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December 21st, 2000

Is Santa Real?

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After a conversation with a co-worker yesterday about finding out there’s “no such thing as Santa Claus,” I tried to think back to when I found out and what my reaction was. I can’t pinpoint exactly when I found out, though it was probably about 7 or 8 years old. And I also don’t remember a specific event where I found out, but I think it was just through friends at school (though there was this one kid who vehemently argued that there was a Santa because one year he had snuck downstairs and seen him and I, personally, thought I heard sleigh bells one year).

What I do remember is asking my dad, “Is Santa Claus real?” His response wasn’t “yes” or “no,” but rather, “What do you think?” I think this response was a good one — especially since I didn’t really care all that much one way or the other. It let me figure it out on my own time. -ram

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FROM: Robert
DATE: Thursday December 21, 2000 -- 8:43:12AM
If I remember correctly, Santa, as we now imagine him, is a creation of some evil corporate empire (Coke, right?). And since advertising and the influence it has on American culture is frighteningly real, Santa Claus is real as well...and he's coming for your Tooth Fairy money.

FROM: Old Fezziwig
DATE: Thursday December 21, 2000 -- 9:27:39AM
Robert, I think the Coke/Santa connection was only the red color in which Santa is dressed. I think I read that Coke started that so it would match their product packaging color of red.

Like Ryan, I think my belief in Santa dwindled over a period of time, especially during those lunch-room debates with my classmates in 2nd or 3rd grade. But even when I was starting to doubt it, on Christmas Eve as I was in bed, I would always hear something rustling up near our roof and swore it was reindeer landing. Turns out it was just my dad climing into the attic to get the presents he had hidden away. But it made me keep believeing for a few more years!

Speaking of Christmas - as you all know, I throw my annual holiday party around this time and you are all invited. Bob Cratchit will be there along with some ghosts and we'll be serving pheasant. So come on over, it'll be a blast.
-Old Fezziwig

FROM: Robert
DATE: Thursday December 21, 2000 -- 10:34:49AM
Fezzi--I forgot to mention earlier that I had seen some of the Flintstones Xmas special, and now all of your secrets have been exposed!

And let me repeat that Coke is evil...unless you mix it with Cap'm Morgan's. Then it becomes just delicious.

FROM: Tina
DATE: Thursday December 21, 2000 -- 12:38:58PM
Hmmmm...what about Captain Morgan's and Hot Dr. Pepper - how festive! Anyone wanna venture a new cocktail name for such an amazing concotion? (no groans please, just rack your brain! :)Happy Holidays!

FROM: Robert
DATE: Thursday December 21, 2000 -- 12:40:11PM
How 'bout a "Morgan Freeman"?

DATE: Thursday December 21, 2000 -- 1:17:37PM
How about "Old Pumper's Surprise"?

FROM: Robert
DATE: Thursday December 21, 2000 -- 2:17:02PM
I think any drink names after Ryan has to be a mix of some fancy-ass tea and pure Russian potato vodka (that'd be kinda organic, right?).

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Thursday December 21, 2000 -- 3:32:15PM
You all frighten me.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Thursday December 21, 2000 -- 4:19:04PM
The fact that this discussion went from Santa to booze scares me...more than Santa ever did.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Thursday October 17, 2002 -- 3:16:36 pm
I knew there was no Santa when I figured out he would have to go faster that the speed of light to visit all people who celebrate christmas

FROM: bubbles
DATE: Tuesday November 30, 2004 -- 6:21:05 pm
santa has to be real dudets do you have proof that santa doesnt exist your just a bunch of old crackpot jerks

FROM: fudge
DATE: Tuesday November 30, 2004 -- 6:22:16 pm
i think your right bubbles

DATE: Saturday January 1, 2005 -- 3:02:04 pm

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