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December 15th, 2000

Atomic Books

Loyal Pinger Robert dropped me a note a couple weeks ago informing me that Baltimore-based Atomic Books was going out of business by the end of the year. I had been to the company’s site a number of times and liked what they had to offer: mental hygiene films, bizarre mondo flicks, obscure “intermission” films, and other cult offerings. It’s unfortunate that a specialty store like this has to close, presumably because of competition on the Net (they were primarily a small b-n-m store). Typically, I’ll pay a few dollars more at a small shop for something if I know they have to compete with “the big guys” (for instance, when I got a number of items at the “anarchist’s bookstore” in San Francisco called Bound Together Books that may have been cheaper online).

In any event, if you’re looking for the bizarre, they’re having a 35% off everything sale until the end of the year. -ram

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