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The 1st Ping was published on January 6, 2000.

September 21st, 2000

MC Stephen Hawking

This site’s been blogged a number of times, but I have got to mention it here for those that have not seen it. There’s no doubt that with an underground following, the hardcore lyrical stylings of MC Hawking would be a nationwide success. Judging by the pictures on the site, he already has the respect of his peers.

I first realized the potential of Hawking when I signed up my computerless friend for Coolmail, a free e-mail address that you can check over the phone. He mentioned how the voice reminded him of Stephen Hawking and the surreal nature of having a friend’s e-mail read to you in a computerized voice. So, of course, I proceeded to send him rap lyrics. Of course, my Stephen Hawking didn’t have the high-quality production values that you’ll find on his “official” site. -ram

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