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July 9th, 2000

Chicken Run

A friend of mine dressed as a chicken on an episode of Philly After Midnight last week as part of a feature on animal rights and chicken farms. The (wonderful) movie Chicken Run deals with the animal rights issue in an interesting, entertaining way, showing that animals have feelings and individual personalities. And because of this angle, a lot of people are taking issue with Burger King for their eat more beef marketing campaign.

Yeah, sure it’s stupid of Burger King to use an animal rights film to sell, of all things, hamburgers, but what I take offense with is their terribly uncreative marketing campaign that is a direct rip-off of the long-running, well-known “Eat Mor Chiken” campaign at Chic-Fil-A. Is anyone offended by this lack of inspiration? Why should I be inspired to eat their crappy burgers when they can’t take a minute to come up with their own marketing ideas?

I was glad to see this.-ram

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