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July 31st, 2000

Supermarkets, Part Three: Supermarket Sweep

… and of course I can’t avoid merging my supermarket series with a game show related Ping. 🙂

Does anyone remember Supermarket Sweep? It’s still on Lifetime, I believe, right before Shop ‘Til You Drop. It was basically Finders Keepers in a grocery store. After a series of trivia questions, the game culminated in a team v.s. team battle rushing through the mock supermarket to stock up on the most expensive items, trying to score the highest receipt. No double coupons here!

There’s no doubt this show is absolutely goofy (as is Shop ‘Til You Drop, which takes place in a mock mall), but it’s some great mindless entertainment. I used to watch this show daily during the summer when I babysat — the three kids liked it as much as I did. I thought the show was relatively new, but apparently a board game existed for the show back in 1966.

Should you decide to become obsessed with this show, there is a mailing list to join. There’s also an entry on Jump the Shark. -ram

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