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April 2nd, 2001

Those Dirty Places

I like to keep my apartment clean. I’m not overly obsessed with having a neat apartment (I save that behavior for my car) but I hate seeing dustbunnies on the floors, and I hate it when things are a mess, even when they really aren’t that awful.

I’m wondering what the messiest, dirtiest places in your residence are – closets really don’t count, because you can usually close those off from view. No no, I’m wondering about the places that everyone sees and you secretly scorn.

For me, for some reason, the bathroom always gets really dirty. The sink gets loaded with hair, water, and soap. The bathtub gets ringy. The toilet? Well, it’s pretty clean, but the top of the tank gets cluttered and dusty with nearly no intervention from me.

Ick! -pm

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FROM: Ryan
DATE: Monday April 2, 2001 -- 10:02:07AM
I've found that the bigger your place is, the closer-to-impossible it gets to keep it presentable. We have particular trouble with our bedroom since it's easy enough to just close the door when visitors come. That bugs me because I think the bedroom needs to be clean so that it's more relaxing to walk into... but that doesn't stop me from just tossing clothes on the floor rather than in the hamper. *sigh* Someday I'll be more conscious of it. I swear.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Monday April 2, 2001 -- 10:24:53AM
My bedroom carpet is this weird gray mix color and its texture is one step up in comfort from Astroturf. For these reasons I can never tell how dirty it is just by looking at it. It takes those rare moments when I decide to sit or lay on the floor only to come up covered dust and God-knows-what else to see through the illusion. At that point, I decide that someone should probably vacuum, maybe me.

FROM: Patrick
DATE: Monday April 2, 2001 -- 10:33:47AM
Paul, bathrooms have an amazing ability to get filthy in a matter of days. I do not understand it at all...

The biggest problem area is defintely the shower/tub area. I have to rip out the plastic wall lining in our shower/tub because the fools who put it up didn't seal it properly and mildew grew behind it. Its bad enough that the room is small and the ceiling low and peaked (traps water real well), but the shower lining is always growing something. It can be cleaned and two days later there is a pink or black spot spreading out from the corner. Argh.

FROM: corey
DATE: Monday April 2, 2001 -- 10:57:26AM
i know it's strange... but i have the hardest time keeping my balcony clean. You'd think we live in a dust bowl, the amount of soot and dirt that piles up in the corners.

Maybe I shouldn't have gotten Tim Robbins that rock hammer...

FROM: Monica
DATE: Monday April 2, 2001 -- 12:47:54PM
I'll have to vote for the bathroom too; Tikhon kicks and tracks litter onto the floor and instead of sweeping I often just pick up the mini-rug and shake it out and put it back down. That gives me a few extra days before cleaning.

My stove isn't in great shape either--and it's right THERE when you walk in (ugh, gallery kitchen)--but that's mostly because it's old.

The worst are the tufts of fur that conglomerate hither and yon, depending on how long it's been since I vacuumed. Bleh.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Monday April 2, 2001 -- 1:13:22PM
The dirtiest place of all is my mind. There ain't no way to get that clean...least not any way I care to entertain.

FROM: Patrick
DATE: Monday April 2, 2001 -- 1:46:11PM
Not to imply the I clean with fierce regularity...

Anyone else use the 'swiffer sweeper' style mops? The static cling driven mops that suck up the loose dust/fur/hair? I find the dust bunnies are sufficiently killed by those things.

FROM: Terry M.
DATE: Monday April 2, 2001 -- 10:14:36PM
OK, my vote is going to my computer room. Aside from hardware stacked to the ceiling, and network cables crossing all over the floor, the biggest problem is _dust_. Computers collect a serious amount of dust. I'm beginning to worry it's a fire hazard. (Noise pollution is another worry ...)

Thankfully, I rarely have to go _in_ there and 95% of my computing is done remotely from my laptop in another room (thank god for wireless LAN!)

Of course, my office at work is 10x as bad.

FROM: Monica
DATE: Monday April 2, 2001 -- 10:30:55PM
Oh yeah, my mind is pretty dirty too. And therefore, other parts of me can get kinda dirty ;-)

The swiffer things are nifty. And I recommend those yellow rubber sponges to get up cat hair--I think it works by static too, but it's better on sofas and such than swiffer.

FROM: morgan murrell
DATE: Thursday October 3, 2002 -- 2:26:33 pm
this page sucks ass and I think that you should get rid of it and that ugly ass picture of yourself because your ugly

FROM: Greg
DATE: Thursday October 3, 2002 -- 5:54:21 pm
Morgan: What really sucks ass is your grammar. Go back to second grade and work on your contractions.

"Like ohmygod I totally can't believe he told me to do that. And I am so totally not in second grade, ohmygod."

Yes, but as we all know, you have the mentality of a gnat and the courtesy of slob after eating a large bowl of chili!

DATE: Friday October 4, 2002 -- 8:24:31 am
Kick Ass Greg! LOL

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