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July 9th, 2000

Chicken Run

A friend of mine dressed as a chicken on an episode of Philly After Midnight last week as part of a feature on animal rights and chicken farms. The (wonderful) movie Chicken Run deals with the animal rights issue in an interesting, entertaining way, showing that animals have feelings and individual personalities. And because of this angle, a lot of people are taking issue with Burger King for their eat more beef marketing campaign.

Yeah, sure it’s stupid of Burger King to use an animal rights film to sell, of all things, hamburgers, but what I take offense with is their terribly uncreative marketing campaign that is a direct rip-off of the long-running, well-known “Eat Mor Chiken” campaign at Chic-Fil-A. Is anyone offended by this lack of inspiration? Why should I be inspired to eat their crappy burgers when they can’t take a minute to come up with their own marketing ideas?

I was glad to see this.-ram

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FROM: Robert
DATE: Sunday July 9, 2000 -- 1:25:24PM
I am offended by Chick-Fil-A's blatant discrimination against gays and people who "look gay". The owner admitted to it and seemed damn proud of his bigotry. In Alabama, where sexual orientation is not on the list as protected, Chick-Fil-A will fire/not hire you if you're gay. Thusly, I boycott their asses and I suggest anyone else who cares does the same.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Sunday July 9, 2000 -- 8:24:20PM
That's right -- I forgot about that. Maybe Chick-Fil-A and the Boy Scouts should team up...

FROM: dave
DATE: Sunday July 9, 2000 -- 11:47:38PM
Neither my girlfriend nor I will ever eat at Chick-Fil-A again. This greatly upsets us but we will live on. If you are ever trapped in the Carolinas go to Bojangle's instead!

Besides, the biggest cravings for Chick-Fil-A are on Sundays, when the entire chain is CLOSED. :-( Fast food and religion shouldn't mix. Before I became an enlightened agnostic I missed church all the time for my job at McDonald's.

Speaking of religion and fast food, when I first saw the new Taco Bell Enchirito I thought it was called a "Euchirito." A sacred taco? :-)

End digression.

I have always enjoyed the Deep South, but their politics piss me off.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Sunday July 9, 2000 -- 11:59:17PM
You can't attack a chain for not selling out their beliefs to make an extra buck. They are one of the few companies I support 100%.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Monday July 10, 2000 -- 9:24:28AM
I don't have any problem with them deciding to take off on Sundays -- that's a corporate decision that impacts their organization and not society as a whole, but I definitely do not support their homophobic hiring practices... there's no place for that at any employer, especially a major corporation like C-F-A...

FROM: Robert
DATE: Monday July 10, 2000 -- 1:36:57PM
I used to "hate" that Chick-Fil-A was closed on Sundays but I never had a problem with it, either. What initially bothered me was the realization that they probably supported causes with which I did not agree so I opted not to go there. When I read the interview with the president in which he laid out his discrimination policy I decided to step up my dining choice into a "boycott".

I agree with Matt's point. We should expect that if there are companies that will support more liberal causes (like Levi's) there will be those on the opposite side. Such is the beauty of our world. However, blatant discrimination is something only the bad guys do. You can't slice that any other way.

FROM: Tony
DATE: Monday July 10, 2000 -- 5:37:48PM
There used to be a c-f-a in the Port Charlotte Mall. I went there with a friend of mine, and the place was really dirty, the lady who took our order smelled like she hadn't taken a shower in a few weeks. Sometime later, c-f-a was shut down in the mall. A few days after the closing, I talked to this guy I knew from school, who worked at the ice cream shop next door, I got an earful of what happened. I guess the county health inspectors were grossed to the point of dicomfort...ouch!

FROM: Paul
DATE: Tuesday July 11, 2000 -- 7:30:51AM
We don't have C-F-As up here... can someone brief me on this discrimination issue?

FROM: Old Fezziwig
DATE: Tuesday July 11, 2000 -- 8:54:55AM
I don't have a problem eating meat of any kind but I hate it when restaurants or food companies advertise their meat by showing the product in it's 'live' form, smiling and endorsing the meat like life is great.
Example: I was buying some chicken wings at the grocery store the other day and one company had a caricature of a silly-looking chicken smiling and dancing around on the front of the package. A little strange and too much for me to swallow (pun intended).
-Old Fezz

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Tuesday July 11, 2000 -- 9:25:30AM
Paul: for more information.

FROM: Jim Harris
DATE: Saturday July 15, 2000 -- 11:10:56PM
I don't have a problem eating dead animals who were yanked out of their mother's womb, spent their whole lives confined in cages, then had their throats slit, but I hate it when I have to think about it. That's a bummer, dude

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Sunday July 16, 2000 -- 2:11:25AM
Jim -- I liked your site.

FROM: Katherine
DATE: Monday July 17, 2000 -- 11:32:09PM
I worked at Chick-fil-A throughout high school and college, at two different stores, and I have to say that discrimination against gays and lesbians was never put into practice at either restaurant. In fact, I worked side by side with at least two lesbian women. I don't agree with Truett Cathy's position, but I can vouch that it doesn't seem to filter down to the individual stores. If he only knew what other kinds of things go on in his restaurants, he'd be worried about a lot more than earrings and hiring gays!!

FROM: Old Fezziwig
DATE: Friday July 28, 2000 -- 12:46:05AM
Anybody seen the new promotional food item Rally's has out now?
"Screamin' Chicken".
Mmm, that sounds good. The imagery involved there just makes me want to run over to Rally's and gobble up one of them there samwiches!
But seriously, I am not a tree-hugger...I hate animals so eat as much chicken and beef as you can.
-Old Fezz

FROM: John
DATE: Friday August 18, 2000 -- 11:58:05PM
Beef is good.

FROM: laura
DATE: Thursday December 27, 2001 -- 1:51:35PM
when are going to open a bojangle chiken fast food in philadelphia

DATE: Saturday January 1, 2005 -- 2:34:48 pm

FROM: Denise
DATE: Sunday November 6, 2005 -- 9:23:00 pm
C-f-a owners seem to have great moral values such as no work on Sundays. I personally don't get gay. Just take a look at yourself naked. Thats what you are. God made our bodies a certain way. Deal. Understand that this too could just be a test. I would not however be mean to anyone who is gay.

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Sunday November 6, 2005 -- 11:57:18 pm
I personally don't get gay.

That's the funniest comment I've seen in a long time.

Careful, Denise, you may catch The Gay.

FROM: Brandon
DATE: Thursday November 17, 2005 -- 9:59:06 am
I personally don't get gay.

And the gay community breathes a hugh sigh of relief.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Thursday November 17, 2005 -- 3:51:18 pm
I love Chik-fil-A. It's ironic that a chain that stuffs hot juicy pecker meat between buns, slathered with mayo, is against gays.

Go figure.

FROM: jb
DATE: Monday June 26, 2006 -- 1:40:02 pm
(1) Chick-Fil-A doesnt put mayo on anything.
(2) Boycotting because of morality... what has this world come to?

FROM: mp
DATE: Sunday July 16, 2006 -- 4:46:06 pm
There is no standard of discrimination at Chick-fil-A. I DO NOT! If you spent you money on issue based thoughts in every desicion, you would be rich. give me break. its a chicken sandwich. the best by the way.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Sunday July 16, 2006 -- 5:13:43 pm
I'm retarted!

DATE: Friday August 4, 2006 -- 1:10:50 pm
Everyone should just grow up. Gays have been around since the beginning of time and will be here til the end of time. Most of the anti-gay talk is fear based. Trust me, just because someone can care for someone of the same sex as them doesn't mean they are interested in you.

As for closing on Sunday's - If you feel it's a good business decision to lose billions of dollars in reveue per year....

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