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November 18th, 2000

HTML Tags I’d Like to See

Yes, I want these in the next major revision of HTML.

<SARCASM> One that has been joked about often, and used more. A tag that indicates that its writer is writing sarcastic material and can’t convey it through mere text.

<ODOR SRC="../baseball.snf"> If DigiScents takes off, this might be the real deal. But let’s throw it in anyway, and see what I’m supposed to be smelling when I visit The Daily Ping (uhm, suggestions?)

<TREE> While a hierarchy can be created using indentations, let’s go ahead and make it a fully supported tag, that can be divvied up into subcategories, "entries", and so on, and supports CSS. Such as:

<TREE NAME="example" DEPTH="5">
<TROW>This is number one</TROW>
<TOBJ> <A HREF="example.html">This would be placed under number one</A></TOBJ>

…of course, this wouldn’t be compliant because I said there would be 5 "rows". I’m writing sloppy imaginary HTML!

<A HREF="imessage:whoever@whatever"> Once there’s a standard for instant messaging, make this just as common as mailto: for a ‘transport’ protocol.

Any other ideas? -pm

Posted in Technology

FROM: Tony
DATE: Saturday November 18, 2000 -- 1:58:48PM
how bout' or as the more ?'s you have the more clueless you are about what you're talking about. When the mouse rolled over this, a small tooltip window would appear saying "WARNING= THIS PERSON HAS NO CLUE WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT. DO NOT TAKE THEM SERIOUSLY. "


Place how long you want the tone to play for where the ANNOY varible is. This tag would use the high range of that nasty little PC speaker. (Note the time would need to be in seconds.)

FROM: Tony
DATE: Saturday November 18, 2000 -- 2:00:46PM
Whoops, something got messed up with that last post the tag was supposed to be right after the bout' ....

FROM: Tony
DATE: Saturday November 18, 2000 -- 2:03:29PM
Okay, someone has a filter working here, or something ... both the proposed tags just got deleted.... arg....wait The Daily Ping supports Html. the tags are dumbass=? and emergencybroadcastingsystem=annoy insert where there missing.... sorry bout that.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Saturday November 18, 2000 -- 3:35:57PM
Tony - when you type in those tag characters right on the keyboard, HTML takes them seriously. So, IE just tried to interpret the <DUMBASS> tag. :)

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Saturday November 18, 2000 -- 8:44:43PM
Tony -- yeah, if you want a tag to appear, use amperstand-less than (or greater than)-semicolon:

<test tag>

FROM: Terry Murphy
DATE: Sunday November 19, 2000 -- 1:20:13AM
Let's also include a <CRACKPOT> tag, so we can properly publish transcripts of Ralph Nader's speeches on the web.

Daily Ping needs a preview button.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Sunday November 19, 2000 -- 11:16:44AM
"Dave Barry in Cyberspace" (or something like that) has a similar treatment of this topic, except with punctuation.

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