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December 1st, 2000

Forever Behind the Curve

Even though I keep up-to-date with various tech rags and I work in a technical field, I am still what one might call a technological straggler:

  1. I don’t have, and have never owned, a pager or a cell phone
  2. My home PC is a Pentium-90 that I bought in 1995 with less than 2 gigs of storage
  3. I have a 19″ TV with only coax inputs
  4. I don’t have a PDA of any sort, unless you count my small paper-based calendar
  5. I only have one phone line in my house and it’s the same one I use with my 33.6 modem (ie. no DSL or cable modem)
And quite honestly, I don’t plan on making any purchses in the next three months that would advance me any further technologically (aside from possibly #3):
  1. While I would like a cell phone (and may own one within six months) I still get overwhelmed when I start comparing plans and phones, and the lack of simplicity keeps me from buying now.
  2. As far as computers, I keep on telling myself that I’m going to wait until the next big step is made and I can make a smart purchase of a computer that will be easily upgradable for the next 5-6 years. I do plan on buying my next computer from XI Computer, that I’m pretty sure about.
  3. I’d love to get a new TV, especially considering I have a decent audio portion of my home theatre… but the two models I’d like to get are damn near impossible to find (each is carried at exactly one online store and no local b-n-ms).
  4. I won’t likely get a PDA unless one becomes available that will be part of the same unit as my cell phone and allows me to check e-mail flawlessly without wires.
  5. And lastly, I will consider a broadband account once I have a new computer. -ram

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