day. In the morning, the tiles were still missing. When it came time to meet up second period to finish, we were disappointed to see that some old tiles had been found and put in place of the ones we took. Our tiles, however, were still in our hiding spot. Time to move on to something new now!

FROM: Annoums
DATE: Thursday April 10, 2003 -- 5:09:25 pm
i was wondering if anyone out there would help me pull a good prank on a teacher. He pulled one on me yesterday and it was awful. please Help!

FROM: Joe Revees
DATE: Thursday April 10, 2003 -- 5:31:59 pm
Here's a good one: Get three pigs and paint the numbers 1, 2, and 500 on them. Let them go in the hallway. They will be looking for the other 497 pigs all day. I bet no one's ever thought of this one...

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Thursday April 10, 2003 -- 7:11:50 pm
I was wondering if anyone out there would help me pull a good prank on a teacher. He pulled one on me yesterday and it was awful. please Help!

I bet it had something to do with a dictionary.

FROM: French/ Finch Hater
DATE: Thursday April 10, 2003 -- 10:25:26 pm
Shut the fuck up Finch. I bet your French arnt you.

FROM: Anna
DATE: Friday April 11, 2003 -- 7:57:01 pm
hey! I'm senior, and alot of these pranks were funny as hell and good ideas, but my school is uptight and anal as hell. (it's a private school) anything we get caught doing, we cant go to graduation, have to apologize to all the adminstrators, AND have to serve summer detentions (you wont get a diploma otherwise) my school faces a major road & has absolutely no house or nothing around it (they own all the surrounding land) so, what can I do w/o access to the inside of school that will still manage to piss the school off, and possible cost them damages? (provided I don't get caught) sorry this is long and full of (), but thanks!

FROM: Finch
DATE: Saturday April 12, 2003 -- 4:04:15 pm
Defenseless bird eh? The joke is on you. Had any of you Finch-hating fools who didn't even have the courage to leave your name on your heated aspersions against me read my last comment in its entirety, I would bet that that's more reading than you did throughout your entire high school careers. Utilizing my sheer genius, the pleasure was all mine as I tricked you nimwits into actually reading quite a daunting bit of text!

Hoo Hoo Hah Hah!! MMMM Hoo Hoo Hah Hah Haaaah!

The ignorant rabble are the plaything of the educated!

Fat-headed idiots! Go vandalize the institutions meant to save you from your base human impulses!! Start a riot to express your frustrated powerlessness while the educated and the sensible climb the ladders to success, wealth and leadership to exercise unbridled power over your tiny disorganized messy angry and meaningless lives!!


Finch (the conqueror--second sense)

P.S. I am neither French nor of French descent.


FROM: David AKA Oger
DATE: Sunday April 13, 2003 -- 10:04:28 pm
Hey everyone I have a great prank for you all. The high school i went to in Ohio (Kettering Ohio) gresed a pig and let it loose in side of the school. After about 2-3 hours went by, the pig ran outside. The teachers and staff that was runing after it got it traped in the baseball field. After that they still couldn't get the pig so they had to call the police and they had to kill it. Well peace out peps.

FROM: K to the enny
DATE: Wednesday April 16, 2003 -- 1:42:00 am
me and my bud in highschool had such an awesome prank it depresses everyone else still there cause they can't top it. we went to our local mcdonalds, "borrowed" a lifesizes replica of ronald himself and put him on top of the school auditorium which towered above all the school. plus he had a sign that read..." BURGER KING SUCKS! PEACE OUT! i got pics if anyone wants to see.
oh and finch is obviously a fucking faggot who had no friends in highschool so now he gets his kicks from this page. he is prolly masterbating right now thinking about his p.e. coach.

FROM: kenny again [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday April 16, 2003 -- 2:00:29 am
its me again. i just wanted to add another entry just to say FUCK YOU FINCH again. thanks!

FROM: chit
DATE: Wednesday April 16, 2003 -- 2:16:50 am
At my gay ass school our school board decided that they are going to add days to the end of the school year, make us go longer school days, and took most of our spring break, well naturally people are pissed. so me and some buddies of mine are going to take the porty johns from the foot ball feild and stack three of them on top of each other make a lil pryamid, and making a sign that says our school board is a load of shit... and finch i agree with everyone else you are so fucking gay. We all know you like for your dad to ejaculate his dick in your ass hole you faggot..... And for th ronald mcdonanld thing, That was so funny when walked to the courtyard at school and there sat ronald mcdonald on top of the school. It is going to be hard to top that one!

FROM: Binky
DATE: Wednesday April 16, 2003 -- 9:52:55 pm
3 years ago the seniors at my school made a hug cement statue of a penis and put it in the middle of the senior quad where everyeone could see it, but the janitor took it down before school, it really sucked....

other than that people at my school just spray paint a lot of stuff on the walls and every year we drive into the middle of the campus blast the music and have a hug water fight with supersoakers, water balloons filled with water, piss, beer and bleach...

we also always have fire works in the hallways but last year someone made a mini pipe bomb instead and some of the lockers caught on fire it was bad and some of the kids got arrested

but i need new ideas to cuz this is my year and im def not looking forward to gettin arrested so somethin legal would be great! theres always stupid things like filling the princepals office with blown up condoms, but i think my new princpal would have a heart attack cuz hes 82 years old :-/

FROM: fun indian
DATE: Thursday April 17, 2003 -- 7:02:58 pm
this year's prank is gonna be awesome. i go to a anal retentive school where nothin cool ever happens. I and a select group of friends are going to take pornographic pictures and put them in the pages of the books in the library that we know students will use. The beauty of this is that this prank with reciprocate for years to come because we are going to put them in so many books. Also, i got a friend at another school, in another state, to agree to do the same. Awesome

FROM: Minnie Mouse
DATE: Saturday April 19, 2003 -- 1:09:04 pm
Dahhhhhhh, you is Verrry Crazzy, i know of a prank that was once done at my friends college, a group of students over time collected all the spoons from the cafeteria. Then one night, the students put all the spoons in the yard in the frount of the school. The next morning, all the cafeteria women were in the yard plucking every spoon from the yard... it was quite funny... :o)

FROM: Marisol
DATE: Monday April 21, 2003 -- 2:27:29 pm
Hey, this is really interesting, i thought i should give my ideas:
1) it involves confetti and the air conditioner vents

FROM: Tang
DATE: Tuesday April 22, 2003 -- 5:19:39 pm
When I was a freshman, the seniors at my school probably had one of the best senior pranks I've ever heard of.. Well first of all you need t get ahold of your school letterhead that i what they send all of the news stuff to the students households keeping them updated with current events and such... Usually each of these letterheads include the princpal's signiture at the bottom..Well, once you get ahold of this you write a letter to all of the juniors and seniors at your school (because at most schools they are the only ones who are allowed to go to prom... but if your school is different just send the letters to which ever class is capable of going) and in the letter you bullshit for a while making it sound like a formal letter sent by the principal of you school but then eventually say something along the lines of "with prom coming up and it being a special night for our young men and women at our school, we want the night to be as safe as possible.. so before your son or daughter enters prom on the evening of (whatever the date is) we will be distributing condoms so they may be protected in any situations that ma come about in the aftermath of prom. Thank you for your understanding and I hope you see this is not only for the ease of you minds, but it's also for the ease of your sons and daughters minds...." and you can write that any way you want it but when the parents get the letters it's prety amusing to see their reactions. and once the letters are written you simply just send them to everyone.. the reations are great

FROM: bryan
DATE: Thursday April 24, 2003 -- 7:23:41 pm
i did something similar to the last post a couple of weeks ago, and didnt think anything like it would be on here till i read this last one. one of our school's dumb rules is you cant wear flip flops, so i typed up this formal looking announcement on school letterhead with the principal's signature saying flip flops would be allowed every friday starting on a certain date, sure enough about 1/4th of the students showed up in flip flops and there was an anouncement about 4th period saying they all had to go home and change. then recently me and a friend had the person who did anouncements in the mornings say that all seniors had to go down to the football field for a class picture directly after 4th period...

FROM: Cindi
DATE: Thursday April 24, 2003 -- 7:27:26 pm
At my old school in Maryland (I'm not mentioning the name, but it was in PG County, which is known for it's unruly students) a group of seniors thought it would be funny to come in the school after hours.

One of the kids had an uncle who was a janitor and borrowed the keys to the school. They then broke into one of the soda maching, and replaced all the cans with beer.

It took the administration 3 (THREE!) days to figure out what soda machine the alcohol was coming from.


FROM: Cindi
DATE: Thursday April 24, 2003 -- 7:32:21 pm
I forgot,

I have a friend who is planning a senior prank for next year (he's a junior, I'm a senior). He wants to release 3 pigs in the school and # them 1, 2 and 4. THe administration is going to spend all day tryng to find the nonexistant Pig #3.

I'm sad I'm leaving this year.

FROM: Cindi
DATE: Thursday April 24, 2003 -- 7:46:57 pm
Send the hate mail.

I just read that 1000438275 other people on this thread did the pig thing.


FROM: Justin P
DATE: Friday April 25, 2003 -- 1:37:14 am
I am trying to think of a good prank for my senior year. I go to a big time boarding school in central New Jersey, near princeton; so we live here and doing stuff at night isnt a problem. Graduation is only 5 weeks away and we are starting to finalize some plans.

Our plan right now involves bringing in a revolutionary/civil war reactment trope to stage a battle on our campus durring the day as kids go to class and such (we have a big campus, kinda of like a collge). Canons, guns, dead people all over campus - it sounds like an awsome prank and I am hoping it works.

It sounds like it's going to, but if not we need a back up plan... any ideas for pranks to pull off on a campus with lots of buildings, open space?

ohh and dont suggest blocking off the main road near our school so that traffic has to flow through our campus and cause it to be a big traffic jam as it enters from both sides...that got done 3 years back

FROM: some dude
DATE: Sunday April 27, 2003 -- 1:49:28 am
If any of your teacher's drive trucks or suvs, take some bailing wire and string one end to the drive shaft and the other to a small rock. When they drive away the wire will swing around and hit their floorboards and make a knocking sound. As they slowdown, the knocking ends. When they speed back up it starts again. The wire will break off after a couple miles and it shouldn't cause any harm. It's hilarious to watch your teachers drive by hearing ping ping ping.

FROM: marisol
DATE: Monday April 28, 2003 -- 1:44:16 pm
a group of kids at my school is thinking of using weed killer to spell out "class of 2003" in the grass, hoping, of course, that it stays there until the grass grows back. does anyone know if that really works?

FROM: dude
DATE: Monday April 28, 2003 -- 2:01:47 pm
man, i just read all the posts. it was long but cool. i wish i had gone to a school where people had guts to do pranks. the most any class did was write 2000 in chalk in the quad and on the walls. the next year the seniors tp'd the big tree and the next year no one did anything. i hope this year someone comes up with something. thanx for the ideas

FROM: Question
DATE: Monday April 28, 2003 -- 2:09:27 pm
um, how exactly to you get the tires around the flag pole? it's pretty high. you can't just toss it up there.

FROM: sunfire99
DATE: Monday April 28, 2003 -- 5:37:26 pm
try this in the showers unscrew the top where the water comes out. put sticky candy in. ex starbursts or any sugar hard candy will work. anyone in sports or just showers after p.e. will have fun

DATE: Monday April 28, 2003 -- 11:18:32 pm
I know you are probally not going to read this but Erica did you go to Cardinal Mooney? They did the same thing with water balloons and they even had a car towed. It was great.

FROM: Nykee
DATE: Tuesday April 29, 2003 -- 9:44:47 pm
at Boiling Springs High School in Central Pennsylvania this week some kids got a hold of school district letterhead and sent a letter out to about 175 parents of students regarding the prom & telling them that "We realize students may participate in reckless physical behavior. As a result of this knowledge, the school will be renting a limited amount of hotel rooms for private parties. Throughout the dance, we will also be distributing a 'Bubbler Condom Care Package' containing free condoms and a brochure about the dangers of unprotected sex." ... lol and they asked parents to send them donations of condoms and other things... lol isn't that too funny? I am a senior in high school right now and we're trying to think of a prank at our school (a neighboring one to Boiling Springs) to beat that...

FROM: Alex [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday April 30, 2003 -- 3:01:15 pm
hey I am a senior this year an dhave a few ideas for tight pranks.

1) Wheelbarrow a shitload of sand into our quad (right in the center of our campus, can see itfrom everywhere) and bring out lawn chairs, beach towels, a boombox bumpin some tunes, and people all dressed in beach gear...then go pick up some empty kegs from the nearest beer place or mini-mart that sells kegs. Set them up and give people platic cups filled with whatever (apple juice, Dew, Pepsi) and maybe even fill up the kegs halfway with whatever you want. Then during school party up in front of everyone...and make sure ot act as wasted as possible in front of all adults

2) go get four empty kegs from the nearest beer place and because our cafteria has a huge pillars in front of it, and the roof is really high we are going to paint one number from 2003 on each keg and hang them fromt he roof, with a superimposed picture blown up of our principal drinking with us

3) 50,000 dixie cups filled wiht colored water all over the floor of the school

4) number four pigs 1, 2, 3 and 5 and see hwo long they....ohh wait thats retarded because everyone in the entire country seems to want to do that for their senior prank

5) last year the seniors at my school (im form oregon) let 6 cows loose inside the of the seniors owned a dairy farma nd he let the 6 cows that they were selling for slaughter to have one last romp in a high school before they died

FROM: kurosh [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday May 1, 2003 -- 11:35:03 pm
I think I know how you can do the tire thing. Attach two ropes to the tire, tie one rope around the pully and keep one free. Use the pully system to get the tire to the top of the pole then with the free rope pull the tire down and around the pole.

Yes, I know I'm a genius.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Friday May 2, 2003 -- 9:07:53 am
I'm thinking it's about time for dumb-ass mode... no new ground has been broken in the last year...

FROM: kel*c
DATE: Friday May 2, 2003 -- 8:43:00 pm
What are the best pranks any of u guys know about?

FROM: Josh
DATE: Saturday May 3, 2003 -- 10:24:40 pm
Our school has cameras everywhere, except out by the drive to turn into the school where the sign is. So I don't know what we could do without getting busted.

Besides, I'm on track to be valedictorian so I don't think I want to risk getting thrown out of school.

FROM: peta
DATE: Sunday May 4, 2003 -- 3:37:12 am
the tire prank was done at our school my freshman year. the seniors at that time brought scaffolding over to the school, assembeled it there, and the rest was simple. it supposedly took only an hour to build the scaffolding, but youd have to have the hookup.
we have already done a senior prank this year, one that actually hasnt been mentioned yet, suprisingly. first we went to the home depot and got an exact color match of the faded yellow lines for parking spaces in the faculty parking lot. we spent all night thinning out the painted lines there, then redrawing new lines. these new lines however were exactly 12 inches less wide than the older lines. to the naked eye this was unnoticable (imporant: the lines did not look new because of the faded color we copied) however when the teachers parked and noticed there doors couldnt open all the way due to the other cars being parked "too close"... priceless.

we still have 3 weeks until graduation and i would like to be involved in some more senior pranks. some listed here i will take into consideration. anything better?

FROM: dont worry about it
DATE: Tuesday May 6, 2003 -- 12:15:55 am
senior prank cement pennies on the floor take a while but funny

FROM: mshows123
DATE: Tuesday May 6, 2003 -- 11:59:46 pm
Here is a good prank I am thinking of using next week. I plan to buy buckets and buckets of plastic army men and strategically super glue them all over the school. Glue them to the floors,lockers,teachers desks,toilets,etc...
Is this a good idea?
I also thought of using food coloring to write something in the grass. When the grass grows back it will be the color of the food coloring.We want to do it in the middle of the football field.Class of 2003.
I also heard that if you wet a big sponge and ball it into a ball and let it dry it will stay small and round.Then drop it into a toilet and it will expand and clog up the toilet.
P.S.Fench is a Fag W/O a penus

FROM: Someone else
DATE: Wednesday May 7, 2003 -- 11:37:36 am
Although I'm a junior, I hear the seniors are going to plant a Dogwood tree in the football field and put a Cardinal's nest in it. Because it's dogwood, they aren't allowed to cut it down (Its the state tree), and the Cardinal's nest keeps them from moving it, anyway, because its against the law to disturb one.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Wednesday May 7, 2003 -- 12:32:12 pm
Yep, it's time for Dumb-Ass Mode. Especially when the non-word "penus" is used.

chase August 30, 2006, 1:07 am

alright heres one, i just started reading your guys and i dont know if this is on here but we as freshman were at lunch and heard the bell go off, and DING it popped into our heads, alarm clocks! over the next four years moderatly, moderatly is the most important becuase if the cops look at store tapes and see u bying like 20 clocks in a row for a year they will know its you, we secronized “sp” and put them in every locker we could and some 2 clocks and we also bought locks moderatly of course and locked all the lockers, no one locks there lockers at our school and on the last day DING DING DING they canceled finals it was awsome

Ryan August 30, 2006, 2:35 am

Uh-oh… we may have to re-dumbass some Pings!

Another guy named Mike September 4, 2006, 5:16 am

I’m a senior this year… we are planning on this prank, which I haven’t seen listed here already. Wee are going to truck in a bunch of bags of sand and a volleyball net overnight and as the students arrive the next day the seniors will be playing beach volleyball on the front lawn. If we have the resources we may have a barbeque as well πŸ™‚ Free hot dogs for all!

Ryan September 4, 2006, 1:58 pm

That sounds like it should have been an episode of Saved by the Bell.

mommy September 6, 2006, 3:11 pm

My son graduated from a small Christian school 2 years ago. Not only are senior pranks allowed, the senior class is given the key to the school for one night of fun. His class did the dixie cups filled with water thing. They covered the entire 3rd floor hall, spelling out ‘class of 2005’ with food coloring in some cups. They made a HUGE dixie cup pyramid (filled with water). Then they did the BEST thing!!! They had digital cameras and took pictures of 2 classrooms-even took pictures of what was on the blackboards. They then (using the pictures they had taken with the digital cameras) moved all the furniture..from one room to the other. They even duplicated a time-line that was on the History blackboard. It was awesome! They also went into the office and covered the desk and keyboard of the upper school principal with pennies. No glue was needed~~they stood the pennies up in between each letter on the keyboard and then just scattered TONS of pennies all over the office. They did a few other things too, but these were the highlights. If you guys would do fun but not destructive pranks more schools would allow the pranking.

Novato High School (CA) September 7, 2006, 10:50 pm

OK, I’ve read most of the posts in this thread, and some are pretty good. However, I don’t think anything comes close to what our seniors did at Novato High School back in 1986.

A few very influential students got together and organized a scavenger hunt like no other. It was planned for a night during the last week of school and the only thing that was told to the other seniors was that they needed to organize four person teams, it cost $20 per team to play, the bigger the vehicle they could bring for their team the better and a place to meet at 10:00 PM where they would learn where the item lists and rules would be distributed.

Hundreds of people gathered at the meeting place and someone called the pay phone and announced a location for the lists. Everyone blazed out of the parking lot and totally ignored stop lights and speed limits on the way to get their lists.

The rules were simple, get as much stuff as you can and meet at a parking lot near Stinson Beach at 6:00 AM. On the back of the lists was the number for a family lawyer to call in case you got arrested. (Novato is in Marin County, one of the richest counties in the nation)

Anyway, here are a few items I can remember from the lists:

– A McDonald’s uniform
– A Denny’s menu
– A bell from a Taco-Bell
– A bowling pin
– A school desk
– A hotel Bible
– A live chicken
– Fresh roadkill
– A tombstone
– A suit of armor
– A mailbox filled with puke
– A picture of one of your team-mates with a hooker
– A picture of one of your team-mates riding a cow
– A picture of one of your team-mates on top of the Golden Gate Bridge (One team actually climbed the bridge earlier in the year and that’s where that came from. He did it again for the scavenger hunt)
– A picture of one of your team-mates in a KKK uniform in front of B&K Liquor in downtown Oakland.
– A picture of one of your team-mates naked on Broadway street in SF.
– The totem pole that was in front of a local convenience store
– A tennis court net
– The lights from a cop car
– The nozzle from a gas pump
– A basketball net
– Many other items, but I can’t remember them now… (It was 20 years ago, damn I’m getting old)

Larger items and harder to obtain items had higher point values. The team with the most points at the end of the scavenger hunt got most of the entrance fees and each member got to pick one item to keep from any of the other teams.

One of the local bowling alleys observed several HS students run in, run straight down the lane, grab a pin and run out. They caught on quickly and posted someone at the door with a big box of retired pins and handed one to each HS age kid that came in.

Fair warning to anyone who wants to do something like this; two people were arrested that night. One was caught trying to get the lights from a cop car (another team was successful) and the other was caught sawing off a gas pump nozzle with a hacksaw.

One thing that makes this even better, is that it was written about the next year in our school’s literary magazine. The title was “We Won’t Get Caught, We’re on a Mission from God”. (I was hoping to find it on the web, but haven’t yet). The article said the names were changed to protect the guilty, but they weren’t. It was a very comprehensive account of the events from that evening written by one of the members of the winning team.

Chris September 8, 2006, 12:32 am

Ok, here’s a totally revolutionary idea that nobody has ever mentioned on this site.

You get four pigs, then (oh, this part is great), then, you number them 1,2, and 4! But not three! HAHAHA! They will not know WHAT to do! DUDE, my principal is soooo dumb, he though he could find the third pig! HAH! Isn’t that great!?

scotte2051 September 14, 2006, 1:56 am

In our School District, we have phones that are all networked together by extensions. All 3 digit extensions (i.e.- 100-600). We also have an interbuilding PA system so that the school officials may make an “All Call” to page everyone in the building to go to the Gymnasium, or for messages of the same nature. I know both most of the faculty members in my school and are friends with most of them. On the telephones in the High School office, there is a button that says “Paging” and when you click that button, it gives you an audible tone over the headset, then you press the button 2 to page all High School intercoms, I was wanting to hook up a CD player, or MP3 player to a phone and let it play until they could figure out what was going on, the only problem is that, the only phones that have the “Paging” buttons are in the Offices, I know that there has to been an extension that the telephone dials when the button it pressed, but it is not shown, and no one seems to know what the extension is. If I could figure out the extension it would be much easier to dial in from a phone that is hardly ever used and forgotten about so that it would last longer. This is pretty much one of the easiest pranks to get by with and one of the hardest for someone to stop. I know for a fact that all the telephones run from a Server, however, the Technology Director will not reset the server because it is too much of a hassle, and he actually is not contracted to do it, the telephone company is. This is a good idea, but can anyone help me with what the extension may be on the telepone for the “Paging” button? Any help is appreciated!

MV September 17, 2006, 6:58 pm

We tried builing a cement wall in front of our school on the day of finals. Just buy some cement and some cinderblocks, mix the cement before hand and with 5 people the deal should take about 20 minutes tops. We got unlucky and ended up running from the cops that patrol the area during the last couple of days, but if done in the the middle of the year it would have been possible.

Katie September 20, 2006, 11:39 pm

So i have been reading a few of these and they all sound pretty good. I am a senior this year and i want something people will remember. Last year, all the seniors did was write “Seniors ’06” with window markers, that washed off, on peoples car windows..lame right? But I saw a bunch of posts about the alarms, and i was thinking of getting peoples locker #’s and setting loud alarm clocks in random peoples lockers and making them go off at different times. Since they were locked in lockers, teachers couldnt just go and turn them off, they would need a janitor to come unlock that locker and when they were shutting that one off, another one..or more would be going off in lockers somewhere else..please email me( and tell me if you think that would be a good idea..:D

Kevin October 3, 2006, 9:25 pm

about the pig prank all the way in the middle of this blog-thats a good idea but it would be better to number 3 pigs 1,3 and 4 so that way you know people will look for the missing number 2 pig. This idea insures that there is another pig to look for. Also, some seniors at my school once made a mixture of soap, grease and water, then poured an immense amount of it in the main bathroom at our school. Then, they removed the mirrors from the wall and placed them over our automatic flushing toilets so you had to stare at yourself when you peed plus the toilets didn’t flush and eventually overflowed. I thought it was pretty funny, so i’m trying to find a way to one-up it any takes?

ian October 6, 2006, 3:57 am

okay, you guys no offense sound like you have lame pranks. the best weve done this year (im graduating right now) is stick a skunk in the ventilation. unfortunately it died and got infested with maggots. and the filters were all ruined and the school still smells three weeks later. but were gonna do some stuff with superglued pennies and toilet paper, and some kid already threw dead fish all over the door

zack November 2, 2006, 10:29 pm

This is similar to some of the others, but the best one I have heard of from my school is welding an old car around the flag pole. Don’t ask me how they did it, but it happened.

Lame ones from the past few years have been:
Throwing trash all over the field (guess who cleaned it up)
Planting the state flower in the shape of ’06 (gone before lunch)
Stink bombs in the venilation shafts

Andrea November 11, 2006, 7:19 pm

everybodys talking about zip-tying stuff but idk how to do that. anyone wanna clue me in?

Prankstaforce1 November 29, 2006, 9:12 pm

ON THE ZIP TIE THING U just buy zip ties and put em on stuff simple
on the main thing me and freinds have been plannin senior prank since 6th grade (soph) now we arnt going to tell what we will do this year but last year we put clear jello in every toliet and sporked the football feild and stole the principles tires and thats wimpy compared to this years junk

Evans, GA

Anon January 15, 2007, 8:47 pm

Here’s a good senior prank. Crucifixion. Stay with me on this one. What you can do is either buy or steal lumber (a good idea would be to kill a family with an ice pick and take apart their home) and form them into crosses. Then you take underclassmen that fail to answer a preset list of questions correctly and you gag them and nail them to a cross. Imagine how surprised the teachers will be when they see kids dangling from crosses (on fire, if you can manage)! Of course, you might go to jail for a 50 years, but that’s fine, right?

Harvard Grad..... January 21, 2007, 6:37 pm

I think SOME of you should worry more about your SCHOOL WORK THAN PRANKS!!!! YOUR SPELLING SUCKS!!!!! What LOSERS!!!!

Steven January 28, 2007, 11:06 am

Even though I’m a Junior right now, I got together a bunch of other Juniors as well as Seniors and we all went out onto the football, soccer, and other fields w/ trucks and SUVs and did a bunch of doughnuts, totally screwing up the lawns. Then we hooked up chains to the football posts and pulled them down. Other than that, it has mostly been regular stuff like the baby oil on the floors and sneaking Potassium Nitrate out of the chemistry storage room and putting it in toilets (makes a big boom). Lastly, we took a portable welder, and welded the outside door’s hinges shut, they had to take the doors completely off!!!

mtf February 1, 2007, 4:32 am

The (fat) security guards @ our school ride around everywhere in golf carts. I’m thinking something along the lines of cutting the brakes.

Elese February 4, 2007, 12:10 am

yall had some pretty good ideas and it made me think of some of my own. i didnt read through everything yet but some of my ideas are probably like yours with some differences. i’m graduating this year ’07 and i’ve been trying to think of pranks since elementary school, here are some of my ideas. tell me what yall think

1.clear jell-o, suran rap, or chocolate candy bars in the toilets
2. stink bombs in the hallways
3.block the parking lot entrances and/or doors with police caution tape and that goes with 4. outlines of ‘murder’ victims
5.fine a way to connect all of the cars in the parking lot with rope or chains tying all of the side mirrors together
6. suran rap all of the cars
7.let the air out of the principal’s times and give him some kind of a slow pump to fill them back up
8.hang a flag saying ’07 on the flag pole
9.frozen shaving cream left to melt outside infront of all of the entrances
10.water balloons filled with shaving cream, whipped cream, or baking soda and vinegar sauce or baking soda in the ketchup dispensars
12.leave manikins around the school in random places and also outside my school we have little waiting room things between sets of doors at all of our entrances and i’m thinking about filling them all up with random objects like:pop tabs, empty pop cans or bottles, paper balls, packing peanuts, shreded paper, popcorn, dog treats, fake plants, shoes. fill it a few feet high or fill it as much as we can.
14.have things stacked infront of all of the classroom doors.
15. disconnected all of the keyboards and mouses or mice*lmfao wichever it is* from all of the computers
16.write the graduation year and seniors on every single desk with shaving cream
17.blow up balloons with air and helium and fill the halls or certain classrooms, also condoms could be used but that could cause problems for being sexual

what do yall think? if i can think of anymore i’ll fill yall in. i’m not sure which ones i’ll do, maybe all. and i’m not sure when either, i have have until the end of may. good lucky with all of your pranks.

Jack February 9, 2007, 2:20 am

well… one that i have yet to see that my class (particularly me) is doing is making a giant penis (10′ or so) out of paper miache and putting it on top of the school so that it hangs over the entrance

it should be relatively easy.. and b/c where i live is cold we’re just going to throw water all over the base to ice it to the roof and make it more difficult to take down

this is a pretty cool thing to do simply b/c there is little risk in being charged w/ nything (a couple of dedicated ppl w/ blowdryers could get it down) and it causes no permanent damage but makes for a hilarious day

Foxtrotx2 February 11, 2007, 9:20 am

Simple: 2oo+ pounds of bird seed. BTW, dont forget your umbrella.

marilyn February 13, 2007, 12:49 am

my senior prank rocked! it was safe, legal and didnt cost any money. At my school there are 4 periods in a day. So me and my friends decided that second period after the late bell rings, the whole senior class starts running around the school. When the administration came there was too many kids running around to get control of. Some kids even brough in those small water guns and threw around confetti. Also kids also popped into classrooms to create more madness! It was great!!

katie February 13, 2007, 2:32 am

one word- lime. use lime to write ‘class of 2007’ in the grass. it will take a really long time for the grass to grow back. you can get lime at any lawn/farm supply store.

mattybobs February 13, 2007, 4:50 am

hey, i got a serios question about my senior prank for june. 400 alarm clocks strategically hidden throughout school… ceilings, books, trashcans, taped to chairs… all set to go off at the same time (like sixth period)

good idea? or bad idea? how much trouble we looking at?

russysbabe February 14, 2007, 3:36 am

im not sure what to do yet for my senior prank…i was thinking about taking all of the desks out of every classroom and putting them into out baseball field but i need to fing away to get into the rooms….or to use chalk and window paint to write stuff all over the school….not sure yet….

ALONSO February 16, 2007, 8:44 pm

so last year as a junior me and a group of friends went to the student parking lot while the seniors were at gradnite, so all of their cars were their jus waitin for the takin (seriously ppl knew sumthin was goin down, they even paid an extra $60 for security, our school cop was there) so we took off 20 liscense plates and spelled out ’07 with them, yea that was made into an insant classic

that one kid March 1, 2007, 11:36 pm

Ok…so currently I am working on a prank that involves mail and no school. We are writing a letter on our school letterhead that there is a gas problem in the school, so it is going to be cancelled for a few days. We are most likely to do it over spring break so the main offices are closed and the parents wouldn’t be able to contact anyone to find out if it is real. I also found all teachers in the school district and made sure that a letter wasn’t sent to their kids. There is only one thing that is left. We need to steal $400 in stamps to mail them, or hand deliver all of the letters. I’m thinking that with like 50 people that this won’t be too much of a problem, but it is illegal. It is a federal offense to put something in a mailbox. So if anyone has feedback about penalties for this let me know. ITS GOING TO BE AWESOME!

gabe March 11, 2007, 9:49 am

i need help pling early

heyhay April 1, 2007, 1:55 pm

hey yall at my school some guy took a pic of a nude girl and posted it on our social studies thats gross!!!!

Jessica April 6, 2007, 11:04 pm

Okay, ive read just about all the messages on this board and i am sure that i will be the last one to respond to this, so i am not expecting feed back, but so far the most original prank i have read about would be mine.

what about a getting every senior to either give up a pair of boxers or panties or bras or pitch in money so we can buy some, tie them all together and hang them outside the front doors where everyone can see them. in the middle you need to get enough white boxers and write Class ’08 (thats when im going to be graduating) on them. then inside the cafeteria just hang bras from the ceilings and maybe make a banner saying GRADS ARE BREAKING FREE!! its a harmless prank, relatively inexpensive, doesnt cause any damage, you wont be charged anything and when they janitors take everything down, they can donate teh underwear to a charity or something. SHEER GENIUS!

adam April 13, 2007, 8:53 pm

can some one help me with ideas, but the problem is we have security cameras all over the school :outside, parking lot, halways. And what would be the best high school prank. And i graduate in less then 50 days. HELP!!!

Future President April 16, 2007, 4:22 am

Hey! Some advice about how to sneak into your school!

Before the day is over, choose some random door that isn’t used very much, open the door, push in the little latch on the side of it that locks the door, and put a piece of tape over it. The latch will stay inside and the door will stay unlocked.

For the class of 2006, I wanted to plan something sweet. So, being the innovative person I am, I snooped around online and found that you can buy a case of 2000 bouncy balls for about $110. We took up a secret collection with the senior class. During the last period of the day, right before the bell rang, me and my nameless partner asked our teachers for bathroom passes. Then, wearing hoodies with the hoods up, we grabbed our case of bouncy balls, ran into the main hallway of the school, and just as the bell rang, unleashed the bouncy balls. Imagine the chaos and missed bus rides that ensued.

We also snuck in the night before and decorated each bus with all sorts of “just married” decorations. Some kids during the night had stretched big banners between each prong of the goal posts on the football field with stuff written on them that I won’t repeat. πŸ™‚ Since none of these were really damaging (everyone got free bouncy balls, for cryin’!) and we were so careful, everyone got off completely free.

But my old auditorium doubled as our cafeteria, and so instead of having a sloping floor like normal auditoriums, we had five levels, the lowest one in the middle and the biggest one on the outside. The plan for years was to fill the bottom most level with water and put in some live goldfish.

I like the ex-lax, laughing gas and dry ice ideas though. πŸ™‚

Jameyle April 16, 2007, 4:19 pm

I think those are some nice pranks but nothing beats the classic stink bomb in hallway prank.

Sarah April 23, 2007, 5:40 pm

So some of these pranks are creative, and some of them….. not so much.

I have to say that I really don’t find pranks where students try to make it look like teachers or administrators behave badly are very funny. Making it look like you are sleeping or drinking or doing illegal drugs with a teacher or principal can end their careers. Even if you own up that it was a joke, there will always be people who don’t believe it was a prank and make life difficult for them. ‘Pranks’ like these have been in the news in the past. They’ve lost the teacher their job, ended marriages, and caused untold humiliation. Even if you don’t report it as a crime, something like a student sleeping with a teacher MUST be investigated as a crime, even if it is believed to be a joke. Just because you hate this person doesn’t give you the right to destroy their life. So they gave you a lot of homework and made you fail that test and put you in detention. Get over with it, come up with something better.

Also, when planning these pranks, try to picture explaining to your parents and grandparents and friends and neighbors that you won’t be attending graduation or you’re on probabtion because of a prank. “Isn’t that funny, Grandma? Gluing all the doors shut? Who knew it was a violation of the fire code to block exits from the school…”

I’m in college now and we’re working our our senior prank. It involves a graduation ceremony, five hundred lawn flamingoes, several cases of sidewalk chalk, a few miles of streamers, and an army of garden gnomes. You see, we graduate on the football field. πŸ™‚

Travis April 27, 2007, 7:41 am

Sarah — That’s freakin’ Genius. I myself go to a Private Christian School, and I’m looking for a grand finale that’ll leave the teachers and administrators without a way to suspend me, and is also one of those things that just leaves all the students in stitches. The only thing I’ve really thought about doing was taking a bunch of those banners that say something like,”Budweiser” And supergluing them to all the buildings. Maybe even just bypassing the superglue and stringing them in the hallways afterhours(Since I have access to keys to get into the buildings). They’ve been looking to suspend, even expell me, for awhile now, so I don’t want to give them a reason, but I don’t want to forego a senior legend simply because of fear. That’s not my style. Any ideas? Thanks for the time.

Lacey May 17, 2007, 9:30 pm

A girl showering with guys? how is that a prank? sounds like a SKANK! our seniors put up a for sale sign on our school with the phone number. they didnt even get in trouble!

Chealsey May 18, 2007, 2:13 pm

I got a prank, how bout we got about half of the seniors and we formed lines down the halls throwin conffetti, wearing silly hats and face paint like clowns, making noise with air horns, at the same time the people at the end of the line people are spilling baby oil on the floor behind us. We all meet up on the main hall and leave

J. Lorenzi October 19, 2007, 4:57 am

for senior prank 2008 i had to start off the year by finding a bees nest and vacuuming up the bees and releasing about 500 in the school. me and my friend both got caught and suspened for 3 days but it was funny as hell. they had to smoke them out. lol if u got anything better let me no i will do just about anything

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