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February 23rd, 2001



An interesting new take on the whole “click-for-dollars” or “click-for-points” sites can be seen at Unlike MyPoints, when you browse sites, take surveys, etc. at fatshoe, you get actual money (starting with $2 for signing up). What’s even more interesting is that they mail you a physical Visa card that they credit the money, too. You’re not limited as to where you can spend the money — if they accept credit cards then you’re good.

The downside right now is that there aren’t a heck of a lot of ways to earn money, yet… and some of the promotions just aren’t worth the time (like getting $1 for registering and placing a bid at an auction site). But, nonetheless, it’s an interesting way to make a little extra cash to put towards a DVD or CD every so often. -ram

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FROM: Patrick
DATE: Friday February 23, 2001 -- 7:57:11AM
Devil's advocate: So Ryan, how much of your personal data do you have to give up to get stuf?

FROM: Robert
DATE: Friday February 23, 2001 -- 12:04:21PM
I would like to get Fatshoe dollars to buy new shoes . . . big, fat ones. With fat laces.

FROM: Tina
DATE: Friday February 23, 2001 -- 3:36:42PM
Robert - don't you really mean "phat"? That's dope, fresh, and fly!

FROM: Robert
DATE: Friday February 23, 2001 -- 6:07:09PM
Tina--I did not. My shoes are not allowed to be that much cooler than me.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Saturday February 24, 2001 -- 1:44:00PM
Patrick -- I've been known to sell my soul for a free t-shirt. :)

DATE: Saturday January 1, 2005 -- 3:10:36 pm

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