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November 22nd, 2000


Right after I saw The Matrix, someone told me, "You’ve got to see eXistenZ! It is so K00L!" And, of course, I believed him. But I didn’t actually see the movie until last week.

The good news is that it’s a very enjoyable film, and it’s got a lot of what I like in a movie: it’s science fiction, it messes with reality, it messes with your head, and it’s got nifty subtle visual effects. And, oh, a plot, too.

Basically, Jennifer Jason Leigh plays a super duper game designer whose new baby, eXistenZ, is being tested when someone goes ahead and tries to assassinate her. From there, she enters the game with her bodyguard who find out that… whoops… the only copy of the game is being destroyed. The added bonus is that it jumps back and forth between multiple realities, and keeps the game theme going throughout.

It’s on the same level as 12 Monkeys: enjoyable, thoughtful, interesting. It may not win any awards, but if you like a slightly whacked out sci-fi plot, check it out. -pm

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FROM: Robert
DATE: Wednesday November 22, 2000 -- 8:31:55AM
I saw this particular film (sorry, the title is too irritating to type out correctly) during its brief theatrical run. Would you believe it actually played in Fredericksburg?

Anyway, I agree that it was enjoyable. However, the plot is way too much like another Cronenberg flick, "Videodrome", except with VR in place of cable TV. And "Videodrome" had the added bonus of a naked Debby Harry (I'm kidding, of course).

And speaking of "12 Monkeys"...has anyone else seen "La Jetee", the French short that was the basis for "12 Monkeys"? Now THAT is a quality piece of work.

FROM: Tony
DATE: Wednesday November 22, 2000 -- 10:00:18AM
See the movie "The Thirteenth Floor" silmilar to both. A very good my opnion anyway

FROM: liz
DATE: Thursday November 23, 2000 -- 4:47:18AM
i saw la jetee in my "images of women" film class this semester. i have to agree... it's very good! so sad. i have yet to see 12 monkeys, though.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Thursday November 23, 2000 -- 1:04:13PM
Liz--What exactly were the images of women discussed in class? The only woman I remember in "La Jetee" was the one at the pier.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Monday December 4, 2000 -- 9:28:39AM
Tony, I took your advice and saw The Thirteenth Floor this past weekend... it was very, very good. Much better than I thought it might be... just the type of film I like.

FROM: Tony
DATE: Monday December 4, 2000 -- 10:12:38AM
Makes you wonder if we all arent a pixels and digits in a computer program, on a program, on a program, etc.......

FROM: Robert
DATE: Tuesday December 5, 2000 -- 2:24:51PM
Tony--I'm more concerned that our universe is a marble, as in "Men in Black".

DATE: Wednesday December 6, 2000 -- 10:24:19AM
I felt that the thirteenth floor and existenz, were both low budget rip offs of the matrix (although i'm sure the matrix is a rip off of something else) that were hurried into production to compete with the matrix. I thought that both movies had plot holes big enough to walk through in them.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Wednesday December 6, 2000 -- 11:20:01AM
I think David Cronenberg (director of eXistenZ) has a bit more credibility than to rip off someone else's work. He rips off his own (see my firt response).

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Sunday January 21, 2001 -- 2:33:39PM
I saw eXistenZ this morning and was impressed. It managed to make me think while remaining entertaining throughout -- something rare for sci-fi films these days. While I've seen only a few of Cronenberg's films (Videodrome, Scanners), I like his style.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Sunday January 21, 2001 -- 3:55:04PM
Ryan--You should go watch Dead Ringers. That's a pretty good one. Hell, it has Jeremy Irons in two roles, fercryinoutloud!

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