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June 19th, 2000

Here Comes the Judge

I was talking with Pinger Matt yesterday about a classroom game I remember playing in third or fourth grade. It was called “Here Comes the Judge,” and the teacher frequently used it when she didn’t feel like teaching. “7 Up” was a more popular game, but I liked this one just as much.

One person would sit in a chair at the front of the room, facing the blackboard with his eyes closed. Someone else would then be chosen from the class to come up behind the person and say “Here comes the judge… here comes the judge,” doing their best to disguise their voice. The person in the chair would then have to guess who the mystery voice was was. If the person in the chair guessed correctly, he got to stay in the chair for another turn.

Anyone remember this game? -ram

Posted in Childhood Memories

Heather March 27, 2008, 4:42 pm

I remember this game!!!!! I happened on your Q while searching for the rules! We played all the time in grade school.

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