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November 16th, 2000

Netscape 6

Have you tried it? What are you thoughts?

My field notes: I decided to live with the browser for a day. It takes well over 8 forevers to load. The interface is new, but not necessarily bad. Renders pages fast but does this weird refresh thing before it’s "really" displayed. The upshot? It does stick to most of the W3C standards… but it bungles CSS in many cases, and can’t handle some HTML tricks that have worked before.

I think it’s worlds better than Netscape 4.7x, but am unsure about comparisons to IE. Opera needs to support W3C DHTML standards to leap over Netscape, I think. -pm

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FROM: Tony
DATE: Thursday November 16, 2000 -- 7:03:55AM
After being a long-time IE user, I , like Paul tried Netscape 6 .... It is the worst. After the 3 years in which it takes to load, if I enter an address into the location bar, and hit enter, noting happens, the same with any links in the bowser skin. Besides it takes up....too much space....good go for somethin useful like mp3's.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Thursday November 16, 2000 -- 8:54:33AM
Keep in mind, Tony, that Netscape 6 is still in beta/preview release mode and there's still a LOT of work being done. The Mozilla builds available at are well worth watching as they have the best CSS2 support of any browser thusfar, plus the engine is built from the ground up (AFAIK, even IE5 is still using the ORIGINAL Mosaic code as its base). NS6 will also support skins.

Of course, NS has had YEARS to get this thing together, so it better be good by the time it's done.

FROM: Terry Murphy
DATE: Thursday November 16, 2000 -- 11:01:10AM
I'd be shocked if IE5 had any Mosaic code in it. I'd be shocked if it had any IE3 code in it. The products which went from IE2 -> IE3 -> IE4/5 were completely different products and only shared the name, as far as I can tell. Regardless, IE certainly FEELS like it has much less legacy code in it.

I have tried the Mozilla builds (Mozilla, unfortunately, being the only "modern" browser which runs on most of my computers), and am extremely disappointed with the very poor performance.

Even Slashdot, which is a website for high school students who hate Microsoft, readily admits that IE is much better than Mozilla.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Thursday November 16, 2000 -- 11:03:18AM
I take back my "beta" comment... I wasn't aware that NS6 had become official. ;) That'll teach ME to take a six day vacation from computers.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Thursday November 16, 2000 -- 4:26:59PM
I was about to start looking for it to download and then I realized that I've preferred IE for at least a year now. So no dice.

FROM: Glen
DATE: Monday November 20, 2000 -- 1:10:51AM
Accidentally ended up here thanks to Paul's post in the TiVo forum...

I am a NetScrape fan- each time I've had to use IE (work, a few sites that are IE-specicially coded, etc), I've found reasons why I continue to prefer NS 4.7

I downloaded NutScrape 6 the day it went "gold", and overall it seems OK. I have had a few issues with sites not rendering properly until I do a slight screen re-size (then it redraws and is OK) - due to them being IE-preferred coded.

There are a few nits - it *does* load slower, but once loaded it seems as snappy as the others. I do like finally being able to resize my window WITHOUT having to re-download the entire page again (like IE. NS 4.7 must reload- annoying!). The different skins you can load are interesting, but I would prefer to create my own eventually :) I still have NS 4.7 as my default browser, so hopefully that will explain why every time NS 6 loads, it re-creates a Bookmark folder of "IE Favorites" (which is EMPTY, coz I don't use IE). For a first release, it is good. I like being able to install it without Mail, but unfortunately that means it does absolutely NOTHING when you click on a "mailto:" tag, and you cannot do a "FILE- SEND PAGE" from the menu. Is it too much to ask for Netscape to grow up and allow it to make use of my system's default MAIL application (Outlook Express because it is the only one that will interface with HotMaul)?

For now, I will let NS 6 co-exist with NS 4.7. Perhaps after the next point release I will let it become primary... but at work I have stopped using it and gone back to NS 4.7... because in their infinite cheapdom, I still painfully plod along with a Pentium-200 and NT 4, and NS6 is just tooooooo slow on it (so is IE, for that matter).

Phew! Still here, anyone? :-)

DATE: Saturday January 1, 2005 -- 2:57:42 pm

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