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February 19th, 2001

Fred the Voodoo Doll

Fred the Voodoo Doll

Here’s a blast from the past (1996): Fred the Voodoo Doll. Go now and explore 13 ways to kill Fred the Voodoo Doll (the favorite seems to be burning Fred).

Now if someone would just bring back “The Patty Shrine,” I’d have all my retro-Web wishes granted. -ram

Posted in Just Plain Odd

FROM: Robert
DATE: Monday February 19, 2001 -- 6:46:22PM
This reminds me a lot of those "experiments" done on marshmallow Peeps.

FROM: Jade Winters
DATE: Thursday September 19, 2002 -- 5:08:49 pm
Fred is so cool, he's been around for ages and i consider him my friend.
me and my voodoo doll Munchie the voodoo doll are his biggest fans. so you're probably scared now so i'll leave you to ur insanity. we love you Fred and if you die, see you on the other side.
Munchie- (*Silence*)
Later Dayz!

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