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June 23rd, 2000

Here Comes the Rain Again (or I Can Stand the Rain)

The other night I was standing outside on my porch just watching lightning. There were probably 5 or 6 strikes each minute, and there was that something in the air that confirmed that a heavy rain was coming. A neighbor from across the street was just standing in his backyard staring at the the sky, as well. Then in a matter of, literally, 5 seconds, I saw the man across the street scurry into his house, I felt a drop on my head, so I backed up to the door of my house, and the rain went from zero to pouring in the blink of an eye. The winds picked up and our street was instantly turned into a flowing river. Since the rain was starting to blow onto the porch, I headed inside but had a heck of a time trying to shut the door — I had to use both hands and then a shoulder-shove to get it shut. Amazing.

I thought briefly about weather and realized that wussy little drizzles or snow flurries just don’t do it for me — I love seeing the dark, forboding, ominous, insert your own adjective here sky in the few minutes before a storm hits. And then, provided I don’t have to drive, I want a downpour or a heavy snowstorm — the middle ground just isn’t the same. -ram

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