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November 18th, 2000

HTML Tags I’d Like to See

Yes, I want these in the next major revision of HTML.

<SARCASM> One that has been joked about often, and used more. A tag that indicates that its writer is writing sarcastic material and can’t convey it through mere text.

<ODOR SRC="../baseball.snf"> If DigiScents takes off, this might be the real deal. But let’s throw it in anyway, and see what I’m supposed to be smelling when I visit The Daily Ping (uhm, suggestions?)

<TREE> While a hierarchy can be created using indentations, let’s go ahead and make it a fully supported tag, that can be divvied up into subcategories, "entries", and so on, and supports CSS. Such as:

<TREE NAME="example" DEPTH="5">
<TROW>This is number one</TROW>
<TOBJ> <A HREF="example.html">This would be placed under number one</A></TOBJ>

…of course, this wouldn’t be compliant because I said there would be 5 "rows". I’m writing sloppy imaginary HTML!

<A HREF="imessage:whoever@whatever"> Once there’s a standard for instant messaging, make this just as common as mailto: for a ‘transport’ protocol.

Any other ideas? -pm

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