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January 13th, 2001

The New Babelfish

I hadn’t used Babelfish in a while to translate any web pages, but today I went back and was surprised to see that in addition to the typical Spanish, French, and German translators, that they also were able to translate to and from Japanese, Korean, and Chinese! This is good news for us single-language Americans — generally with European languages you can kind of figure out what a page is about based on certain words that are similar to their English counterparts. Needless to say, the same is not quite true for many Asian languages.

I tried it out and it seemed pretty neat (the Ping in Korean! who woulda’ thunk it?). I can’t speak for the accuracy of the English to xyz translation, but I plugged in a couple of Japanese web pages and it seemed to do a decent job of translation. Impressive work from a company that’s been pretty quiet as of late. -ram

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