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September 19th, 2000


The falltime is great for so many reasons: incredible weather, football season, the “new fall lineup” (that, this year, we won’t see until mid-late October in most cases), and — most importantly — pomegranates.

Though they’re only in season for about a month each year, pomegranates are one of my personal favorite fruits. Their seeds have the most delicious juice surrounding them, making it easy to spend 3 hours in front of a TV working on an entire pomegranate.

I always thought the pomegranate juice would be great to bottle. And it turns out that it’s available! On top of that, it’s also very good for you. And, if you have lots of patience (and lots of pomegranates), you can make your own (this page also has a load of other information). And here’s a nice wealth of info about this most unique of fruits. -ram

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FROM: Paul
DATE: Tuesday September 19, 2000 -- 11:01:49AM
Wow! Not only does that store sell pomegranate juice, they also sell a falafel mix! Yeah!!

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Tuesday September 19, 2000 -- 8:37:38PM
Speaking of falafel, I had some great falafel the other night here in VA. It's becoming one of my new favorite dishes...

FROM: Paul
DATE: Tuesday September 19, 2000 -- 10:13:24PM
I haven't had filafel in about four years. There are a lot of Middle Eastern shops in the south suburbs here, and one day after work my boss took me out to one. I expected the stereotypical stuff: spicy food that tasted weird. But filafel was so good! So very very good. Hummus is also good, but you have to watch where you're getting it - quality varies greatly.

There's your Middle Eastern Food Tip of the Day.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Tuesday September 19, 2000 -- 10:50:52PM
I ate Falaffel yesterday for lunch, they make quite good Falaffel here at school. As for pomgranates you read my stomach.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Tuesday October 3, 2000 -- 8:13:06AM
You all will be happy to know that I got pomegranate juice the other day at a local Middle Eastern market (referred to me by Pinger Rob). It's actually the same brand I linked above. It's quite good -- it certainly has that distinctive taste. I thought it might taste good as a soda, so I even tried mixing it with a bit of Sprite, with good results.

The stuff is expensive though... a 32 ounce bottle costs $5.

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