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December 13th, 2000

Alarm Clocks and Snoozing

I am certainly not a morning person. The fact I have to set three alarms (there is another, but I haven’t replaced the battery in it yet) is a testament to that. There’s one alarm on either side of the bed; one of them I purposely set well before I intend on getting up and the other on the time I actually plan on getting up (and both clocks are 15-20 minutes fast). Then I have an “emergency alarm” which not only covers me in case I sleep through the first two alarms, but it’s a wind-up clock in case the power goes out. But even with all that, I still will usually end up snoozing 8-9 times before actually getting up. It’s quite a ritual, but I find that when I finally do get out of bed, I’m actually ready to get up.

How many alarm clocks do you use? How many times do you hit the “snooze” bar before actually getting out of bed? Am I just insane or do others have similarly bizarre sleeping habits? -ram

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