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June 21st, 2000

The Joys of Kickball

I’d have to say that one of my favorite games to play in gym class was kickball. I don’t know if there’s a kid on the planet that didn’t play this at one time or another, but it could either make or break your reputation.

There were three types of kickball players:

  • The type that could kick the hell out of the ball. This was where most people wanted to be classified, but you had to be careful not to be…
  • The type that tried to kick the hell out of the ball but would miss (and occasionally fall). This was clearly the worst category.
  • The type that would purposely kick it lightly in an attempt to get a single, but no more. Not much glory for this kind of player, but also not much risk of looking like a loser.
I’m also of the mindset that every company should have a monthly kickball game as a stress reliever. There’s just something so satisfying about that hollow echo when you kicked those red gym balls. Plus, imagine the thrill when the IT group got to battle sales group, or when the corporate squad faced off against the guys and gals in accounting.

But this raises the question — just where did gym teachers actually get those kickballs from? -ram

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