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January 28th, 2001

A Good Falafel is Hard to Find

My name is Paul, and I enjoy falafel.

I first had falafel a good six or seven years ago. My boss introduced me to this great food along with fresh hummus, which is also worth noting. I had the tasty treat several times afterwards, but it’s been a good number of years since I had some… and definitely not in recent memory.

Falafel is basically a chic-pea based food that closely resembles a veggie burger in spirit, but doesn’t aim to replace meat. They’re usually small patties, maybe 3" in diameter, served in a pita with cucumbers and cucumber sauce. The downside, and it’s a very big downside, is that it’s deep-fried. Though I’m quite sure that when you buy falafel mix in the store, frying may/not be involved.

A few months back I found a Middle Eastern "fast food" place somewhat near my place. I told myself I’d stop in, especially due to the promise of "FALAFEL – HUMMUS" on the sign out front. On Friday I finally had a chance to pick up some dinner there and, let me tell you, it was delicious. I haven’t figured out why this food isn’t more popular; I liked it even when I ate more meat.

Give it a try. It’s also fun to spell. -pm

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