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September 18th, 2000

Win Ben Stein’s Money

Even though my poor excuse for a cable company doesn’t offer Comedy Central without paying for an expensive add-on pack, Win Ben Stein’s Money is far and away one of my favorite TV shows.

So imagine my surprise last weekend when watching the show at my girlfriend’s house… and running into the Best of Jimmy marathon! And learning that Jimmy Kimmel was leaving the show! I have yet to see an ep with the new sidekick… but I’m seeing "theme" days on the website, and once a show goes into theme days, it’s either doing really well (Millionaire is having college nights soon) or really poorly (no examples, sorry, bad argument.) Has anyone seen Nancy? How’s the show? -pm

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FROM: Old Fezziwig
DATE: Monday September 18, 2000 -- 9:03:02AM
I am a fan of this show too but haven't seen any of the new ones. I've seen commercials advertising Nancy and all I can say is that she's a hottie! I wonder why Jimmy is leaving? It seemed he was a little bored with the role over the last season but I'm sure his departure has more to do with other projects he's working on. Maybe an all-Man-Show channel?

FROM: Robert
DATE: Monday September 18, 2000 -- 12:38:19AM
She is a hottie, but the show is not nearly as good. I think they lost some writers. Still, I will watch it because I have no other life.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Monday September 18, 2000 -- 1:06:29PM
It's just like the myriad changeovers that Remote Control had... ungh. I hope the show doesn't suffer in the longrun.

FROM: Spoor
DATE: Monday September 18, 2000 -- 9:35:11PM
Old Fezziwig got a good ideal there. The all Man show channel. That I could really get into watching.. Go Fezziwig!!

FROM: Matt
DATE: Monday September 18, 2000 -- 10:44:49PM
While the show to me can be entertaining at times its like all other game shows in that it gets very repetitive. Kimmel really helps spice up the show, I wonder where they will go from here? My dad and I dislike the weak amounts of money that you can win on the show compared to other shows nowadays, its almost not worth it to waste your day trying out for the show.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Monday September 18, 2000 -- 10:50:01PM
I think most games shows, especially the ones in LA, are just ways struggling actors get on TV. Look at old episodes of "The Dating Game" for evidence.

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