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December 10th, 2000

A Moment of Silence

I think one is in order. The Chicago Bulls are currently 2-17, the worst in the NBA by far. This team – at least in name – won six NBA championships last decade. Now, they’ll be lucky if they get jobs serving up fried chicken heads at McDonald’s. -pm

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FROM: Matt
DATE: Sunday December 10, 2000 -- 2:07:41PM
Who cares? I like the Bulls better now then ever before. Jordan is the most over-rated player in sports history. Plus look at all the other people who surrounded him, they all went on to suck in the NBA, except for Kukoc. Anyone who uses such a lame offense as the triangle will win, but it will make the games very boring.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Sunday December 10, 2000 -- 3:58:21PM
If there is a moment of silence in order, it would have to be for the two teams the Bulls beat.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Sunday December 10, 2000 -- 4:27:52PM
The World would be so much better off if the Jazz had won one of those championships. Then deserving players like Malne, Stockton, Hornacek, and Russell would have a ring. Bling-Bling

FROM: Matt
DATE: Sunday December 10, 2000 -- 4:28:47PM
At least they are in the same league with the Wizards, Hawks, and Clippers.

FROM: Old Fezziwig
DATE: Monday December 11, 2000 -- 9:26:12AM
Matt said: Jordan is the most over-rated player in sports history.
What!?!?!? I've never heard anyone say that. Take a look at the NBA right now, there is no one that consistently comes close to what Jordan could do. The closest thing is Kobe Bryant who is still developing.
And surely there are a handful of baseball players (pitchers mostly) that are WAY more over-rated than what you claim Jordan to be.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Monday December 11, 2000 -- 12:46:22PM
Fezz, my pal Greg says that all the time. :) The thing about Jordan is that he was a very, very talented player... but he was also an extremely good marketeer.

The NBA is very much about marketing, and has been for about the past ten years. The problem is that, back then, they had players to back up the superlatives. Today, they have to make superlatives out of the players (Kobe, Shaq, et al).

FROM: Robert
DATE: Monday December 11, 2000 -- 1:07:07PM
Paul: You're totally right. For lunch I had a totally kobe cheeseburger and the shaqest milkshake ever put in a metal cup.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Monday December 11, 2000 -- 1:29:48PM
Sounds like a pretty subpar meal.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Monday December 11, 2000 -- 2:05:01PM
I asked for extra Lohaus, but I denied.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Monday December 11, 2000 -- 3:35:08PM
Fezz: he traveled everytime he drove, but they wouldn't call him because he puts asses in seats. The NBA officiating at times resembles that of the WWF and the blindness that they display. Even last year when we all knew the Lakers would win because they had the money behind them, they still didn't bother to cover up the fact that they were making illegal calls. I remember some calls vs. the Blazers that were complete BS. They did that so they would have a huge city vs. middle america championship. It ended with some complete BS calls against the Pacers, who had alot more overall talent then the Lakers. But who sells more shoes, Shaq or Austin Croshere?

DATE: Monday December 11, 2000 -- 4:05:20PM
Amen to Paul and Matt's comments. Everyone likes to talk about how Jordan finished his career with a 19-foot shot to beat the Utah Jazz. But in reality, he pushed off Byron Russell for about the biggest non-call in NBA Finals history. Watch the replay - it's blatantly obvious.

Some say that shot defined a career of excellence. I say that shot defined a career of help from officials in order to get the NBA's mulit-billion dollar TV rights package.

Now if you want to talk about a REAL basketball player, what about Bill Laimbeer?

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Monday December 11, 2000 -- 4:48:31PM
Oh boy, Jim, don't get Matt started on Bill Laimbeer! I think Matt might be his biggest fan. ;)

FROM: Matt
DATE: Monday December 11, 2000 -- 5:59:07PM
Our intramural basketball team here at school next semseter is tentatively being called Bill Laimbeer's Combat Basketball Squad

FROM: Robert
DATE: Monday December 11, 2000 -- 7:58:06PM
I could go for some laimbeer-battered chicken fingers right now.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Monday December 11, 2000 -- 8:29:43PM
Best moment in NBA history: Laimbeer vs. Barkley. Now those are two players I would pay to see ball anytime.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Monday December 11, 2000 -- 10:56:43PM
For Bulls fans everywhere I'm hoping that today's snow storm trapped the team in their training facilities where they have no other options but to practice and practice some more.

FROM: Old Fezziwig
DATE: Tuesday December 12, 2000 -- 9:32:23AM
I agree that there were alot of non-calls when the ball was in Jordan's hands. But even given that, I think he was still better than anything during his era and before that. Not alot of people could take over a game like he did. Not alot of people could motivate his team and make them look good like he did. I mean c'mon - Bill Wennington would have never scored a point in the NBA if it wouldn't have been for Jordan. ha!
Seriously, I do agree that the interpretation of rules in the NBA has changed greatly over the last 10 years and the whole marketing thing is out of control. I also agree that the league gives special treatment to the teams that bring in big $. That's why I don't follow the NBA anymore. And I think the same thing is happening in baseball. Shame.

The biggest cry baby, dirty player I've ever seen.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Tuesday December 26, 2000 -- 3:53:45PM
I would like to call for another moment of silence, this time for the memory of Billy Barty. He did a lot of important work for little people.

DATE: Saturday January 1, 2005 -- 3:00:54 pm

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