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August 13th, 2000

epinions is too good.

Things I need to buy in the near future include lots of home electronics equipment. And more and more I’ve been turning to epinions to get popular opinion on items. It’s easy to drill down and find the info I want, and while the opinion quality varies, the majority are well-written and worth a read.

It’s another case of a good idea executed well. -pm

Ryan MacMichael returns tomorrow with a five-part series on what the "puree" button on your blender really does.

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FROM: Ryan
DATE: Sunday August 13, 2000 -- 3:32:26PM
Yes -- epinions is outstanding. I've submitted two of my own opinions and I didn't even realize that along the way, you earn money for people reading and using your opinions. On just those two, I've earned about $15... some decent extra pocket change.

And, yes, I will be back tomorrow -- I had a dreaded hard drive crash... pray for my machine.

FROM: Tony
DATE: Sunday August 13, 2000 -- 6:33:12PM
Prayer for the Hard Drive:

mmmm.... scsi... en.... atapi....
ummmmmm..... iiiidddddeeeee.......
en... exodus....en... reformatus....hopus .... notus.......we....pray....en... ryanus.... hard..... corruptus.. amen.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Sunday August 13, 2000 -- 6:48:35PM
You make money off that thing? Hell Vegas!

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Monday August 14, 2000 -- 1:50:36PM
Tony -- Thanks. ;)

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