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April 1st, 2001

Gimme a Brain Transplant

Tonight I was watching Terence Fischer’s Revenge of Frankenstein with Peter Cushing. I began to think about how strange it would be to wake up in someone else’s body after getting used to this one for 25 years. While it might be fun for a day or two, I would think that having to adjust to a whole new body would be pretty difficult.

Then I started to think about bodies that I wouldn’t mind my brain being transplanted into. After I got past the normal list (Jennifer Love Hewitt, Morganna, Harry Morgan), I couldn’t really think of too many people.

Of course, this is an up-for-grabs question… if you could be transplanted into someone else’s body, who would it be and why? Keep in mind you wouldn’t inherit this person’s life, just their body. (I can’t wait to hear the answers to this…) -ram

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