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August 14th, 2000

The Joys of Online Banking

I’ve just about converted. It seems rare for me to have cash to pay bills anymore… because I do the majority of it online. While my bank charges for bill paying services, one of my credit card companies (Citi) does not. So, instead of waiting for the bill and writing a check, I can just do it online. It’s very, very convenient.

There’s an option to automatically yank the amount out of a bank account each month, but that scares me. What if I need lots of cash that month, and also charged, say, all of my new furniture? Negative balance time!

In any event, doing transfers and similar unexciting stuff is a lot handier when it’s done online. WAP-enabled phone users, take note: online banking is coming to your phone. Now that‘s the ultimate. -pm

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