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August 31st, 2001

Tummy Tension

Back in high school, I kept Pepcid AC in business. In college, I might have well been acting CEO of Pepcid and Immodium. Nowadays, I mainly stick to fennel seed and deep breathing.

How do you reduce your tummy tension? -ram

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FROM: Patrick
DATE: Friday August 31, 2001 -- 10:47:06AM
Now that I'm out of school the tummy mostly says food is yummy. But, when its feeling funny I go with the Pep, CVS brand to save some money.

DATE: Friday August 31, 2001 -- 10:53:01AM
For me, my weapon of choice has been Mylanta for years now. The tablets, not that nasty liquid stuff, though I've heard the liquid works better.

DATE: Friday August 31, 2001 -- 11:35:57AM
For me it's the classic: half a teaspoon of baking soda in a half cup of water. I've never found anything that works better, and you sure can't beat the price.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Friday August 31, 2001 -- 1:33:36PM
Just like Kurt Cobain, I use heroin.

Ok, the bad taste portion of our show is over...

FROM: ice
DATE: Friday August 31, 2001 -- 8:51:57PM

FROM: ping schming
DATE: Sunday December 23, 2001 -- 1:35:35AM
just don't eat, fools.
see the ping on breatharianism.

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