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April 2nd, 2001

Those Dirty Places

I like to keep my apartment clean. I’m not overly obsessed with having a neat apartment (I save that behavior for my car) but I hate seeing dustbunnies on the floors, and I hate it when things are a mess, even when they really aren’t that awful.

I’m wondering what the messiest, dirtiest places in your residence are – closets really don’t count, because you can usually close those off from view. No no, I’m wondering about the places that everyone sees and you secretly scorn.

For me, for some reason, the bathroom always gets really dirty. The sink gets loaded with hair, water, and soap. The bathtub gets ringy. The toilet? Well, it’s pretty clean, but the top of the tank gets cluttered and dusty with nearly no intervention from me.

Ick! -pm

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