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January 12th, 2001


Tell me this: is IT a hoax, or the real thing? This was the first I’d heard about it. er, sorry, IT. Seems like a well-orchestrated prank to my ears… though some believe otherwise. Since I first wrote this Ping, links and articles and possible drawings of IT have been everywhere. The consensus, if there can be one, seems to be that it is a personal transportation device which may or may not be on wheels, but will have such an impact that it will change everything.

But, a part of me is hoping it’s a toaster. -pm

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FROM: mecawilson
DATE: Friday January 12, 2001 -- 10:11:22AM
I couldn't agree more. Actually, I'm pretty impressed by the actual legit coverage this is getting.

I just picture Dean Kamen, Jeff Bezos and Steve Jobs at some Christmas party this year getting bored and sneaking into a back bedroom. All of a sudden, Jobs breaks out a bag of weed, the three get all giggly stoned, start talking about how they miss those college pranks they used to play on each other, and the next thing you know, "IT"'s everywhere.

"Holy Shit," Jobs says to Bezos on his cell phone from an Asian massage parlor a few weeks later... "They actually believe your hovercraft shit! Tee hee hee!"

FROM: the other Paul
DATE: Friday January 12, 2001 -- 10:22:29AM
How about a flying toaster that butters the bread on both sides,
retrieves the moring newspaper and brings your slippers and pipe
after a long day at work. Now that would be something!

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Friday January 12, 2001 -- 12:13:29PM
Other Paul -- Isn't there a screen saver like that? :)

FROM: Robert
DATE: Friday January 12, 2001 -- 1:15:29PM
IT was this monster that terrorized kids in Derry, Maine for many years. Often, he took the form of a clown named Pennywise who looked a hell of a lot like Dr Frank N. Furter.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Friday January 12, 2001 -- 2:31:43PM
I hope its Laze's new album which is long overdue.

FROM: Tina
DATE: Friday January 12, 2001 -- 6:30:15PM
Yep, fake boobs that feel real. That's gotta be it.


FROM: Paul
DATE: Monday January 15, 2001 -- 12:36:52AM
IT has been denied! I still maintain it's a toaster.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Friday January 26, 2001 -- 9:44:55AM
IT is now available on Amazon.

DATE: Saturday January 1, 2005 -- 3:05:27 pm

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