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July 10th, 2000

Head of the Class

Am I getting old? I was flipping through the telly the other night before going out when I happened upon Head of the Class on Nick at Nite! On Nick at Nite!

This was one of my favorite shows growing up. The characters were great. Who could forget Alan? Mr. Moore? Dennis? Eric? Arvid? Jawarhalal (whose name I spelled right just by guessing)? Then there’s that intro, where Mr. Moore traverses through New York to make it to school, only to have all of the kids applaud him wildly. Who wouldn’t want to teach in an environment like that, with clapping all the time?

Of course the show jumped the shark when Billy Connolly came on to replace Howard Hesseman. The show got a shorter, lamer CGI intro as a result and it just sucked. Big time. And right before that Dennis, the heavy of the show, lost the weight and… well, lost the charm of the character too.

I have found no fan sites yet. Know of any? I did find a bare info page which duplicates the IMDb data.

As an epilogue, Brian Robbins (Eric) and Dan Frischman (Arvid) went on to create the hit kids’ sketch comedy All That for Nickelodeon, and Frischman along with Dan "Dennis" Schneider occasionally pop in on the show. -pm

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