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November 24th, 2000

Purchasing Day

It’s the day after Thanksgiving and, if you’re American, you know what today is. Purchasing Day.

Stores open at 7am (Toys R Us opens at 6!), people decide to go shopping today, and millions of dollars are spent. I still haven’t figured out why. Yes, there are early sales, but why put up with the crowds, lack of parking, fighting for items, and possibly awful weather just to get 50% off a Craftsman tool set? (Then again, it is Craftsman….)

I truly believe that since Thanksgiving isn’t a commercial holiday, it’s just getting squeezed out by Halloween and Christmas, both of which are tons more marketable. I also believe that the Friday after Thanksgiving shouldn’t be treated as a holiday – lots of people do get the day off as a formal holiday. For what?

It seems like the end goal is to turn Thanksgiving into The Day Before Purchasing Day. And every year seems to pull that goal just that much closer. Scary, scary, scary. -pm

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