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February 18th, 2001

I’m sure I want to close, dammit!

File this one under a massive annoyance, not to mention a GUI inconsistency. I absolutely despise it when I have multiple windows open in a program, and close that program, that I need to step through every single file’s dialog box and say, "No, don’t save this!" When I want to close a program, chances are I want to close a program now – don’t hold me back with tons of questions.

How to solve this? Easy. The first idea is actually picked up by Opera, in a way: remember what’s in those windows. If it’s not a saved file, put it into a temporary file – which, of course, is a feature I can turn on or off. The second idea is to pop up a dialog box with a quick summation of when the files were last monkeyed with. Let me scroll through the list, and selectively save files that I want to save, if any. But include a big "Exit Now" button, so I can. The other option is one that’s picked up by Napster: when I hit close, don’t really close, but minimize to the system tray instead. This is a gross abuse of the Windows GUI, but it could be useful at times.

As always, all of these options are things I should be able to choose, as the user. Think about it, guys. No one likes having 20 GIF files open and having to click "No" 20 times before a program closes. -pm

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