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July 10th, 2000

Head of the Class

Am I getting old? I was flipping through the telly the other night before going out when I happened upon Head of the Class on Nick at Nite! On Nick at Nite!

This was one of my favorite shows growing up. The characters were great. Who could forget Alan? Mr. Moore? Dennis? Eric? Arvid? Jawarhalal (whose name I spelled right just by guessing)? Then there’s that intro, where Mr. Moore traverses through New York to make it to school, only to have all of the kids applaud him wildly. Who wouldn’t want to teach in an environment like that, with clapping all the time?

Of course the show jumped the shark when Billy Connolly came on to replace Howard Hesseman. The show got a shorter, lamer CGI intro as a result and it just sucked. Big time. And right before that Dennis, the heavy of the show, lost the weight and… well, lost the charm of the character too.

I have found no fan sites yet. Know of any? I did find a bare info page which duplicates the IMDb data.

As an epilogue, Brian Robbins (Eric) and Dan Frischman (Arvid) went on to create the hit kids’ sketch comedy All That for Nickelodeon, and Frischman along with Dan "Dennis" Schneider occasionally pop in on the show. -pm

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FROM: Ryan
DATE: Monday July 10, 2000 -- 11:32:37AM
And of course, Head of the Class also spawned a show that has had two Pings written about it: Just the Ten of Us.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Monday July 10, 2000 -- 1:31:15PM
Ryan--'Just the Ten of Us' was borne of 'Growing Pains'. There might have been a 'Head of the Class' connection as well, but I don't remember it.

I also ran across the short marathon on Friday. YES! Now, all we need is 'Silver Spoons'. Then I will die happy.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Monday July 10, 2000 -- 2:32:24PM
Ah, Robert, you are correct. My bad.

I'd really like to see Diff'rent Strokes come back as well as Silver Spoons (I really wanted a train track in my house).

FROM: Spoor
DATE: Monday July 10, 2000 -- 5:43:16PM
I miss the old days of SNL. back when it was a force to be reckoned with. Todays its a shadow of its former self. Long live the reruns.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Monday July 10, 2000 -- 11:49:54PM
If you want to know about the glory that began when SNL started and has since been perverted, I recommend the book "Mr Mike". It's about Michael O'Donohue, the first SNL head writer and National Lampoon golden boy.

FROM: Jessica
DATE: Tuesday July 11, 2000 -- 12:42:35AM
I watched Head of the Class religiously when I was a wee lass. My favorite episode was when the class did the musical "Hair". That was a goodie! So when does this gem of a show air on Nick At Night?

FROM: Paul
DATE: Tuesday July 11, 2000 -- 7:28:45AM
Jessica, I'm now unsure if it's regularly scheduled... it was part of their 'party crasher' schedule last week, so they showed it all night.

But man, I know I can't stand it when sitcoms do musicals! Any sitcom, any musical. Or school play. ungh!

FROM: Baily
DATE: Thursday July 12, 2001 -- 4:50:22PM
Head of the Class was the best show ever!! And by the way, it was Brian Robbins and Dan Schneider who created "All That", not Dan Frishman!(Dan F. co-stars in the series "Kenan and Kel", another Robbins/Schneider project!)

FROM: Stephen
DATE: Tuesday January 22, 2002 -- 4:15:15 pm
Head of the class was an outstanding show indeed ! I grew up with it, and even now, in my late twenties, I am still a fan ! Memorable characters, great dialogues, energetic performances. What more could you ask for in a TV show ? I agree that most of the last section with Billy sucked but there were still a couple of bright moments.

A couple of years ago, I wrote a complete compendium on the show. And last year, I built a web site... but it's still pretty lame. I'm workin' on it !

FROM: Patricia
DATE: Friday January 25, 2002 -- 3:12:05 pm
I totally agree with u Stephen. What a killer show !

FROM: George from Kingston, Ontario
DATE: Friday February 15, 2002 -- 12:24:45 pm
Glad to learn I'm not the only Head of the class fan in the world !

Brian Robbins' movies (especially "Big fat liar") are pretty darn good !

FROM: Alexander Nuccio
DATE: Wednesday February 20, 2002 -- 4:42:21 pm
Whoa ! Head of the class was an amazing show ! The best of the old ones !

FROM: Brandon
DATE: Monday February 25, 2002 -- 12:23:21 pm
Have ya seen the latest Brian Robbins movie, Big fat liar (not suprised by this title) ? Geez, for a kids movie it sure is well made and goddamn funny !

Head of the class kicks ass by the way !

FROM: Baily
DATE: Tuesday February 26, 2002 -- 10:40:26 pm
Anything made by the HotC kids has got to be good!(Go see Big Fat Liar!)

FROM: Stephen
DATE: Wednesday February 27, 2002 -- 4:46:08 pm
I'm working on a "Class" site and need your help ! Send me your three favorite episodes, your favorite character in the show and why is that character special to you and finally, why is the show so special to you (what made it so good). The answers will be posted on the site. Thanks !

FROM: Brandon
DATE: Thursday February 28, 2002 -- 12:36:19 pm
Hey Stepphen...

Answers to your questions;

(a) episodes
(1) Play it again Woody : amazing, sensitive episode
(2) Little shop of horrors : just to see Maria and Arvid together singing at the end of this bring tears to my eyes
(3) Hamlet : we get to see Mr.Moore's theater. Fantastic first season episode.

Dennis is my favorite character. Why ? Ahhh... well... because he's the funniest of the whole gang

I think that hotc was such a great show because it was a human show. not a shoot-em-up sci-fi kind o thing. all the characters were humans with feelings and problemes. it was easy to relate to all of them.

see ya!

FROM: Stephen
DATE: Thursday February 28, 2002 -- 2:20:31 pm
Thanks Brandon !

FROM: George
DATE: Friday March 1, 2002 -- 11:16:54 pm
has anybody seen the movie chud II that brian robbins did in the late eighties? i heard it's just plain awful and i would love to see it one day!

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Saturday March 2, 2002 -- 11:08:23 am
CHUD II: Bud the Chud -- "This CHUD's for you."

CHUD = "Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers."

Yes, I've seen it. :) It's a fun comedy/horror film... the first movie in the series was straight horror, but this one was pretty goofy.

FROM: Patricia
DATE: Tuesday March 5, 2002 -- 2:09:24 pm
This is for u Steven.The only problem is I don`t know the name of the episodes!

Here we go

Fave episodes :

Arvid and Dennis' trip to Houston
The musical Grease
Election day

Favorite class member : Arvid. Because he's just like a young woody Allen clone! Funny, neurotic, yet very touching.

I like this show because it's just funny and at the same time, it deals with real (and sometimes serious) issues. Its different from every show i've seen on television in the last fifteen years

FROM: Stephen
DATE: Friday March 8, 2002 -- 11:24:47 pm
Thank you very much Patricia !

FROM: Kerry
DATE: Tuesday March 19, 2002 -- 9:00:24 am
I have CHUD II on tape. I love to watch it just to see a very young Brian Robbins!

FROM: Kerry
DATE: Friday April 5, 2002 -- 10:32:42 pm
HEY!!! Send us fanmail, articles, quizzes, bios and other such things related to Head of the Class for a new FANZINE. Send written items or suggetions to I will keep checking this site if you want to leave questions here. Thanks!

FROM: Nanette
DATE: Tuesday March 11, 2003 -- 12:54:52 pm
I have to say that I am a BIG HotC fan as well and miss it a lot. Dan F. is my second cousin! I used to go to family picnics and witness his comedic genious way back when I was a little kid, but didn't appreciate it back then. What I know now, eh? I hooked up with him when I was in college and take personal credit for ideas that developed into the last few episodes of the series.

Dan is great on Keenan and Kel and my kids (who are 10, 8, and 4) still get a kick out of knowing they are related to him.

Thanks for letting me share and when you get your HotC web page up and running, drop me a line!

FROM: Chuck
DATE: Thursday May 1, 2003 -- 11:19:06 am
I must be the only one who liked "Alan" in HEAD OF THE CLASS. They didn't use him much, but he certainly had a character that stood out from the rest. What ever happened to him. I saw him once in a "Murder She Wrote" episode.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Thursday May 1, 2003 -- 11:27:19 am
"Alan" also starred in the underrated 80s slasher flick Chopping Mall (aka Killbots).

FROM: Heather
DATE: Thursday June 12, 2003 -- 2:40:23 am
I liked Alan too. I was also crazy about Alex (played by Michael DeLorenzo)

FROM: sharlanda [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday August 7, 2003 -- 8:26:08 am
head of the class was the best show ever i loved brian robbins eric mardian he was so cute!

FROM: miss marina
DATE: Thursday September 2, 2004 -- 11:34:29 pm
somebody please tell me something,
why wont cable tv network let head of the class come on anymore? why what is wrong with the show? is it banned from cable tv or what?
i was just asking out of curiousity>

FROM: presmarie
DATE: Saturday September 11, 2004 -- 7:37:44 pm
somebody please tell me something,
head of the class is a great show and ever since it was cancelled on nick at nite last year i have had head of the class withdrawal. why is head of the class banned and shunned and ignored from cable tv?

FROM: Ryan W
DATE: Wednesday September 29, 2004 -- 9:35:51 pm
Head of the Class was one of my all time favs, I had all the shows recorded for the first 4 years it was on. I watched them so much, I wore out my copies. It would be great if they would release these on DVD. My Fav episode is when the Russian kids come to the first annual "Brain Bowl"

DATE: Saturday January 1, 2005 -- 2:35:09 pm

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