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June 27th, 2000

Final Meal

This is morbidly fascinating. It’s a full rundown of what Texas death row inmates had for their “last meal.”

While some people knew they might as well pig out (Richard Foster had a beef fajita, a blooming onion, fried chicken (white meat), jalapeno peppers, large caesar salad with blue cheese dressing, bread rolls with butter, vanilla ice cream, 3 bananas, 1 Coke, and a pot of coffee), others took the minimalist route (Cornelius Gross had 1 apple, 1 orange, 1 banana, coconut, and peaches). Another guy requested “justice, equality, world peace” as his final meal, and Frank McFarland requested that his fruit be washed prior to serving (as if it really mattered at that point). And the inmate I’d least like to be near during his final meal: Thomas Barefoot’s request included chili with beans, seasoned pinto beans, seasoned mustard greens, and hot spiced beets.

What’s odd is that certain things are not allowed for a final meal. For instance, inmates aren’t allowed cigarettes. And one guy who requested wine was given water instead. Are they worried about someone being drunk or getting cancer on the way to the chair?

I have a feeling that my final meal would be a healthy serving of “holy crap, I’m going to die” since that’d be about all I could mutter. -ram

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