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April 1st, 2001

Gimme a Brain Transplant

Tonight I was watching Terence Fischer’s Revenge of Frankenstein with Peter Cushing. I began to think about how strange it would be to wake up in someone else’s body after getting used to this one for 25 years. While it might be fun for a day or two, I would think that having to adjust to a whole new body would be pretty difficult.

Then I started to think about bodies that I wouldn’t mind my brain being transplanted into. After I got past the normal list (Jennifer Love Hewitt, Morganna, Harry Morgan), I couldn’t really think of too many people.

Of course, this is an up-for-grabs question… if you could be transplanted into someone else’s body, who would it be and why? Keep in mind you wouldn’t inherit this person’s life, just their body. (I can’t wait to hear the answers to this…) -ram

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FROM: Matt
DATE: Sunday April 1, 2001 -- 12:00:38AM
I think I would want to be in Akeem the African Dreams body. He is a big burly man, who rocks the yellow suits like no other.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Sunday April 1, 2001 -- 12:17:26AM
Morganna? What the hell? Isn't she a little before your time, Ryan?

I think if you stick my mind in the body of anyone who could pull off wearing tight pleather pants the world will be a much better place.

FROM: Terry M.
DATE: Sunday April 1, 2001 -- 12:24:29AM
I would, without question, choose Craig Kilborn. He is a very good looking guy, and nice and tall...the ideal man. I would inherit his wardrobe also.

FROM: Tony
DATE: Sunday April 1, 2001 -- 10:29:38AM
Raine Maida , just for the voice, and maybe the arms. ( Our Lady Peace - Lead Singer)

FROM: Robert
DATE: Monday April 2, 2001 -- 8:54:32AM
Matt, do you want to change yours to the One Man Gang?

FROM: Patrick
DATE: Monday April 2, 2001 -- 8:58:08AM
Gavin Rossdale. Because, well...Ryan, you know.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Monday April 2, 2001 -- 9:57:32AM
Patrick -- Oh... I thought you had already completed the brain transplant.


FROM: christine
DATE: Wednesday September 19, 2001 -- 1:43:12PM
Tony, you have excellent taste I would pick Raine too. hehe

FROM: Greg
DATE: Thursday September 20, 2001 -- 11:32:25AM
It's fabled that Sting practices yoga which allows him to have sex for 6 hours. Is it me, or would anyone else like to have a body than can do that!

FROM: Steve
DATE: Tuesday November 13, 2001 -- 1:48:18PM
Greg, you mean you can't? I don't like to go that long, it is too tiring, but 2 to 3 hours is good.

FROM: Dave
DATE: Thursday January 10, 2002 -- 6:11:53 pm
How about Jennifer Alba from "Dark Angel"? That would be pretty much a perfect body.

DATE: Saturday January 1, 2005 -- 3:15:06 pm

FROM: Mayur
DATE: Wednesday September 7, 2005 -- 1:46:24 pm
i think brain transplantation is evolution of bioscience. and can answer the concept of spirit which is traditionally come.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Thursday September 8, 2005 -- 10:47:41 am
Any person who's athletic. I'm not really athletic at all and I constantly wonder what it would feel like to be able to catch a fly ball without fear or dread of it taking my eye out. Being able to catch a pass would be good, too. I've always wanted to play hockey, too.

I'd also not mind being transplanted into the body of Ryan MacMichael, just to see if the rumors are true.

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