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April 3rd, 2001

Basement Floodaphobia

Yesterday Paul discussed how certain areas of the house tend to be messier than others. One I neglected to mention was the basement. Since we have so much extra crap, a lot of it ends up in the basement. I know most people have good intentions with their basement and how they’re going to “finish it off” and make it a rec room, but for the most part, people tend to just store boxes of extra stuff down there. And those that do finish it off must have a big attic.

My biggest fear with keeping stuff in the basement is flooding. It seems to me like everybody I’ve ever met has had their basement flood on them at least once in their lives. I’m paranoid about coming home someday and all my stuff being drenched to the point of being unusable, so I’ve started buying those big 40 gallon Rubbermaid containers at (the evil entity known as) Wal-Mart. I’m always looking for good suggestions, though, on how to protect “basement stuff” in case of flooding. -ram

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