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The 1st Ping was published on January 6, 2000.

November 19th, 2000


Here’s why I love Brightmail‘s free spam filtering service: because spam is nothing short of annoying, offensive, and often illegal e-mail that is good for absolutely nothing. And Brightmail keeps the garbage from ever crossing my line of vision. In fact, I’d say that 85% of all spam is blocked by Brightmail, and the rest I report to Spamcop.

Here’s a brief example of the 14 spam messages Brightmail blocked in one day alone, representing 44k of saved bandwidth on my end:

== SUSPECTED SPAM REMOVED FROM YOUR ACCOUNT============================Subject                      From                    Date Caught  Size---------------------------  ----------------------  -----------  -----$200,000 WORTH OF FREE A...           11/15/2000   1730 Accept All Credit Cards ...        11/15/2000   4164 KONLIN Letter Sets $4 - ...    11/15/2000   6023 Are you serious about ma...  11/15/2000   1530 End the Confusion...    ...        11/15/2000   2149 More Sales + NO Set Up F...   11/15/2000   3791 Accept All Credit Cards ...        11/15/2000   4365 ***Explosion***         ...  moneycipriano@conne...  11/15/2000   2160 MAKE WINDOWS MORE RELIABLE    11/15/2000   1555 Need More Energy, Less S...        11/15/2000   3044 Billions of dollars that...           11/15/2000   4096 Progress...             ...      11/15/2000   1252 Let us make sure you're ...  11/15/2000   3607 Adv: Are you tired of pa...     11/15/2000   5385 =======================================================================

Brightmail is nice because it requires no additional software — it simply serves as a proxy for your normal POP3 server. If you trust Brightmail (an issue that does come up with any remote proxy like this), then you can easily block spam. Check it out. -ram

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