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June 22nd, 2000

Web paranoia!

Note: due to a bonehead move on my part, the original Ping is temporarily unavailable. Here is a slightly revised version of that article… -pm

Local radio personality Steve Dahl is exhibiting what might be the best case of Web Paranoia yet. Dahl is a former member of radio legends Steve and Garry. Garry is over on another network doing his own thing, and doing it well. Steve? He’s still talking about how he hates Garry.

But, Steve has a fan base. And like many public figures, he’s got a long list of people who don’t care for him as well. I’m one of them. Thanks to the net, those people can set up sites that bash Dahl, or talk about him on the sites of other folks – like Jonathon Brandmeier, whose show comes on before Dahl’s (and is often cut early by Dahl as well).

It seems that Dahl isn’t content to let this happen. He has bragged on his show about his new tactic: getting the accounts of people who don’t like him, shut down. His kid has programs to take care of things, allegedly. He’s been talking about it on the air – this, after being busted on illegal wiretapping laws.

Dahl will find out who is badmouthing him, and get that person’s IP address (usually posted on web boards). He then does a lookup, calls the ISP, claims he’s been spammed by that person, and there you go. At least five accounts have been pulled thanks to Dahl, but they’ve also been reinstated once briefed on the situation.

Scary, scary stuff. -pm

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