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December 7th, 2000

My Cereal

Here’s the quintessential example of technology and the Internet infiltrating everything we do: design your own cereal.

At My Cereal, you specify tastes and nutrition requirements to construct your own cereal that you can then have boxed up (with your name) and mailed off to you. How much is it? Well, I haven’t gone through the whole process, but someone mentioned that after shipping, a regular box of cereal would end up costing about $10.

This site has possibilities, though — imagine combining Reeses Peanut Butter Cereal (which already exists) with the marshmellows from Lucky Charms and the coating of Frosted Mini-Wheats… and throw in 100% of your daily required vitamins. Call it Frosted Lucky Butter. A healthy crap cereal filled with preservatives. Mmmmmmm… -ram

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