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August 15th, 2000

Hard Drive Crashes are Fun!

I tell you, there’s no greater feeling in the world than when your five-year-old computer decides to die. It leaves such a warm feeling in your heart to know that your PC’s given up the ghost, and that five years worth of data could be gone. Especially when your boot disk has gotten lost and you have that warm, fuzzy feeling when you think about all the things you should have backed up, but didn’t.

In case you couldn’t tell, this happened to me this past weekend. I have two hard drives in my computer, so I’m hoping that one of them (the one with most of my data) is OK and that it’s just the boot disk that’s dead. Or, even better, that both drives are salvagable. Unfortunately, when I downloaded a disk image of a DOS 6.22 disk, just so I could boot my computer and make sure the hard drive contents were in place, it hung after it said “Starting MS-DOS.”

I love computers, man. I just love ’em.

I wrote this yesterday before I went home, and I have good news to report: the computer is fine! Somehow a couple semi-obscure settings under “Advanced” in the BIOS setup got set to DISABLED when they shouldn’t have been… enabling them got my computer working again, with everything in tact! Thanks to Tony and his touching prayer. 😉 -ram

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