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December 23rd, 2000

Lack of Facts of Life

There is a new low in newspaper reporting: Roxy Anne Trent woke up to find that her murder had been reported in the local paper. Friends called throughout the day (odd — why would you call someone you read was dead?) and the woman believes her ex-boyfriend sent the bogus death notice to the paper.

Obviously the paper did absolutely no fact checking. Seems like mainstream media is doing this more and more — like when a reporter asked Hillary Clinton about the Internet Tax that had been proven to be a urban legend a year earlier. Or when G. Gordon Liddy tried to use the well-known urban legend about a testicle-shootin’ grandma to smugly forward his pro-NRA stance on his radio show. Come on, folks — people expect this kind of inaccurate reporting from random joes on the Web, but who can we trust to fact check stories before rushing to press? -ram

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