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November 17th, 2000

Public Transportation

When living in or visiting the city, there’s no doubt that public transportation is the way to go if you need to save money. The thing is that every transportation system in every major city is totally different. In Philly, the rail system runs out into NJ as well as throughout the city. In San Francisco, there are probably more public transportation options than any other city, but the rails don’t run all night and the bus schedule is quite confusing for a first-timer. In New York, just about everything runs all night and is cheap but often isn’t very clean. In DC, hours are limited and the Metro is often cost-prohibitive, but the ride is clean and safe. So, since the Ping has a pretty wide-reaching readership, what advantages/disadvantages does public transportation in your city have? What most needs to be improved (service hours, price, cleanliness, safety, etc.)? -ram

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