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June 20th, 2000

The left lane is for passing only.

It’s a simple rule of the road, I swear. But every single day I drive, at least one yahoo is doing under 50 in the left lane. Signs do nothing: no one reads "Slower Traffic Keep Right" and thinks, "Gee, maybe I should move over." Nope. Can you provide any reasonable explanation as to why people drive slowly in the left lane? I can’t. -pm

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Ossifer Friendly March 31, 2007, 11:23 pm

Using the the left for passing only keeps the speed up on the whole highway. If you get a couple cars to ride the left at a lower speed than the other lanes the traffic quickly becomes stop and go on the whole road cause people can not get around the Mr. Magoos, Sides it is hard to get out of the left lane if it is going slower than the other lanes. It is far cheaper to get people to use the left for passing only than build more lanes. Another benefit is that if there are vehicles that can go at a high rate on the left and you obey the law and stay slow on the right you do not get tickets for excess speed.

Ann March 4, 2010, 3:51 am

Thanks Aron your the only one who gets it. People wouldn’t have to pass on the right if people in the passing lane(left lane) would get their head out of their butt or get in the right hand lane. How about ticketing those in the left lane that aren’t passing, that’s the solution.

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