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July 11th, 2000

Clown Phobia

Through various blogs, news sites, etc. I’ve run across a number of clown-obsessed web sites in the last week:

And who could forget the wonderful Killer Klowns from Outer Space? Watch out for the cotton candy!

I think clowns actually work best when they’re evil (a la It). In fact, the bass player for some of my earlier recordings went by the name Sodomy the Clown — could there be anything scarier than that? -ram

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DATE: Tuesday July 11, 2000 -- 9:36:21AM
Kinda reminds me of that old tune I heard on Dr. Demento a few times... "Kinko the Kid Loving Clown". Let's just say he didn't earn his name from making copies...

FROM: Huyen
DATE: Wednesday August 9, 2000 -- 8:37:39PM
What about John Wayne Gacy and how he liked to dress up as a clown? CREEPY!

FROM: Matt
DATE: Thursday August 10, 2000 -- 2:23:46AM
Junior in the incredible Problem Child films also hated clowns.

FROM: Aaron
DATE: Thursday August 10, 2000 -- 3:58:08PM
Don't forget about The Scary Clown Page.

FROM: John
DATE: Friday August 18, 2000 -- 11:52:41PM
You think clowns are scary, you should see mimes! THEY TOTALY FREAK ME OUT!!!

FROM: reedus
DATE: Wednesday March 28, 2001 -- 3:56:39AM
clowns are the essence of evil.
just look at them.. with there shoes and there evil water flowers, they scare little children. how can they be anything but satins children.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Wednesday March 28, 2001 -- 8:56:45AM
Satin is pretty evil....

DATE: Wednesday March 28, 2001 -- 9:37:50AM
... but I had no idea it could reproduce.

FROM: lys
DATE: Friday June 29, 2001 -- 6:05:27PM
Email me with any 411 you can come up with on the Stalking Clown (Minnesota, 1980s (I think)).
PS---make sure that the subject is CLOWN STALKER 411
(exactly, pleeze)

FROM: billie stewart
DATE: Friday July 20, 2001 -- 12:56:46AM
We hate clowns in New Zealand too!!!!!

FROM: Seth
DATE: Sunday August 5, 2001 -- 5:17:41PM
bozo isn't called nefarious by

FROM: chris
DATE: Friday December 7, 2001 -- 12:44:59PM
clowns are great i love clowns they are so funny

DATE: Friday December 7, 2001 -- 12:47:15PM
you know what they say about big feet if so all u women should want a clown

FROM: Matt
DATE: Saturday December 8, 2001 -- 1:19:43AM
If you hate gay clowns would you have Homey-phobia?

FROM: me
DATE: Tuesday September 2, 2003 -- 6:05:23 pm
i HATE clowns, everytime i see them tears come to my eyes because i get that scared. im glad that im not the only one.

the name for the phobia is coulrophobia

FROM: Karen Brown
DATE: Thursday October 9, 2003 -- 6:18:55 am
Clowns are EVIL!!!!!!!!! One stood on my Hand i was young and i have hated them ever since!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There out to get me!!!!!!!!

FROM: Alyce
DATE: Sunday January 4, 2004 -- 11:05:53 am
Clowns are just plain bad. I have panic attacks just from seeing a picture of a clown. They are evil and so is the person who thought them up.

FROM: clown h8r
DATE: Monday March 1, 2004 -- 10:49:25 pm
i have a horrible fear of clowns so do alot of people.u shouldnt make fun of them.

DATE: Wednesday March 3, 2004 -- 7:40:20 pm
I'm a clown....I hate myself. IT's the only job i'm worth.

DATE: Saturday September 25, 2004 -- 4:34:37 pm
Can't sleep...clowns will eat me......

DATE: Saturday January 1, 2005 -- 2:35:29 pm

FROM: badfrank
DATE: Wednesday February 1, 2006 -- 9:24:22 pm
Yeah, One year later the clowns are still evil. Woot!

Rik Rok June 3, 2008, 1:19 am

Clowns can all fuck right off

Anon. July 5, 2008, 10:04 pm

Ugh ugh ugh. Hate them. They’re so creepy, I jsut cant bear to even look at them. Needless to say I dont eat in at Mcdonalds, or eat Mcdonalds at all.

sPaG October 25, 2008, 10:51 am

I’m terrified of clowns, dolls, mimes and puppets. Even child mannequins too.

There was this performance in my school and two clowns came out. They performed for about an hour. I sat with my head in my hands til they left. I was sweating like a dog and I was seriously about to cry. I almost went into a panic attack when my friends told me that the clowns were going to choose someone from the crowd to go on stage to play with them.


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