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December 7th, 2000

My Cereal

Here’s the quintessential example of technology and the Internet infiltrating everything we do: design your own cereal.

At My Cereal, you specify tastes and nutrition requirements to construct your own cereal that you can then have boxed up (with your name) and mailed off to you. How much is it? Well, I haven’t gone through the whole process, but someone mentioned that after shipping, a regular box of cereal would end up costing about $10.

This site has possibilities, though — imagine combining Reeses Peanut Butter Cereal (which already exists) with the marshmellows from Lucky Charms and the coating of Frosted Mini-Wheats… and throw in 100% of your daily required vitamins. Call it Frosted Lucky Butter. A healthy crap cereal filled with preservatives. Mmmmmmm… -ram

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FROM: Robert
DATE: Thursday December 7, 2000 -- 8:37:00AM
Just put some Centrums in your Lucky Charms and be done with it!

FROM: Terry Murphy
DATE: Thursday December 7, 2000 -- 10:52:50AM
Uh ... it would be 10x more healthful, easier, better quality, and cheaper to just make your own.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Thursday December 7, 2000 -- 10:59:03AM
I don't think it would be easier, Terry, but I agree on the other points.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Thursday December 7, 2000 -- 12:31:35PM
Of course it would be easier, Ryan. Granola with some cut-up fruit would make a great cereal. Just put some of your organic or soy milk on it and go to town.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Thursday December 7, 2000 -- 1:08:43PM
Robert -- Well, that would be easier, but to make a more complicated cereal (like with dried fruit, various kinds of wheat, etc.) it would be easier to sit at a computer and put it together.

Mind you, I still wouldn't do it (there are enough cereals out there to choose from I don't need to create one)...

FROM: Matt
DATE: Thursday December 7, 2000 -- 2:17:54PM
Robert let me know about this about a month ago. I think Robert may be the only one of you that knows about my cereal addiction and my self-proclaimed cereal historian/cereal critic status. Frosted Krispies was the best cereal ever!

FROM: Robert
DATE: Thursday December 7, 2000 -- 2:40:14PM
I was going to keep your secret, Matt, but I guess you don't want to hide anymore. Bravo!

FROM: Terry Murphy
DATE: Thursday December 7, 2000 -- 9:04:02PM
Well, it depends on your definition of easier. It is easier for me to zip over to the grocery story (two blocks away), buy the ingredients, and put them together, instead of waiting several days for UPS to send the thing, dink around while they figure that if I'm not home during the day Tuesday (or any other weekday in the last two years), that I probably won't be home Wednesday or Thursday either, and then finally (three days after the first delivery attempt, and ten days after I placed my order!) take my lunch break off to drive into the other side of the city (from my cushy day job in the 'burbs) to pick my damn package up. And if this 'delivery attempt process' splits over a weekend (60% chance!) add an extra two days.

The ONLY winning proposition for e-commerce is items that you can't find locally. At least, as long as UPS has a monopoly on B2C shipments, it is. The laughable failures of all of the online retailers ought to prove that.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Friday December 8, 2000 -- 3:36:43AM
Terry -- Can you not ship personal items to your work address? Most businesses don't have a problem with that since they'd rather you get a package at work than take time off to be home for it...

FROM: Terry Murphy
DATE: Friday December 8, 2000 -- 10:10:41AM
Ryan -- But then I have to wait upteen days for it go through intercampus mail. I just can't win!

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Friday December 8, 2000 -- 2:03:03PM
Resolved: It is easier for Terry to make his own cereal (growing his own wheat included).


FROM: Robert
DATE: Tuesday December 12, 2000 -- 12:45:43PM
Check out Live's food (inc. cereal demands) at the Smoking Gun:

FROM: Aaron
DATE: Tuesday December 12, 2000 -- 5:28:14PM
I just saw an advertisement for Kozmo the other day. I didn't read it too closely, but maybe this is what they were suggesting:

They could complete the last stage of the delivery process for you. If you order, say cereal or socks or whatever, online, but can't wait around the house for delivery; have the UPS go to Kozmo. When you get home, you go to, punch up your account, and tell them to deliver it then. Since they already deliver ice cream and such on demand, they could extend it to be a "hold and deliver on-demand" for stuff you order via UPS/FedEx/US mail/etc.

Just a thought.

I agree with Terry though, the biggest part of shopping online for me is coordinating the delivery. I buy a lot of records online and I always have them delivered to work. It sucks schlepping 40 records home with me at night on the subway. If Kozmo had the system I described above, that'd be super cool. I would definitely take advantage of it. Heck, if they did a deal with UPS, they could wrap their fees into one overall UPS/Kozmo delivery fee.


FROM: Ryan
DATE: Tuesday December 12, 2000 -- 5:38:36PM
Aaron -- That would be a great idea... lots of possibilities there.

One time at work I had my home theatre speakers delivered (rather than have them sitting on my porch)... I had to get help hauling them to my car. :) Same thing with my turntables.

DATE: Saturday March 17, 2001 -- 8:52:30PM
You guys are nuts but I did enjoy your rambling.

DATE: Saturday January 1, 2005 -- 3:00:29 pm

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