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November 23rd, 2000

Perky Wanna Lick?

Browsing through New York’s Village Voice, it’s hard to miss the many pages of escort ads. The following tantalizing ad caught my eye:

Perky wanna Lick?

I was thinking that perhaps we could play “Put a Caption to the Picture,” but, really, could anyone do any better than “Perky wanna Lick?”

Apologies if I ruined anyone’s Thanksgiving appetite. -ram

Posted in Just Plain Odd

FROM: Robert
DATE: Thursday November 23, 2000 -- 1:05:01PM
Who in the hell is Perky?

FROM: Scott
DATE: Thursday November 23, 2000 -- 10:38:32PM
Hmmm....I believe everyone is fooled. This picture is disturbingly similar to Wesley Snipes' drag queen character in that "To Wong Foo..." movie. Unfortunately that is not too terribly perky, and that doesn't make me too terribly perky. But hey, the odds are good that someone answered that add. :)

FROM: Terry Murphy
DATE: Friday November 24, 2000 -- 1:38:03AM
The phone number, interestingly, traces to one Cecilia Jewel Lay in Manhattan. I'm not sure if that validates or falsifies it.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Friday November 24, 2000 -- 12:47:51PM
She must be one of the Lay people I hear so much about.

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