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January 14th, 2001


Recently, the news reported that Calista Flockhart adopted a baby. Given that eBay is a popular site and lots of people want to adopt, I can’t help but wonder if something like eBaby – minus the auction aspects – would fly.

For those who are interested in adoption, it would provide a one-stop destination. You would be able to punch in your ZIP and see all of the children who are awaiting good homes. Naturally, you wouldn’t be able to actually go through with the adoption online, but you’d at least be able to get a rough idea of the children looking. You would also be able to filter by gender, ethnicity, age, and so on.

This idea seems so much like a natural that it wouldn’t surprise me to actually see it out there somewhere. Have you? -pm

Posted in Technology

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Sunday January 14, 2001 -- 2:39:08AM
Or maybe combine it with the 1999 fad of pocket pets and you could raise a virtual baby online. Or perhaps there's a baby in a room of robots, and you can control the robots from a web site... endless possibilities.

Of course, is already taken, but the owner doesn't seem to be using it. Perhaps we can buy it from him and start the net dot-com flop!

FROM: Robert
DATE: Sunday January 14, 2001 -- 2:59:15AM
Sitting on your ass at a computer searching for a child to adopt is just too lazy. I hope something like this never materializes.

FROM: Tony
DATE: Sunday January 14, 2001 -- 9:29:39AM
"Stupid People Shouldnt Procreate" and neither should they eAdopt either, I agree Robert, If one cannot procreate, and is looking for an eSolution.....they need to try harder. (not saying anyone here is stupid.)

FROM: Matt
DATE: Sunday January 14, 2001 -- 1:34:45PM
My suitemate just gave my friend a t-shirt that says "Thank You For Not Breeding"

FROM: Terry Murphy
DATE: Sunday January 14, 2001 -- 4:31:54PM
Well, there's websites where you can order a wife (e.g. Ordering a child isn't too different.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Sunday January 14, 2001 -- 5:37:39PM
I know this doesn't make me much cooler, but I know a guy who got a mail order bride from Russia.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Sunday January 14, 2001 -- 9:46:37PM
And I have heard the stories of Robert meeting the mail-order bride.

DATE: Monday December 20, 2004 -- 10:33:14 pm
Arent like all adoptions linked together at one society, like run by government? that is what i always thought. so they probably can already sort like that, they have pet sites like that and that is pretty cool.

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