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January 8th, 2001

Welcome Back, Freakylinks!

When I first read that the creators of The Blair Witch Project (and its train wreck of a sequel) were making a weekly series for Fox, I think I followed the trend of most of America and let out a big huge, "So what?"

But I decided to give the show, Freakylinks, a shot. It took me the course of a few days to get through it (thank goodness for busy schedules and TiVo) but, you know what? It was pretty good. The basic idea of the show is best exhibited through its Flash-heavy, bass-thumpin’ web site. Derek and his two partners check out strange goings-on in various towns in the area. The first episode I watched involved a number of deaths in a small town that were classified as suicides; as it turns out, it was a monster doing all the killings, and the police were very much involved in the coverup. Last Friday’s ep dealt with Derek’s twin brother, who found a way to combat the Harbingers – spirits that take over the body – in a town overwhelmed with the evil-doers.

Freakylinks disappeared from the lineup for a few months, but it’s back on Friday nights.

While it’s no Twilight Zone, Freakylinks is certainly worth a record or two on your TiVo, Replay, or Dishplayer. And if you’re home on a Friday night, when you’re done going though our archives, give it a shot. -pm

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FROM: Matt
DATE: Monday January 8, 2001 -- 1:08:22AM
hey Paul, some of us have vcr's also.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Monday January 8, 2001 -- 7:26:07AM
VCwhat? ;)

FROM: Robert
DATE: Monday January 8, 2001 -- 2:24:20PM
I want to take this opportunity to warn everyone who hasn't seen it that Blair Witch 2 is an awful piece of crapola. Stay far away!

DATE: Saturday January 1, 2005 -- 3:04:58 pm

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